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  • lovelighttt 85w

    The distance in the desert

    Striking out is the only place to be, his closest friend turned out to be an enemy.
    Such a long road he walked, holes in his shoes, the baggage on his back nearly unbearable in it's weight.
    Hoping each new step, would pave the way to a clean slate.
    Looking at his watch, time seemed to stand still,
    The hour glass refusing to pour it's fill.
    Desert heat, got him parched, throat dry
    Hoping the cactus down the road, had some drop of fluids within those pricks.
    Ten hours of walking and what did he see
    A mirage of a man standing in the tortured heat.
    Getting closer, the man didn't disappear
    But, held out his hand torwards him.
    With his other hand, he presented a cup
    The man, so parched took it feverish with thirst.
    But, the cup continued producing water, an unending supply
    He'd drank until his body felt it's fill, then the old man pulled out a plethora of goods from a satchel on his side
    A buffet was presented right before his eyes.
    Soups, bread, and many sweet meats
    He began to cry falling to his knees.
    "What have I done to deserve such peace," cried the man.
    The elder man smiled, transformed the hot, dry
    Desert into an oasis of shaded trees.
    He simply said, "cleanse your body, enjoy this feast and when you're rested, I'll show you what will be."
    The man did what was told, the old man disappeared behind a willow tree.
    Taking off his shoddy clothes and wholly shoes.
    He stepped into the water that immediately began to not only cleanse but renew. Staying there until the magical spring completed it's work of ridding his body of thick desert dirt.
    Leaving the spring, a new batch of attire awaited him. He was so grateful he couldn't speak. The shoes brand new, clothes felt like egyptian cotton.
    Sitting down to eat his fill, not being able to recall the last time he'd had such an abundant meal. He went to the base of an old willow tree, and fixed up a spot for him to sleep.
    In the morning, he'd felt ten years younger. His stomach did not growl in need from hunger.
    He smiled.
    There the old man sat under the adjacent willow, chewing on bark.
    "Why did you help me??" Said the man. " If you knew my history, you would've ran.."
    The elder looked up and smiled as he said, " I know all there is to know about you. Why should you continue to suffer, when you've paid your dues?"
    He continued," sometimes we, assume that our suffering never ends, but I'm here to show you how mercy begins. You've walked, near death... wouldn't have lasted another hour. So, the spirit sent me to give you what you need to endure."

    Dumbfounded, the man looked puzzled.

    The elder explained, " you've been betrayed, robbed and everything you held dear has been taken from you, so a nomad you became with wholly shoes. Your bags carrying the weight of tons, the clothes you wore became rags. You silently prayed for relief, but didn't complain along the journey.
    Because of this, the load you carried will be no more, whatever you thought you lost will be ten times restored. And in the future, just don't be too quick to assume everyone is a trustworthy friend. This is a gift for obedience, from the Universe. Do well by it, and remember the road you came from to guide you in your new life."

    Just as the man, wanted to ask more questions, the elder disappeared before he could grasp what happened.
    In a flash he was in a new home, much better than before. Looking outside he saw a brand new car, that must've cost thirty grand or more.
    He decided to date and check his wallet, a black unlimited credit card in his pocket. Bank slip read, over ten million dollars, but what he was gifted with next he couldn't believe...
    A woman coming out of the kitchen, beaming and radiant with a swollen belly.
    " Where have you been, she asked. "We've been waiting for hours for you. Gesturing to her full belly.
    The man's heart swelled with gratitude and appreciation. The love of his life was gifted back to him, he'd lost her in a car crash, a few days after they wed. He embraced her with uncontrollable tears of mirth. He promised the Universe he'd never forget the road travelled to this beautiful abundant blessing.

  • lovelighttt 86w

    Stand up straight, you'll be surprised how many hands will come help you bear the weight in life...

  • lovelighttt 86w

    Be like the tree.
    It doesn't know which way it's branches will sprout, it simply knows they'll grow...

  • lovelighttt 86w

    Sometimes,surviving simply means your willing to strive, using the last of your strength to keep a bit of hope alive...

