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  • lumenconstance 2d


    She gave all and shaded all the tears
    Hid nothing at your backsides
    Just to keep your chest warm
    And your side accompany,
    But you took it for granted.
    Knowing she meant her words,
    You flipped the coin
    Coiled her emotions towards your ego
    And foiled her heart in confusion.
    The calming and comforting hand
    Slipped away as slaps of affection
    Told her to pose and smile while she breaks
    And reminded her to be perfect enough for your fame.

    But look now,
    You crawl on the sand, crying with pepper in your eyes
    Because you lost the moon counting the stars
    And your sight in the illusions of comfort.
    She is fading away, one step at a time
    Freeing herself from your savage love
    That enslaved her with the promises of salvation
    She got her beauty, not as the spotlight of weakness,
    But the armor that won’t break.

    So when you see her climbing the ladder
    Dropping the laden scars
    And perfecting her smile with the loved ones,
    Don’t weep or beg for one more hug
    She is done and she means it.
    She fought to the ends of oceans
    And smartly saved for her journey ahead
    Opened her wings to fly higher
    Put her high heels on
    Shoulders up,
    Confident and unstoppable!


  • lumenconstance 4w

    As the ink and thoughts announce my feelings about the world, word-alternations get me to unleash madness on my skin and embrace love surrounding my neck and joy hugging my chest!

    Happy Poetry Day!!!


  • lumenconstance 5w


    On that day,
    I will let them know
    I am not a hero,
    But a survivor
    Not because
    I was rescued
    But saved
    Not by their pity
    But by my witty.

    That night
    In the shadows
    They will hear the screams
    Unitying me from the lies
    Exposing my scars
    And covering my tears
    With mercy fears
    Cause I will roar
    As I break the chains!

    That morning,
    At the lake,
    Madness will coil
    Deep down in my veins
    As I scratch off the pain
    Of being left on a bait
    Rotting like a snake
    But trying like a snail!

    When that day comes
    Don’t tease or please
    Open up and collude
    Or shut up and collide
    But tell your story!
    Make no mistake!
    None is better
    And they all matter!
    Tell your story!


  • lumenconstance 6w


    I wore all of my joy and smiles
    Didn’t care the miles I had to walk
    Because it was a bright Sunday
    Where the church bell rang to start the parade
    As we marched like little angels guarding the altar
    And led the way while the crowd cheered
    The Sunday that got me lost in your arms forever.

    Now that you’re gone,
    The bell rings to hurt and never rescue
    Reminding me of our favorite hymns
    The rain under our feet in the parade,
    And the flowers above our heads.
    Whenever I try to surround myself with your scent,
    Loneliness is awaken in my chest
    And goosebumps grow all over my body
    Threatening my tears to roll down my cheeks.

    Now that you’re gone,
    What about the altar?
    Who’ll make the good smiles in the hood?
    Who’ll hold my arms and spin into my mood?
    Who’ll care for my scars for the good?
    Who’ll wish to share my food?
    What about us?
    What about our Sunday, when we exchanged the vows?


  • lumenconstance 9w

    Dream Torture

    From miles away
    I jump into your arms
    Feel your chest’s warmth
    Roll over the snow
    And run all the road
    Keeping my eyes fixed
    On you and only you.

    Oops! That was it!
    A dream in a white dress.
    But you’re my brother
    Blessed by our mother,
    Taken by her daughter
    I just force the laughter
    ‘Cause you chose her!

    Was your number 1,2, and 3
    But never thought of the fourth
    The one easy to love
    Cute to post
    Size two to hug
    Light to lift
    What about me?


