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  • lovethatneverfades 1w

    ᴍᴜᴛᴇᴅ ꜱᴛʀᴜɢɢʟᴇ

    There is a river flowing in my veins
    Poison running through my brains
    Crashing my bounded freedom
    On the pages of an endless shore
    I feel like a canonized ghost
    haunted with cyclic umbrageous raw words
    Scribbling an imaginary manuscript
    with a full page of tangled words ,
    Not able to read
    The thoughts that reside
    To bring in an invigorating respite
    Feeling so helpless,
    Voice so voiceless,
    words so speechless,
    Drowning over living
    To be a Blind eye
    to suffering that usually goes unseen
    I carry pair of black and white
    broken crayons inside my bag
    Wrapping my innocence, and emotions
    In a thin roll of paper around those
    Searching for sunlit colours of change


  • lovethatneverfades 2w


    Lying weakly in the bed
    With scorching bright heat
    Piercing one of my panes
    My shoulder blades blazing
    While the virus inside me
    Chews steadily on my flesh

    Insides me flames
    Like shotguns
    Fired deep into my brains
    Making me numb
    Those creatures inhabit inside
    grinning wide, floating on my face

    Pale ( not teary) eyes of my Ma
    Makes me believe
    I am still alive and left with a fight
    But the change in colour outside
    And the chaotic headstones inside
    Says the otherwise

    The sunset may seem beautific
    But for me it's a dive into nothingness
    A hollow cast cave with some leftover breaths
    I search for my sun frantically
    But seems it left my domain
    Taking away my yellows
    Replacing with its murky shades

    Ma recognises my Worldly stricken fear
    Mixes meds to my milk
    To make me return to my half dead state
    Giving me rice paper hopes of fire (f)lies
    Telling me
    our window glass is just stained
    sun is still out , And daffodils are just
    As bright as my face

    The scattered hopes in my dad's eyes
    Are like the scribbled crimsons in the sky
    Giving up easily to the darkness of the night
    Yet waking up with a bold blue gaze
    To a bright new sky

    @writersnetwork #myth #wod #Rant

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    The scattered hopes in my dad's eyes
    Are like the scribbled crimsons in the sky
    Giving up easily to the darkness of the night
    Yet waking up with a bold blue gaze
    To a bright new sky


  • lovethatneverfades 2w


    Erupting disheveled confusion
    Ensnared brokenness bleak
    Empty verses betwixt
    Echoing heavy stone walls
    Emerging volcanic stirs inside
    Embellishing the eyes that crooned


  • lovethatneverfades 3w

    Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough."
    Dr. APJ Abdul kalam

    #wod #pod #ceesreposts #soulraabta #once
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    ᴍɪꜱꜱɪʟᴇ ᴍᴀɴ

    You once told me
    To think differently- different from the norms
    Behind the limits and inhibited rules
    To wear the wings of respledent fire
    And take it off with a sheer desire

    You once told me
    To travel on an unexplored path
    To take the road not taken
    And turn every unturned rock in your favour
    As only perseverance bring honour and ardour

    You once told me
    To ignite our minds
    To free ourselves from slavery and chaos of self destruction
    To sharpen our only weapon - The wholesome education
    And fight all limitations and doubts with thinking and knowledge as knowledge without action is irrelevant.

    You once told me
    To try to reach out beyond ordinary
    The goals may seem improbable
    But never let it be impossible
    Because great things happens to people who never stop

    Everything you said Sir is etched in our hearts and mind. You taught us ( youth) to dream big, to be resilent to problems and be passionate about our goals.
    Everytime a failure doodled on our roads we chanted your name - you we(a)re our HOPE.
    Hope the youth you once visioned of, never disappoints you.


