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  • lovely_aakhil 89w

    Anybody know?

    If human destroy forest for their own use,
    Then animal kill the human by enter into human place.

    Now, human research in space,
    To know, there is possible to live in space.

    And now my thought is!!!

    If it happens, then alien which is living in space will kill the human by enter into the earth!!?

    So don't forget to Save Tree
    And live in earth and let live the animals in forest.


  • lovely_aakhil 89w

    Think It

    The person who sold Alcohol,
    Now he ran out of the country to save him and living happily

    The person who sold Tea,
    Now he elected as Prime Minister and travelling to every country.

    But the farmer who use water to clear ones hungry
    is not well,
    Most of the farmers seeing water only in their eyes,

    Yes, Please save water for agriculture and future generations.


  • lovely_aakhil 91w


    Don't be ODD (with one choice to felt sad for loss)
    Be like a EVEN (Use the second Choice to continue your hardwork to success)
    Let's play ODD or EVEN in real life. choice is yours ❤️

  • lovely_aakhil 106w


    Give blood and save life (It's for others)

    But for my dear people who ride or drive with carelessness by drunken or speaking through phone's (Please!! Save blood and live your life) !!!!


  • lovely_aakhil 108w

    Locked in your thoughts
    I love this captivity

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    When i feel frustrated your thoughts makes me cherished

  • lovely_aakhil 109w


    I'm the luckiest person in this world,
    Because i have special place on your heart.

    I'm the luckiest person in this world,
    The moment when you say "love you" to me.

    I'm the luckiest person in this world,
    The moment when you select me instead of selecting other.

    I'm the luckiest person in this world,
    When you ready to live with me still my death,
    And ask permission to marry me.

    I'm the luckiest person in this world,
    When i carry baby on my shoulder who have face cut like you.

    But sometimes,
    I think I'm the unlucky one,
    Of seeing you by carrying baby on your shoulder,
    It's the place where human feel safe and happy,
    Because it's an heaven,
    When carry by Woman❤️.

    Especially you


  • lovely_aakhil 111w


    Don't blame technology because it only gave Bullet as well as Bullet proof. So use bullet proof and be safe.


  • lovely_aakhil 113w


    Don't forget to wear helmet otherwise there is chance to forget your family.


  • lovely_aakhil 113w


    Stop firing cigarette body otherwise it leads to fire your body with big cigarette in graveyard.

    Karma works everywhere.


  • lovely_aakhil 113w


    In this society camera is the only thing which capture the truth;
    But that was change into fake by this society called "EDIT".