If you can't become a poet be a poem

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  • lucknowrites 3w


    You need to be toughened so you can survive a world that presses harder on the weakest point of yours.

  • lucknowrites 5w


    It's better to be escape from the harsh realities of life to the fake imaginative world.
    It's better to be escape from the crowd of a strange people to the loneliness of oneself.
    It's better to be escape from the painful memories of someone to the joy of present moment.

  • lucknowrites 7w


    You know their name but not their story,
    You see their success but not their difficulties,
    You know what they had done but not what they were going through,
    So stop being judgemental on anyone's character before you know the circumstances.

  • lucknowrites 8w


    While building their own empire,
    A king or a queen are strong enough as they already faced so many deadly hurricanes before passing through these little drops of quenches.

  • lucknowrites 8w


    लफ्जों से जो निकले वो गीत बन जाए,
    सजदे करू जिसके वो मीत बन जाए,
    इश्क करना तो सभी जानते हैं बखूबी से,
    थामे हाथ फेरों तक ऐसी कोई वो रीत बन जाए।

  • lucknowrites 9w


    दरिया में तैरने का हुनर रखो,
    जिंदगी में हौसलों की उड़ान रखो,
    सुना है ख्वाबों में उम्मीदों की कश्तियां भी टूट जाया करती हैं,
    समय के साथ चलने वालों की जिंदगानी भी सवर जाया करती हैं।

  • lucknowrites 10w

    युवा वर्ग

    समंदर सी ललकार है,
    रोज नई नई फनकार है,
    इसका सफर भी सुहाना है,
    किंतु इसमें साथ किसको निभाना है।
    सब खुद की लहरों में खोए हैं,
    सभी एक न एक दिन रोए हैं,
    किंतु मन ही मन खिसियाए हैं।

  • lucknowrites 12w


    More lies to be heard,
    More trust to be broken,
    More feelings to be hurt,
    More hearts to be shatter.
    But you have to compromise,
    You have to live,
    You have to resist,
    You have to endure.

  • lucknowrites 13w


    Attitude is as high as mountains which cannot be determined through visions.
    Aggression is as warm as fire which cannot be extinguished through sentiments.
    Dreams are as large as sky which cannot be measurable through imaginations.
    Thoughts are as impressive as environment which cannot be applause through words.

  • lucknowrites 14w


    Some birds are not meant to be caged,
    Their feathers are enough strong to break it to let them fly.
    Some flowers are not meant to be plucked,
    Their thorns are enough sharp to secure them to let them bloom.
    Some stars are not meant to be twinkle,
    Their shine are enough glorious to spark it let them shoot.
    Some people are not meant to be restricted,
    Their thoughts are enough impressive to self believe to let them free.