Love is the very foundation of life

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  • lover18 7w


    To lie with you in a field of grass
    To lie there forever and let time pass
    Touching lightly, shoulder and thigh
    Neither wanting more nor asking why
    To have your whole cool body's length along my own
    To know the strength of a secret tide of longing
    Seep into our veins
    Go deep...deep, dissolving flesh and melting bone
    To lie with you alone and feel your breast
    Rise with my sigh, to hold you mirrored in my eyes
    To feel those trembling lips
    Neither wanting more nor asking why

  • lover18 11w

    Something I learned

    The thing about pain is it won't last forever
    And it kills you right now,but with time it gets better
    The thing about scars is they all fade until nothing is left of the cuts that were made
    The thing about today is there's always tomorrow and if you can't fins your smile, I have one you can borrow
    The thing about help is besides you it stands but it won't know it's needed unless you reach out your hand.
    The thing about love is you can't feel its touch until you let someone know that
    This world is too much....

  • lover18 13w


    Look at me..I leave myself
    Open to you... accessible to finger through
    Each page of my soul
    Read my body
    Get lost in every letter
    Every word on each quivering curve that holds its breath in the anticipation of your intoxicating touch
    Please dig deeper, I need you to find the ache that burns beyond my understanding
    To caress all the pain and joy buried so deep inside
    Find it and
    Set it

  • lover18 13w


    The scariest thing I ever had to encounter
    Wasn't a ghost or a big scary Monster
    It was the reflection I saw as I looked in the mirror
    The moment I had to face
    All the dark parts
    I tried hard to erase
    Yet as I looked a bit closely
    At the eyes staring back at me
    I realised they were still there
    Untouched and unfazed

  • lover18 15w


    I found myself belonging to
    Some pretty dark places before I met you
    My time was spent
    Feeling things I didn't want to feel
    Loving people that never truly
    Loved me back
    It hurt me in ways
    I'll never be able to explain
    But guess what ? Now...
    I have YOU...
    And fuck, life's so beautiful

  • lover18 15w

    To My Soulmate

    I met you
    In the thick heat of December
    Like a vine...we were tethered
    There is no forgetting you
    I'm drunk on all these memories
    Stained by the blood orange flesh of your tongue
    Your skin smooth as ripe grape
    Your mouth always knowing just what to say
    Let those words of love
    Fill that empty glss
    On the last day of infinity

  • lover18 16w

    Loving You

    It is so easy
    For me to love you
    I've never been good at anything
    But I've never wanted
    Anything so much as
    I want to hold you
    Every minute and every night
    While I sleep
    The question has ceased to be
    'How do I love you ? '
    And has become
    'How would I ever stop ? '

  • lover18 16w


    As you fall asleep tonight
    Imagine that you feel my
    Hand slip into yours,
    Ou fingers interlacing
    So that we can roam together
    In our dreams,
    Our love transcends the distance
    For your heart is
    Close to MINE

  • lover18 17w

    Pretty You

    Your lips so soft and red
    The thought of kissing you is stuck in my head,
    Your beauty so bright and warm
    Shining through the darkest storm,
    Your eyes sparkle like stars in the night sky
    When I stare into them I feel like I'm soaring high,
    The sound of your voice saying
    'I Love You' makes my heart pound,
    Because I know I've truly found my one and only

  • lover18 17w

    Why ?

    Yes,we are
    So far from each other
    And I miss you like
    When a child yearns for his broken toy
    But still...
    Why does the morning breeze feel like your first touch ?
    Why does the sun bring that same smile on my face when I first saw you ?
    And why does my blanket...on every cold nights...remind me of our first hug ?
    After all...why am I so in love with you ?