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  • lovewhisperer__ 165w

    Stop and read this !

    when your relationship starts to fail, go back from the start and remember all the things that made the both of you happy. 
    when you lose yourself, try to do the things that fills you up with a positive energy.
    when you lose faith, hope, and trust, go back to were He has helped you. 
    when you feel sad and broken, go back to when life was happy. 
    redo every little thing that made you happy that are still possible to be done. 
    if it brings back the emotions you were looking for, never stop doing it. 
    but if it doesn't; let go and make new ones.


  • lovewhisperer__ 165w

    I'm sorry I have to live miles away from you.

    I'm sorry I don't have the chance to hug you tight.

    I'm sorry I wasn't able to hold your hand.

    I'm sorry I didn't do everything a boyfriend should have .

  • lovewhisperer__ 165w

    My love endures

    Time goes by, my love endures.
    I love you more with each breath ,
    Each beat of my heart .

    Night goes by , my love is eternal.
    Every sunset and sunrise
    Strengthens my love for you .

    Daylight fades, my love is everlasting.
    I'm awake and you are sleeping beside me ,
    My heart swells.

    Weeks pass by, my love is timeless.
    I hold your hand,
    Love shines in your eyes, a mirror of passion.

    Months disappear, our love is unchanging.
    We become one and share our hopes and dreams
    And future .

    Years fade, our love is evermore.
    We vow to love and cherish each other
    Till the end of time.

    Decades vanish , our love is ageless
    We ripen and wrinkle like Autumn leaves,
    Our love matures while our life light fades

    My heart , I will love you "til death do us part"
    We will shine beyond the earth as infinity of stars,
    Souls entwined, heavenly Sparks of ........ love

  • lovewhisperer__ 165w

    Late night calls ,
    Late night thoughts,
    What I love to talk about
    Is the future that holds us both.
    We get to see the same moon every night
    And we dreamt upon looking it with our
    hands hold tight.
    We will dance to a song of Matty Healy,
    may be it slow or little silly.
    You will sing me a song by Rex Orange country ,
    and all the lyrics will be messy .
    And hereafter there will be
    forever and always, you and me .