  • lumenconstance 9w

    It's no longer soft, cool, or gentle; it's broken
    Don't try to be nice, it's already frozen
    No more spring songs, now sing a little grimy ones
    There are millions of run-ons that a comma would fix
    But the only thing she got was a period, a full stop to her breathe

    All the shots meant humiliation through pride
    Self-focused to raise fame and leave loneliness
    A simple and cheap baby in exchange for a sandwich
    A big share or just a warrant during a lottery
    A damn, quiet, shy meant to feel promoted

    Make no more move around those broken glasses
    They will tear your feet into hundreds of pieces
    No more jokes, focus your serious sight
    Lies, betray, all out at the pic of the mountain
    Get yourself painted with mud fountain
    Revealed spot no longer breaks a tool or a stool

    Don't try to beg for those shiny legs
    Go dance solely, for your soul is gone
    Don't try too hard, because it's also hurt
    Remain steady to feel what's lost
    Get lost in mirage dreams
    Go diverged directions



  • lumenconstance 9w


    Send no more erasers cause they really hurt
    Let’s be honest for no more huntings
    Lies are only to tear broken hearts.
    A little kindness can warn this cold feeling
    Just only meant to leave love ice melting

    Tired she is for the unfulfilled promises
    The belonging like mars and the moon
    The best travel to space and black holes
    That led her into darkest snowy nights
    With no tent for shelter, but scars under her smile

    Don't dare touch her skin at noon
    Cause she doesn't belong here from this afternoon
    She better gets herself healed and not bullied
    She is not a puppy nor is she a baby mummy
    She got rocks on boobs, simple chest strength



  • lumenconstance 11w

    Suddenly, the hurt has assimilated my heart,
    Reminding me of the assassination that made you slip within my arms,
    Fighting to catch your last breathe
    As you whispered that you'd be there when I want you,
    You would hold my hand in the dark,
    And carry me on your back when I am weary.

    Now that you're gonne,
    It's a bitter pill to swallow knowing that I won't see you,
    And I am not allowed to miss you because you moved on,
    Leaving me with no choice, but hopelessness.
    I want to end the suffering, but I can't burn our memories.
    They're beautiful, yet painful since you don't care.

    I wanna text you, but I go blank whenever I pass by your dwelling.
    The door is locked, and I know the line is busy, too busy.
    I've turned into a tiny spore that fell on dry moisture
    Meant to mature and nurture within the Limbo of the lost.

    You took me by storm that I can't move back to where I belonged.
    Left me to hurt and wonder in the woods like a mad lover,
    And locked me in the garden of graves without even grapes.
    Will you undo the spell that holds your soul to mine?

    ~The Spell

  • lumenconstance 11w


    Tired of the ties of unseen shades
    That hide the storms and screams
    With very little hope of skin cuts.
    Now the skin is off, torn to reveal
    And let the chaperon tour in the heart
    Unfold the mysteries of occupancies.
    Tired of teleporting for the arm-covers
    Miles and miles away from the start
    sniffling for the lost magical hands
    Vanished in the glamour of the breach
    Unsmiling statues are just poor
    Hanging to tear the joy in midnight eyes
    Whenever the head lies on laps of the nightmare
    And hear the whisper of the footsteps
    Leaving the scents as memories
    Deciding to never love again.


  • lumenconstance 12w

    Dark Decoy

    You kept turning your back
    Afraid to see all the shadows unpack
    Or because you have a lot of dark secrets
    That hold their chains to your heart
    Terrified to add more to the pain,
    You would rather gather them to remain

    Maybe knowing that you've got a lot in common
    Might ease the pain you both can't endure
    She will feel no more like a stranger
    You'd feel better and stronger
    She'd barely question her abilities to imagine
    Aim at the best and create smiling images

    But you don't want to tell
    Nor do you want to listen
    And if you hold your ears closer to her lips
    She feels judged since you blame her scars
    Vulnerability has been her weak spot
    Whenever she tries to expose her dark side
    The ones you make her ashamed of
    The part of her identity that only belongs to her nerves
    Believed to be her weakness, but also her uniqueness.

    Get her nerves fixed instead of cracking them
    Open your gate and get yourself out
    Someone is waiting for you to hear, heal, and love
    It will only cost your time to save you from dark toxicity
    Clouding your eyes from realizing your own neck
    Both of you can find joy in common and embrace your difference.