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  • luvnotes_challenge_host 2w

    Attention BTS challenge participants: I've closed the challenge, as we've reached the two day maximum, but those who wanted to participate may still do so. I'll be away resting for a day or two, but I look forward to reading the remaining submissions when I return. Lots of love, and see you soon.

  • luvnotes_challenge_host 2w


    UPDATE: Thank you to all of the supporters and participants. I will be away resting for a day or two, but I'll be back as soon as possible to read the remaining submissions, and I look forward to doing so. See you soon. ��

    #cees_bts_chall #mirakee #writersnetwork #challenge #songprompt #bts_challenge #army

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    *BTS Song Interpretation Challenge*

    Greetings awesome Army and all esteemed members! Welcome to the "BTS Song Interpretation Challenge." Originally, I had planned to have members vote for one favorite song by BTS, whereupon the winning song would be selected for this challenge; but due to the large amount of votes, and because many members listed multiple songs instead of one, I decided to change the rules a little. So here they are below...

    -Participants are asked to pick their favorite BTS song and write a poetic piece of 30 lines or less that explains your interpretation of the song and it's meaning.
    -In the caption area, you can include a paragraph explaining why you chose the song and why you love BTS.

    -One submission per participant, penned in English, with no more than 30 lines.
    -NO plagiarized content ever.
    -Submissions must adhere to the Terms of Use of this forum.

    This challenge will run for 48 hours from the time of posting. It's officially over when it says "2d" in the upper right corner of this post, or at 5:30 am on Sunday (per the Eastern Standard timezone in U.S.), or 3:00 pm on Sunday, per India's timezone.

    For this challenge only, please use #cees_bts_chall in your caption area.

    *Don't forget to support your fellow participants by checking out their submissions.

    Happy writing ✍

  • luvnotes_challenge_host 3w

    UPDATE: Voting is now closed, and I'll be posting the challenge momentarily. ����

    Attention BTS fans: Tag your fellow friends/fans to the comment section, and be sure to vote for your favorite song! ����

    #btslove #armiesunite #btssonglove #cees_bts_chall

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  • luvnotes_challenge_host 4w

    I will read the 14 remaining submissions to the #cg_city_chall shortly. Thank you for your participation!

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    "The City We Never Were" challenge has now ended. A huge thank you to all the supporters, participants, and of course my amazing co-host @galvanizedthoughts, who provided us with this wonderful writing opportunity!
    There have been so many outstanding submissions to this challenge, and we have really enjoyed reading them! I have an early appointment this morning, but afterwards I'll finish reading the remaining submissions. No more entries please, as the challenge has ended.

  • luvnotes_challenge_host 4w


    A big thank you to @galvanizedthoughts for providing the concept for this challenge, as well as for co-hosting it with me! Very appreciated!! ��♥️

    *In memory of @john_solomon, who never failed to support participants of my challenges; even if he himself, wasn't participating. Really missing you, dear friend. ♥️

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #challenge #phraseprompt #conceptprompt #cg_city_chall

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    Hello out there fellow writers! Good to see everyone! Well, virtually speaking that is...
    Anyway, after a very long time, I finally got my act together and decided to host a new challenge. We have @galvanizedthoughts to thank for that, because the concept for this challenge comes solely from her very bright and innovative mind, and I'm merely hosting it, along with her.
    Keep reading please. Rules to follow...

    Participants will use "the city we never were" as either a phrase prompt or a concept prompt, in a poetic creation they have penned themselves. If used as a phrase prompt, merely incorporate "the city we never were" somewhere in your piece. If using it as a concept prompt, that line will be the subject matter of your piece, but the line itself may or may not be used in the piece. In other words, it's up to you. Free verse poems/prose, liquid prose, and rhyming poems are all acceptable. For our sake, please be reasonable about length.

    -Submit your piece in English.
    -One submission only please.
    -Plagiarized work is unacceptable.
    -No foul/vulgar language or images.
    -No erotica (due to youngsters in my following).
    -No hate speech, harassment, discrimination, etc.

    The challenge will run for 48 hours from the time of posting. Once it says "2d" in the upper right corner of this post, it has ended.

    ▪MANDATORY HASHTAG: Please use #cg_city_chall for this challenge only. If tagging, please tag this account, not my main account.

    *Don't forget to support your fellow participants by checking out their submissions!