  • lovelighttt 86w


    Rising from the bowels of history
    A secret mystery, lies beneath.
    Long forgotten, yet much sought after
    The subject of scorn and chatter.
    In the very blood that pumps through our veins,
    Lies a power that has been dormant in every age.
    Something hidden in plain sight, the magic within coming to light.
    Amongst those who dare to go against the veil
    A balance of good and evil that dwells in the people.
    Magic, a short term for magician
    Ways to manifest things beyond comprehension.
    To delve into the laws of the Universe,
    A respect to terms that must first be learned.
    So, intriguing, yet to seek it endlessly,
    Like the forbidden fruit of that garden tree.
    The power to preserve, the magic of the mind is like grapes to wine
    And only in time, when your no longer willing to be blind, will it reveal how divine it can be.
    With patience and balance, this forbidden fruit will relinquish it's existence in reality.

  • lovelighttt 86w

    What, Why

    What if we are not age, but simply taught we are,
    So once we believe we are older we actually become older?
    Why is the soul forever young, the heart forever free?
    Why do we yearn for youth, yet hope for old age bliss?
    What if we chose to go by the time of the sun and moon rather than the time on our watches?
    Why do we pay for what nature gives freely?
    Why if the Earth provides abundance, do we not share in it?
    Why does serving a higher power have to be restricted to worship in a building?
    Who created this cycle of colorism?
    What created the social stigma of rich and poor?
    Why is education that's meant to stimulate the free mind, so restrictive in it's price for knowledge?
    Why are their so many charities, yet so many still in need?
    What is the cost to plant the sustainable seed?

  • lovelighttt 86w

    Trials and Tribulations

    Facing trials and tribulations, in a world that refuses to become one nation
    Everyday, you see the spoils of war
    Sitting at your front door.
    There's no age that spared of the misery,
    Enough tears to create a sea of centuries of woe,
    Yet, not too many people dare to change what their taught to know.
    How many died in wars over centuries?
    Anxious men and women dying in the name of victory.
    Then mourned and forgotten among the streets.
    As if they didn't shed enough blood to deserve a sustainability.
    Too much hate because of skin tone separation
    Too gullible to see that it's not the flesh that makes a nation.
    Only the soul inside of us, can bring the unity and love when we realize we're one hand that covers the world like a glove.
    The only difference between us is good and evil
    Yet, what we have been taught is beyond reprieval,
    Now we got protests galore based off of false history and fokelore,
    When we simply need to restore harmony instead of swords.
    Just one act of kindness can make a difference
    Stop making people think they don't belong because they different
    This is a time of great healing instead of the cesspool of ignorant domineerance.

  • lovelighttt 87w

    Snake skin boots

    On the way to the market, two men stopped in mid walk
    They greeted each other and began to talk.
    One of the men stood in a pinstripe three piece suit,
    The other guy stood in filthy rags and flapping snake skin boots.
    The man in the pinstripe was very erect, proud and stout, stiffening his neck.
    The guy in snake skin boots shifted uneasily, knowing his odor made the other man uneasy.
    The man in the pinstripe took pity, but, his pride and ego went against his better judgement.
    The guys in the snake skin boots asked a prominent question
    "Could you give me fare to the marina?, I'd left my wallet home."
    The man in pinstripe scoffed and all friendliness was gone.

    "Do you think, I didn't see your game a mile away? Yet you stood here in friendly conversion and all the time had money on your brain."

    The guy in the snake skin boots took offense, but he softened his demeanor as he took it all in. He continued listening as the man in pinstripe kept ignorantly speaking.

    "How does a man leave a wallet at home? You are just a filthy liar, now leave me and begone."

    The guy in the snake skin boots turned on his heel in the direction of his home. Shaking his head the entire way.
    But, what happened a week later, was beyond belief....
    The man in the pinstripe suit worked his job most diligently, anger and frustrated trying to make ends meet. He thought about the guy in filthy rags he'd met on the street and smiled to himself thinking, 'better him than me'.
    Readying himself for his first board meeting, passing his co-workers with such a kind greeting. Sitting down knowing this was the day,...either he'd get this promotion or his wife would dig an early grave.

    " So,we meet again" said a man dressed from head to toe in a Versace three piece suit, his gray streaked hair slick back and astute.

    Not recognizing the man in Versace, the pinstripe suit sat wondering in silence...

    Knowing the confusion, the guy in Versace threw a hint, " I'm the guy you met with the flapping snake skin boots, and the smell that could raise the dead." His rotund laughter filling the air.
    Staring, jaw gaped in disbelief, the guy in pinstripe became sheepishly weak at the realization, so much he couldn't even speak.

