Y por fin entendí, que a veces es mejor no insistir, no entusiasmarse, no pensar tanto, que sea lo que tenga que ser... Breve o eterno🌌

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  • luuciia_07 129w

    The more you search the less you find, the less you search the more they find you

  • luuciia_07 129w

    Let's stop nonsense and kiss me

  • luuciia_07 129w

    Instant photos

    Those who remind you of moments that were ephemeral. Moments in which you were undoubtedly having a good time.

    At a party, on the beach, on vacation, it doesn't matter. What matters is that thanks to them, memories are not forgotten and remain in our memories.

  • luuciia_07 129w

    I think we all have very simple moments that we would not change.

    The smell of freshly cut grass.

    Your first kiss.

    There are many when you remember them you can't help smiling.

  • luuciia_07 129w

    How do you know it really is love? Sometimes I think about it and that is that we make things more complicated than they really are.

  • luuciia_07 129w

    I'm addicted to your smile

  • luuciia_07 129w

    I'm back

  • luuciia_07 129w

    Igual que los pétalos de bestia se secaban esperando a que Bella volviese, el tiempo pasa y no vuelve.

  • luuciia_07 129w

    Eres esa cosa que hace que todos los dĂ­as sean especiales.

  • luuciia_07 144w

    Amor no es el hecho de que te guste un cuerpo, amor es AMAR a una persona tanto por dentro, cĂłmo por fuera.