hello , I am sorry if I don't reply to comments my phone has not been notifying me of them, thanks for taking the time to read my stuff.

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  • lovingdead 2w

    I'm attracted to the souls with damage,
    Those with stories in their scars.

    Tear soaked and blood stained.

    The fires of their pain though tragic, have left them without a toxic and prideful ego to muddle their beauty.

    They are pure and graceful,
    Often ignorant of their strength,
    And their kindness is nothing short of magic.

    They are new growth from the ash.
    They are rainbows after the storm.
    They are stars in the darkness.

    They are heroes,
    they are hope,
    they are inspiring.

    What's not to love?


  • lovingdead 3w

    Lights wane,
    echoes fade,
    Truth reveals,
    the fools charade,
    Promises broken,
    edges frayed,
    Time steals away,
    memories made,
    Everyone left,
    yet emptiness stayed,
    Faking smiles,
    souls afraid,
    Another effigy,
    in the masquerade,
    Dreams forgot,
    hope betrayed,
    Another death,
    in an endless crusade,
    Pains remain,
    as hearts decayed,
    Blood meets tears,
    and skin meets blade,
    A day in the life,
    each escapade,
    Till the final pawn,
    in the game is played.


  • lovingdead 22w

    A growing resentment for the truth,
    the stormy tide within us swells,
    Contempt for bitter breaks,
    cancerous hate inside us dwells,
    We long to numb our pains,
    to fall blissfully under their spells,
    Yet nothing quite kills us so fully,
    like the lies we tell ourselves.


  • lovingdead 22w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short write-up on Path

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    Shared goals, yet different paths forward.

  • lovingdead 35w

    I'm the poems never written,
    I'm the secrets not confessed,
    I'm every road not explored,
    I am the love unexpressed,
    I'm the goals not chased,
    I am the smile unworn,
    I am the laughs unheard,
    I am the dreams unborn,
    I'm lifes paths not taken,
    I'm each opportunity missed,
    I'm every hand never held,
    I am all the lips never kissed,
    I am the what ifs never asked,
    I'm the option not given a second glace,
    I'm the broken heart still beating,
    Just waiting to be given a chance.


  • lovingdead 38w

    The hurt, MY hurt

    the pain, the scars, the trauma,

    it follows me, like a shadow.

    the weight of it,
    my baggage,
    my story thus far.

    It drags behind me,

    Like a plow carving a wound
    into the flesh of the earth.

    A contentious struggling against the tides of time.

    Forever battling the inertia of fate.

    May the tears cried in my past nurture seeds that slumber in the soil.

    I hope to leave forests where once stretched only empty wastelands.


  • lovingdead 39w

    You are the one I admire,

    You are whom I adore,

    And a life without you in it,

    Is a life I care not for.


  • lovingdead 41w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short tale on Narrow

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    We should all desire to free ourselves from narrow thoughts.

  • lovingdead 44w

    Spilled ink and a broken spine

    I use to be an open book,
    so happy to be read,
    able to share my stories,
    and the contents of my head,

    A gleeful tome was i,
    people coming, people going,
    sharing the essence of my soul,
    with each new visit my stories growing,

    Then came unknown strangers,
    wearing smiles so divine,
    whispering words of love and friendship,
    as they tore the paper from my spine,

    And new approacher's ceased,
    I was sad, I must confess,
    as I lay upon the pavement,
    feeling the numbing of loneliness,

    Left out in the elements,
    the frost and wind and rain,
    crying tears of ink as I fall apart,
    the only stories I know now are pain,

    I used to be an open book,
    now just a broke and bleeding husk,
    unable to find my pages,
    not knowing who to trust.


  • lovingdead 44w

    When I long for a smile I visit you,
    Not the real you of course, but a memory.
    From back before your lies and betrayals. Back when I was ignorant, happy, and hopeful. I visit the old you.

    The one problem with those memories is I know how the story ends, the evil wins, the lights fade and darkness consumes all.

    In the end it's not so bad I guess,
    yeah I'm broken,
    yeah I'm numb,
    yeah the loneliness crushes me a bit more each day.

    But I'm alive, sort of, if you call this living.

    The worst part is despite it all, the coldness still seeps in.

    I wish memories could hug back.