    Ok, I'll leave y'all to it. Happy writing! ✍

  • luvnotes_challenge_host 5w

    This one's for you Jack, the man who loved the stars. As you know, Ethan turned 18 yesterday, is graduating today, and is the class salutatorian, and will be delivering a speech. Thank you for always praying for my kids and cheering them on, it always meant so much to Ed and I, and I always told the boys how you checked on them and asked about them and prayed for them. You knew and cared for everyone in this house, as we all cared for you. Thank you for being such a blessing and a bright light in our lives. Thank you for the daily laughs, kindness, support, and concern. Most of all, thank you for being you. I know you'll be there with us today, watching from above, smiling proudly, and cheering, because you never failed to celebrate the happy moments in our lives and I thank you so much for always being there in both the good times and the difficult times. You are the true epitome and quintessential definition of what a friend is, and I couldn't be more grateful for having known you. I refuse to say goodbye, because you are still around, just in a different way; so I'll "say see you later," instead. Shine on, dear friend, shine on. ��♥️��

    P.S. The announcement post/tribute can be found on my main account.

    Heartfelt thanks to the team at @writersbay for hosting this special haiku challenge on behalf of our haiku king Jack, of @john_solomon

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay #peacehaikuc

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  • luvnotes_challenge_host 8w

    Keep adding your creative fuel to the collective fire; because you just never know who you might inspire!!

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #quote #originalpiece #inspiration #writing

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  • luvnotes_challenge_host 11w

    Joey has been reading each and every comment provided for him by so many of y'all on the other post (on my main account), and he is very grateful to the bottom of his heart! It really means so much to him! Unfortunately, he can't respond much right now because the hand that was broken is the hand he writes with. So on his behalf, many thanks and much appreciation to all! ❤

    @poetrydelivery You got this amigo! We're here for you! ❤✊


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    Hey everybody! ‍♀️
    You may remember the prayer request post on my main account for mi querido amigo, Joey, of @poetrydelivery, and I also wanted to post an update here.
    I just heard from Joey and any moment now, the surgical procedure to correct his broken hand will begin. So all prayers, blessings, and good wishes for a safe and successful surgery will be very appreciated!
    After he recovers from that procedure, he still has several more to go and he is facing quite a long stay in the hospital; so I'm sure that your comments for this kind, wonderful, and supportive fellow Mirakeean will keep him in good spirits and feeling strong!!
    Thank you in advance! ♥️♥️

    P.S. My husband was quite overwhelmed by all the wonderful comments, blessings, greeting, and good wishes for his 50th birthday; so I'd like to offer my heartfelt thanks on his behalf! Really appreciate you all so much! ♥️

  • luvnotes_challenge_host 11w

    I'm still remaining inactive for a brief break (main account is deactivated), but I really wanted to post something in honor of my handsome husband Edwards's 50th birthday today. This piece was inspired by him when I penned it back in December of 2017. Thank you for reading.

    by Carolyn Glackin
    In a thousand different ways, my lover comes to me.
    As often as the waves meet the shore does he come, and cover me with unending kisses which fall softly upon me like the gentle rains that water the Earth.
    He warms me with his fiery passion like the hottest of suns, then cools me in his depths like the vast ocean.
    He is everything to me as I am to him, because in our truth, we hold nothing back from the other.
    We offer it all in our devotion, devoid of fear; for what is there to fear of the other when we are cut from the same cloth?
    We two are one, as our hearts join and beat together, our minds meld into the same thoughts, our souls merge into the same eternal flowering.
    No amount of time or space could ever separate us, for in our love we are joined forever in such a way that no magic, no evil, and no artifice of the human world could ever cause to be torn asunder.
    We are everything and we are nothing.
    We are all people and we are no one.
    I am he, as he is I, and onward we go like this, always united as one in our love that has no end, forever and ever, we two.
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 12/7/2017.

    *Art credited to Heather Hurzeler.

    #handsomehubby #blueeyedman #soulmates #twinflames #lovers #truelove #eternallove #writersnetwork #mirakee #happy50thbirthday

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  • luvnotes_challenge_host 21w

    As always, huge thanks and appreciation to all of you amazing souls out there who lend your time, talent, support, and participation to the challenges!! ❤
    There'll be a brief break for a day or two, and then I'll return with a new challenge that's so exciting it's almost guaranteed to knock your socks off... or at least get your pens going! ����✍
    In the meantime, here's an adorable image of my beloved friendly felines to distract you while I'm gone. See you soon! ����‍♀️

    P.S. On behalf of the canines in this household, they would like me to mention that we also have two dogs, and they're rather tired of hearing about the cats all the time. ��������

    *The image of five sweet and sassy Siamese Lynx Point kittens (who are now much older), is credited to myself, as I took the photo. ����

    #cats #catlover #fabulousfelines #animallover #animalsarelove #bekindtoanimals #dogsareawesometoo
    #hugyourcattoday #alwaysloveanimals

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