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  • lunatic2227 18h

    In the end, every story just has severe impacts.

    #brokendreams #brokenheart #her #lifeline #love

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    The broken heart

    As his phone started vibrating,
    his hands at a rapid pace started sweating.
    With fumbled hands,
    he picked the phone and answered her call,
    less he knew that it was her last call.
    Tears began rolling through his eyes,
    for the migratory bird decided to take a flight.
    Sitting in the secluded corner his eyes were wet,
    but the emotions within his broken
    heart weren't at rest.
    For he knew that she loved him,
    but in the end all that remained was his broken heart and some unfulfilled dreams.


  • lunatic2227 9w


    He was at war with the inner demons residing in him,
    for the darkness within him was overtaking his love for her, for she had decided to move ahead in their relationship.
    A battle between his emotions and his desire for her was going within him,
    But sadly, his desire won over his emotions, for he succumbed to the darkness within him.


  • lunatic2227 10w


    As I began to sip coffee,
    my phone vibrated as your message
    popped up and your thoughts began
    engulfing my mind.
    It's been a long time that I had heard your voice,
    so I used to open the folder where I have kept your voice recording for your voice was music to my ears.
    I used to play in loop the recordings of our calls, for I used to miss hearing your voice.
    The constant sound of notification broke my chain of thoughts and as I picked your call,

  • lunatic2227 11w


    As sleep began eluding my eyes,
    memories of you started crossing my mind.
    I stare at you smiling and laughing in the midst of the night sky,
    In the place where we used to meet every night.
    As I park my head on the wet grass,
    I was captivated by your bewitching eyes.
    As our lips were about to entwine,
    you told me that now it's parting time.
    I tried to hold you but you were far beyond,
    and I opened my eyes with tears trickling down through them.
    But a smile envelopes my face because I realize that we will meet again when I close my eyes in the night.


  • lunatic2227 11w

    Smile on her face

    As smile began to envelop her face,
    my heart started beating at a rapid pace.
    Her smile was enticing me towards her visage,
    For I seemed lost in the twinkle of her grimace.

  • lunatic2227 11w

    Memories and night

    As the moon began to turn pale,
    I gulp down the whole glass and look at your picture, and
    I realized that my heart will soon break.
    Echoes of your voice began haunting my mind, for I was a lost soul seeking solace.
    Sadly, but you didn't turned up and I realized that this silence will soon make me fade.