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  • lovewhisperer 115w

    Until my only gaze is you❤❤❤

  • lovewhisperer 115w


    As the years draw closer , I anxiously wait.
    The intensity of the truth hits me.
    Demolishing every bit of hope in me.
    Suspense crawling down my veins.
    Is it going to be today or tomorrow?

    As her peers roar louder, I helplessly gaze.
    The sincerity of their laughter biffs me.
    Reigniting every whit of fear in me.
    Absence making my heart sour.
    Will I hear her laughter again?
    Is it going to be today or tomorrow?

  • lovewhisperer 122w



  • lovewhisperer 122w

    Love you first

    With my all ,I have tried to make this work.
    I put everything aside and placed you in the centre.
    I shut down everything just to open up to you.

    But your shells are too difficult to crack.
    Your walls ,I just can't break through.
    The injuries are so deep, I can't heal them.
    Your scars,I can't cover them .

    So Opaque I can't see through you.
    Happy or sad,I can't tell.
    I love you but you have to love you first.
    I want you to feel special not because I tell you but because you know you are.

    Love yourself first.
    Accept who you are and love you for you.
    If this never works out ,I want to walk away knowing I brought the you out of you.

  • lovewhisperer 134w

    I have learnt not to be a second option for anyone.
    If you value me, beautiful.
    If you don't, your loss.
    Life is too short to be tagging behind someone.
    Attention is always given to priorities.
    Never force yourself to be an element in someone 's life.
    Never be hurt when you are ignored.
    It is better than deceit.
    Don't change who you are to fit into anyone's criteria.

  • lovewhisperer 135w

    Love is funny.
    You keep reading your chat with that special person over and over again.
    You catch yourself smiling while texting.
    Or laughing when you remember something they said.
    Thought of the person keeps racing through your mind.
    Love,one beautiful complication.

  • lovewhisperer 135w

    I keep moving on because I see what they don't see.
    I get up every day with lessons from yesterday.
    Tomorrow depends on what I do today.
    So I let go of pains from yesterday and move on.
    Oneday, we will sit behind the big table.
    And tell the story behind all the scars from yesterday.
    I smile not because everything is cool.
    But because I can see the happiness engulfing tomorrow.
    The more I fall and rise again, the closer I draw to the finish line.

  • lovewhisperer 136w

    Flying requires energy but soaring releases energy.

  • lovewhisperer 136w


    In the darkest tunnel I walked
    Where I was going I knew not
    I carried the loads of life
    Each step I took sent a piercing pain through my flesh
    How I could still walk was a surprise
    I was lost
    I was blind
    I was doomed
    The loads of life kept piling
    I got ready to let go
    I closed my eyes to wait for the angel of death
    In the midst of the darkest tunnel
    I felt a hand lift me up
    There was light at the midst of the darkest tunnel
    I couldn't make it to the light at the end of the tunnel
    But the light made it to me and snatched me from the angel of death
    Now I live because he saved me

  • lovewhisperer 136w

    Be humble.
    On God's field of play the substitutes are as good as those on the field.
    In the womb of destiny are seasons and time.
    When time is due be humble and don't miss it.