My biggest inspiration for writing is the challenges I face as a woman. my spirituality also inspires my writing.

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  • lucinda 92w

    Lost journal entry #2

    As I wander the dark corridors of this empty office building, I ask myself if I’m happy. Will I ever be happy? Is this happiness? How do you define happiness?

    As I dodge the slivers of light peeking in the windows, sticking to the shadows when I can, I ask myself if I’m lonely. Is isolation only bad when it begins to feel safer than the alternative? When sadness and loneliness start to feel like home, is that when I should be concerned?

    As I avoid the eye contact of my few coworkers, and go out for a walk on my lunch break, my mask hides a frown. Is this really the new normal? Will my work load ever lighten? Will they continue to run a skeleton crew in an attempt to save money while driving the few of us that remain to the edge?

    In all of this, I try to remember my privilege. I try to remind myself of the issues of the world, and keep myself aware. But it’s now 8:45 AM, and I’m already exhausted.


  • lucinda 95w

    Lost journal entry #1

    A bright blue sky with splashes of white, fluffy clouds paint a beautiful background, partially obstructed by skyscrapers and office buildings. Strange mechanical background noise, echoing through busy parking lots, with no clear source. The smell of construction and heavy machinery defeats the gentle scent of carefully planted flowers, and I think to myself what a waste of time it was to plant them. Looking wistfully through my office window, I question whether or not I belong here. My mind shifts back to the flowers, which are now dying due to the poisonous environment and lack of sunshine. I wonder if I am the flower, or if I am the cause of their death.

    Oh well. Lunch break’s over.



  • lucinda 123w

    Days Like This

    On days like this
    My commute to work doesn’t feel like a funeral
    My lunch break doesn’t feel like a viewing
    My job is easy and enjoyable again
    I don’t have to remind myself to smile at strangers
    To try to be kind to others

    On days like this
    I wonder how I survived the last few weeks
    I shield myself from sadness while opening my heart to others
    I resist complaining because I understand many of my problems are self made

    On days like this
    I smile genuinely and laugh wholeheartedly

    On days like this
    I feel alive
    And what’s more
    I feel like living


  • lucinda 144w


    How do you cry for help
    When nobody is listening


  • lucinda 145w

    Aching Incarnate

    An ancient pain, sad and dull
    Loneliness, as known by some
    Fallen rock, or quiet stream
    An ancient, ancestral fallacy

    Novices at happiness, delight
    Sing and dance the ache away
    Temporary is the blind glee
    For darkness looms just overhead

    Threatening, gleaming fangs
    And claws, of this beast, ancient
    Satisfied only when damage inflicting
    Mocking you for your persistence

    I observe and maintain this tomb
    A monument to life’s fleeting smiles
    To the heroes who rise only to fall
    And only to be forgotten still

    Shame to those who cry, “woe is me”
    For woe is not yours, alone
    Woe is humanity and its sins
    Woe is aching, everlasting


  • lucinda 184w

    Shi ( Death )

    Like the sea pushing and pulling
    Objects and animals alike caught in the current
    Invisible hands catching and culling
    Unseen acts of violence abhorrent

    Wandering hearts get swept aside
    Only the focused and strong will persist
    Longing for more than just to survive
    The urge of the rope, too sweet to resist

    Whispering poetry into the wind
    Hoping it will carry it to needy ears
    Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned
    Love dies cold, hate perseveres


  • lucinda 188w


    I feel the cloud come over me
    Foreshadowing loss and sorrow
    And here, I sit, wondering
    What awaits tomorrow

    I feel the news before it comes
    I knew that it was due
    Every bone within me hums
    My hearts lies askew

    I mourn the man I didn’t know
    As well as I would have loved to
    Your last words to me echo
    And leave a disconsolate residue


  • lucinda 200w

    Trauma, Haiku

    A smile caused a wave
    A shudder throughout my heart
    There is no love there

    Traumatic dreamscapes
    Peppered with blurry shrapnel
    Echoes of those lost

    Cherry blossom scent
    Filled spaces from which I can't
    Seem to find release

    A memory of
    Serenity, peace and that
    That is all I have


  • lucinda 206w

    A Spring Haiku

    The whisper of rain
    And the rumble of thunder
    Springtime has arrived


  • lucinda 206w

    A New Start

    Sometimes when I'm playing my video games
    I pass a checkpoint where it saves my progress
    I wonder what those checkpoints would look like
    In real life
    Would they be something we could recognize
    Like a glowing green door we pass through
    Or would it be a person standing to the side
    Waiting for you