My name is Leah. My destiny is love. I am pregnant with a creation I have yet to give birth to. Wait.

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  • lovingleah 124w

    I am in the Process
    Of Discovering My Self
    By Not Compromising My Behavior.

    I know What I Do Not Have To
    For I Know What I Do Not Want To.

    I Surrender to My Knowing That
    False Beliefs Create Justified Behavior.

  • lovingleah 124w

    I Find Myself Further and Further
    Distancing Myself
    From Who I Was
    To Who I Am.

  • lovingleah 124w

    Sometimes I feel lost
    Like I don't know what I want.
    I have to surrender to know
    The Universe will bring me
    What I need.

  • lovingleah 125w

    As we search for light
    We cannot disregard darkness.
    We are at mercy.
    Yet we are not on our knees
    Fate is coming
    Wake up and take notice.

  • lovingleah 134w

    I feel so compromised
    I think I'd take back ignorance
    I don't want to see
    People's contradictory
    Fronts of what a person should be
    The anger and resentment is burdening me
    I'm meant to be a visionary

    I'm going through the motions
    Of seeing people
    I never believed in evil entities
    I dont want to walk this planet
    The shit i see

    Fist pounding the steering wheel
    Im going to fucking rip
    Sharp scissors in between the bones in my chest
    Rigid frayed ropes being ripped out my stomach
    I want to scream
    Peoples intentions are inside of me

    Fucking sick shit.
    These people are fucking sick.
    Fucking sick.
    Fucking sick

    This is not who I am meant to be
    Im a visionary.

  • lovingleah 134w

    These devils keep talking to me
    Everytime I break they want to breathe
    I can feel my feet sinking beneath me
    Im going down low
    Down to where the demons go

    Ive been climbing a ladder
    I can't even reach
    Maybe it is all me
    I can't seem to resonate with the fact
    That everyone is against me

    The whispers sound friendly
    When there is no one else with me

    Every day alone
    I pick myself back up on my own
    I am tired.
    I am alone.

  • lovingleah 134w

    One day I'm going to find a man
    That can handle me.
    By having patience and understanding
    With me.

    He will say
    he knows what those boys did to me.
    That he will treat me like a queen
    Because thats what I deserve to be.

    Hes going to fight hard
    Harder than I have to be.
    Life is hard living with disabilities.

    Life is hard.
    Come accept the challenge.
    You been pushing rocks
    While I been pushing mountains.
    Just standing there you can't see the outcome.

    Life is hard.
    Come accept the challenge.

  • lovingleah 135w

    Who is going to fall in love
    With my spirit.
    I know I react sometimes.

    My soul is shattered
    From people not understanding why.

    I think compassion
    Takes too much effort for you.

    I try to read in between the lines
    But I fail everytime.
    I'm only looking for light.

    Who will climb.

    Can you persavere my tragedies
    To hike this mountain
    Til we reach our sanity.

  • lovingleah 135w

    Its painful sitting in a room
    Thinking about some one
    Whos not thinking about you.

    You know you could of
    Gave me clues.
    What to watch out for
    That I might lose.

    You're pouring through me
    Like the rain in my shoes.
    When I ran out looking for you.

    Baby, I miss you.

    I didn't know you long
    But I want to.

    I fear maybe I wasn't enough for you.
    Enough to change the situation
    You are going through.

    We sat on waterfalls
    Was I not there with you.
    I saw the sunset over the mountains
    With you.
    Fuck, where'd you run to.

    You said I'd complete you.

  • lovingleah 136w

    Wake up to me
    Sunrays on my thigh and panties
    Breakfast in bed
    Thats the way God made me.
    Let me run the bath for you.
    Fill it with fresh picked flowers
    I just might join you.
    Did I mention how much I love you
    I want to spend everyday showing you.
    Do you mind if I simply encourage you?
    Keep making art so I can applaud you.
    Lets slip into the sheets
    And only press our lips
    See how long we can last without breaking from it.
    Will this be enough for you?
    Can you value the things I would do for you?
    To look past my flaws and accept me as a whole.
    Your smile and kiss is all I ask of you
    Compassion and Acceptance
    Would be the greatest gift.