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  • luckylucy 1w


    Who are we to say

    We own the night?

    How do we escape from

    These traps we built

    Around ourselves

    When we hid our hearts

    From the world?

    Maybe if we dig under...

    But escape seems like too much work

    And I am so very tired

    And you stopped calling

    The outside seems lonely

    Without your voice

    So maybe I will build higher

    Sink a little further

    Cut a little deeper

    Weep a little softer

    Does it really matter who hears?

    But I have my pride

    Pretty words can't hide

    These lines on my face

    This restlessness in my heart that

    I keep on my nightstand

    Next to a glass of vodka

    It's rather refreshing

    And burns less than the truth

    That Nothing I do matters

    I never had a chance

  • luckylucy 1w


    Before she goes

    Do you know?

    Do her tears soak

    Into the hardwood

    Like rain in the Sahara?

    Has the love you gave

    Been enough ?

    Did you withdraw

    From her nightmares

    Like you promised you wouldn't?

    Trapped in this past

    You so long for

    But doesn't exist...

    She gave and gave

    Until nothing was left

    For herself

    And to build again

    Was more than she could handle

    Where do we go from here?

    How do we sleep at night?

  • luckylucy 3w

    The Fight

    What kind of person

    Resigns themselves

    Unhappy with life

    Throws their hands up

    And says oh well

    Not me

    I fight myself


    It's not easy to be me

    But I get up when I can

    I never give in

    You will never find me

    Fine with unhappiness

    Ok with unfulfillment

    Accepting of this heaviness

    That pervades every breath

    I will fight

    Until every last piece

    Of my heart stops beating

    Until I cease to exist

    I will strain and push back

    Because nothing is stronger

    Than the will I have

    To be happy

    In the absence of sighs

    In the presence of light

    In an aura of self-worth

    Because I am worthy

    Of fighting for

  • luckylucy 3w


    I thought that maybe

    This heartbreak could be hidden

    This split could be sewn with gold thread

    Mending is difficult

    Minding even more so

    You say I should mind my own

    And my choices have been made

    And you are right

    But I'm still so angry

    At you

    At myself

    That I want to scream anathema

    And rip it even further

    You say I'm willing to just burn it down

    And that you feel you should tell


    To burn it down for me?

    I won't respond like you asked

    I tried to be friendly before

    But what was there

    Must have eloped with your demons

    Hiding in bottoms of bottles

    Because you ignored me

    until you chastised me

    I am depressed and maybe desperate

    I thought you'd commiserate

    But this God You are frightened of

    Doesn't exist for me

    These souls you are worried about

    Cease after decease

    Temporary happiness is still happiness

    Small hopes are still light

    And this darkness is unending

    You and I stumbling


    Feeling for connection

    Avoiding each other

    Because I never stopped caring

    And you find that abhorrent

  • luckylucy 3w


    I loved your demons from the beginning

    Took them on walks

    While you stared in curiosity

    They slept between us

    On that bed we shared

    In the back room of your sister's trailer

    They were the cable between our handhelds

    I cuddled them when you were alone

    (You were always alone)

    Your demons played hopscotch with mine

    For a while...

    I thought about a playdate

    When they hid in a bottle

    Thought maybe if I caressed them

    Your thoughts would un-muddle

    But they changed into these monsters

    That prey on your mind

    Nightmare fuel

    Cannibalistic copies of yourself

    To appease this god

    You fed them pieces of you

    Your heart

    Your brain

    But they are carnivores

    And cannot eat your soul

    And no matter what your demons tell you

    That is yours alone

    You have to give it willingly

    Anyone who asks isn't worthy of it

    But I would gladly give you mine

    If it meant your happiness

    Though I know you'd never ask

    Never accept

    I would give it gladly

  • luckylucy 6w

    Hollow People

    Sometimes we find ourselves hiding

    In places we'd never fathom

    Running away

    Drifting out in space

    Thinking that

    if we can just get away

    Maybe no one will miss us

    Hear our hollow screams

    See the void in our souls

    And when we are found

    The terror and surprise

    Fills the holes

    And we try to get away






    Because this is our first instinct

    But maybe we are hiding

    To see if you care

    Will you follow?

    Can you ride these waves

    Of sorrow



    Are you hollow, too?

  • luckylucy 6w


    Perhaps the price of your peace

    Is your head on a silver platter

    A thought that haunts you

    And also gives you hope

    When you explain to me

    That you think about me

    And want me to come

    But please don't come

    My head fills with thoughts

    My heart feels things

    That I want to think and feel

    But I shouldn't

    And your demons call to me

    Their voices sweet as honey

    Promising caresses and lovely notions

    Regarding me with their bloodshot eyes

    I see their misery

    I want to hold them

    Cuddle their darkness until they brighten

    Love their pain away

    So that maybe the price of your peace

    Isn't as steep as your life

    So that you shine as brightly

    As my heart does for you

  • luckylucy 7w


    I hope you dream of me

    And Think of me late at night

    When you close your eyes

    That Nothing you do can stop it

    I crave the knowledge that

    You desire nothing more

    That the thought of me under you

    Gives you goosebumps

    I hope that you imagine

    My hair falling around you

    As we die in each other's arms

    As we close our eyes for sleep

    And I pray that you

    Will never know

    The depth of despair I felt

    When I realized that we would never happen

  • luckylucy 7w


    You know I may be feral

    I know you always knew

    When I fell over my mistakes

    You learned to patch me up

    Carefully taking your time

    Needle and thread in hand

    Hesitant to try to fix the hurts

    Because you didn't want me to run away scared

    You could have grabbed me tight

    Held me in place

    Yelled and belittled

    But you did your quiet work

    Soothing and sewing

    Whispering sweet words

    Building my confidence

    Hoping that when I was well

    I would still choose to stay

    But hurt wild animals

    Rarely appreciate help

    And though I returned your love

    We don't feel the way people do

    And first chance I got

    I flew away from you

    But every now and then

    I catch a scent



    Irish Spring

    And I think back to your soft hands

    Your warm lips

    The look in your eyes

    When you healed my hurts

    And told me you loved me

  • luckylucy 7w


    Maybe it's more dangerous

    to ignore things

    If we are confronted

    with facing them later

    The emotions can overwhelm

    Take control

    Hold us hostage

    And we know how that feels

    Don't we?

    To be in control

    Is not one of my goals, though

    And I am happy to part

    With repetition

    And ignoring these things

    Locking them away

    And not expecting

    For them to ever break free

    Is a fool's error

    We with thunderstorms

    Rolling behind our eyes

    Live in darkness

    And the patches of light

    That surprise us

    Blind us

    Scare us

    But illumination

    Is the key to seeing

    And I see you.

    I see you.