    " Let me explain my dilemma to you," said the man in Versace, "Once every three months, I take a sabbatical and humble myself by remembering where I once came from. I've made my billions investing and creating charities such as this one twenty years ago, so I never turned my back on the people or places I'd once known as my home."

    Sweating profusely only thinking about his job the man in the pinstripe suit spoke and there was no sign of the previous snob,

    " Sir, I'd had no idea, had I'd known I would've treated you much different. Would this cost me my job, will it deter my promotion?"

    The man in Versace simply replied,

    " We work with the unfortunate, and that work takes unconditional kindness, you were up for promotion but your blind to the beauty of this work. I like to test my employees every now and again, to see who truly shows charity without even being a friend.
    You have gumption and your work is good, but,.a promotion you will not get because you have not yet understood. When your walking down the street and you leave your wallet at home, perhaps you'll understand why kindness is a unending road that can keep you strong."

  • lovelighttt 87w


    Thought she was a material girl, but if only he'd taken a moment to see into her world.
    Thought she was for the city life, yet to her the country fit just right.
    Thought she'd been one of promiscuity, when in reality she thrived in long term relationships.
    Thought she had a fickle mind, yet in her minds eye was depths no one simply cared to delve in.
    Thought she'd never meet expectations, yet she never cared about fitting in.
    Thought she loved attention, when she'd only had three to four true friends.
    Thought she'd cared about money, yet she was comfortable simply with having enough.
    Thought she was shallow, yet she took the time to fill everyone's cup.
    Thought she wasn't intelligent, yet her mind went beyond academia
    Thought she was immature, yet she was an full grown woman.
    Thought she was ugly, but what was beautiful about her was much treasured.
    Thought she could be sized up, but found out she was a force without measure.
    Thought she wasn't good enough, just to find she was too much.
    Thought I couldn't marry her, until I realized I couldn't live without her touch.

  • lovelighttt 87w

    Tracks & the Train

    Keep moving forward said the tracks to the train
    "We don't have all day, soon will come the rain"
    As the train sped up, the track laid blame...
    "too much pressure, too much strain"
    said the tracks to the train
    "First you say speed up, then you say I'm too much, how can I make it up the hill if you won't let me move my trucks?"
    Said, the train to the tracks
    The train reached a huge hill, rearing to go mustering all his strength he began to climb slowly to the top
    "You can't make it says the tracks to the train"...
    The train simply ignored his taunting, sweat streaming down his face.
    Carrying 69 trucks on his back the weight multiple by ten as he moved uphill on the tracks...
    Chugga, chugga chugga, is the sound of the train giving it his all as he moved forward. More coal added to his fire as he continued to climb, the hill moving even higher
    The tracks screaming, " Just stop you can't make it, you can give up you don't have to fake it!!!"
    But, the train kept moving, carrying all of that weight on his freight
    The tracks started panicking as he continued speaking like a snake,
    "This is my last time telling you to just give up"
    But, the train saw the crevice he knew he was near the top...
    With all of his energy he piled forward and true,
    Making his way to the pinnacle after much effort and silent prayer
    He took a moment to look at the illuminated sun that met him there
    He breathed in deeply , taking a moment of rest
    Looking down at the tracks he said,
    " I've reached the top, yes it's true that I couldn't have made it without you. If you hadn't of pushed me I wouldn't have known what it felt like to get to the top now I'm almost home. You got to lay there relaxed and putting in no effort, but the difference between you and I is...the rain is coming and by then I'll be home getting my wheels oiled and my heavy load lifted. A roof over my head and new engine gifted, I will be washed and shined brand new, you will remain uncared for. You see what you weren't told is that I was your last train for the season
    This route is being closed off because it's too difficult and causes to many accidents"
    "You lie, you lie!!!" Said the tracks to the train.
    But the train simply smiled as the thunder began.
    The train pulled into the station a smile on his face as all his cargo got lifted. The tracks watched as he was pampered and cleaned. Given a shiny engine that glittered and gleamed.
    Waiting patiently trying to figure out what the train meant, he waited his turn but what happened he didn't expect..
    Workers came and put a huge sign on his junction, that said DO NOT ENTER this track no longer functions
    He was disconnected from being used by any other trains
    Sitting there realizing with shame, all the trains he'd held back from going up that hill, as the rain fell down because his tracks were no longer being oiled rust set in and his metal became spoiled.
    He was pulled up, his rails dismembered. Then carried off to a salvage yard to be never again remembered.