  • lovethatneverfades 3w

    "I guess everybody thinks about old times, even the happiest people." — Willa Cather

    If we could only turn back time - Faded photograph

    Seeing you on the left
    I smiled reminiscing old times
    Like two saplings entwined,
    spurt together
    Like two kids, friends forever
    Like a shoe without its lace
    We sticked together
    Taking blames, holding Nick names
    Playing stupid old games
    Stayed up to study all night
    Ended up gossiping till sun shined bright
    Frowned and envied when one of us scored high
    Yet applauded each other without a sigh
    Adulthood arrived going separate ways
    The ocean called and seasons changed
    Miles apart, you flew
    beneath the sky, unfettered
    Lost touch with distance and time
    Busy we're left climbing to our high
    Days changed to month and a year
    And we kept procrastinating calls,
    To meet our daily arrears
    A lot left unsaid and unheard
    A lot of memories unstirred
    Today, seeing your update with another set of friends
    Felt some pain as my mind raced back in time
    seeking back those rare fleeting moments
    Starry eyed, I hesitate to look back.

    ~ Though, Now no longer part of your life
    Know that, i still look back and smile

    #nostalgic #wod #ceesreposts #soulraabta #writersnetwork @writersnetwork

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    Even if our roots rotted away
    Petal by petal, we wither
    Like two roses entwined
    Blossomed once together

    ~Faded fragnance will always linger


  • lovethatneverfades 3w

    ʟɪᴠɪɴɢ ᴅᴇᴀᴅ

    Rejection by time - the only crime
    A delicate petal plucked without a rhyme

    Under the welkin of the sky
    In a strange place, stranger than the rest
    A faded piece.
    For some, a pathway lost
    People pass by like a shadow host

    Minutes and Hours pass like envisioned dreams
    Into the nothingness where no joy, no tears scream
    With no desginated home to return
    A self consuming sojourn
    On a stone bed, long and lingering game
    'late' received as a prefix name

    Into the earth, hoovered by the sky
    Unperturbing and unperturbed here I lie


  • lovethatneverfades 3w

    #kept #wod

    Edit - Thank you for all the love @writersnetwork. Deeply grateful ❤️

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    Melancholic Friday

    I took some lemon yellows from my childhoods fabled dreams and scrubbed my tainted pan in hopes to undo my present screams

    I plucked some golden sunshine from grandmas yester stories that behold courage and threaded it carefully to my each broken dreams.

    I preserved fake smile of my Ma to cure my muted disorders and folded my rainbow crayon drawing in paper boat of hopes.

    I set on a sail to my grandpa's grave to apologize for my petulant behaviour towards this disgraceful society for failing him in his nonviolent fight towards freedom of my country.

    I verbatim my dad's falsified truths smile which he used to provide a empathetic warmth chilhood to me ~ now a broken crayon.

    Trapped in a dreamy shadow , I step out to chase the shattered rainbow - one step away from hell , a tattered certificate that reads my birth time and date flies across from my preserved memory, validating the reason of me being alive .

    I smile teary eyed to find my stolen crayon in this rhythmic colourfull world.

    ~ An unknown hue


  • lovethatneverfades 4w

    Prompt by @captain_blant 'Summer Fog'
    I hope I did justice to your prompt Sir .

    #wod #haiku #ceesreposts @miraquill #pod

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    sᴜᴍᴍᴇʀ ғᴏɢ

    Mystified burnouts
    Knotted in a complex web,
    Hoovered by a cloud

    Flickers and tiptoes
    Almost near, nightmarishly
    The guise of white ghost

    Swelt drops chockablocks
    my thin visibility
    Just like summer fog

    whispers winters macht
    at the edges of my page
    Of once summer heart


  • lovethatneverfades 4w


    Unpolluted breath
    An artful life to convey
    Feelings and white wreaths


  • lovethatneverfades 4w


    Handful of frailing breaths
    Stil left inside my despair land
    Trembling tears struggles
    To afloat on my frozen ground

    Like blades of grass makes it way
    to get the lost summers warmth
    I stay abound, drawing light
    awaking my slumbered mind

    Radiating hopeful perception
    ~Even when my shadow summons me and turnabout.