Jodi u dur ae akash tmi tu usor ����

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  • luckygayatri2 2w

    People changes with passage of time

  • luckygayatri2 8w


    Deep inside of my thoughts ,
    My mind is a dictionary of sadness and heartache ,
    Living the way just to live ,
    Perplexed and a little embarassed in life ,
    Where my dreams go .....
    Lost myself somewhere in the depthness of ocean

  • luckygayatri2 14w

    Life would be so beautiful if we get what we planned for ..

  • luckygayatri2 29w

    By unknown writer

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    Feel like fading

  • luckygayatri2 32w

    It does not matter whether you are perfect or imperfect ,
    no one lasts forever on this earth.
    Some follow the crowd ,
    Some love walk alone .
    You can choose what you want in your life ...

  • luckygayatri2 36w

    Some negative thoughts have positive results

  • luckygayatri2 36w

    In adult stage , we only try to love one person who gives us peace ,comforts ...
    But never forget that person who have shown world to you and this person will chase for you until you become successful in life ...

  • luckygayatri2 38w

    The day I will lose hope on myself ,
    Might that would be my last day ..
    Finding the best in myself ,
    Might I become a wonderer..
    I took things too seriously ,
    Might be my mind got rusted like iron ...


  • luckygayatri2 39w

    Fire in you

    Let this fire burn your soul ,
    And calmness simmering inside you burst out.
    Lady girl walk alone , this is your time
    No apolization of losing someone ,
    Walk in the way you had believed for .
    People will inflict you ,
    but you strong enough to tackle them .
    They will invalidate your feelings ,
    It might take time to heal yourself .
    Start with a ray of hope ,
    Move on for something and definitely this destination is yours

  • luckygayatri2 41w

    Some broken pieces are so beautiful , even if we can never join it