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  • loveed 66w

    Sometime i just wanna be alone..
    Sometime as hard as stone..
    But i m not able to do so.
    Why it's happen i don't know.. ��

    Wanna forget all the things...
    Wanna left all unwanted strings..
    Bt all the things cease my mind..
    As everyone know love is blind.. ��

    Searching for the place having peace...
    Wanna hide mah emotions in the depth of seas.
    Wanna to rid off from ur thoughts..
    Wanna find gadget to make mah feeling off❤

    Don't now why bt my thought always remains behind you....
    In Every moment of mah lyf i only remind u..

    Wanna to go in the world..
    Where u will not be part of mah universe❤

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    (Anushka Jain)

  • loveed 66w

    Mention any wish from ur wishlist..
    U wanna achieve soon ??❤❤

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  • loveed 66w

    On being a children..
    All the good things we used to learn...
    So,,, why on growing we forget all the good habits.
    Why we send our parents to old aged home after taking all money from credit...

    Having a lots of memories...
    Shared each other's good or bad stories..
    A family is a perfect example...
    Which make a bond very stable...

    When we wanna take rest...
    We know only our mother's lap is best..
    When we cry our father put us in his chest..
    No matter how much problem comes our king always adjust.. ❤

    Our parents fulfilled our all wishes..
    Our mother made our favourite dishes..
    No matter how much problems comes in family.
    Our parents face them happily...

    Our parent send us abroad for study..
    When we need them they become our buddy..
    With whom we want they marry us. .
    Without thinking about society how they curse.

    But after a tym when son becomes educated..

    How much did you spend on my raising? ”
    “What was your total cost for me nursing? ”
    ”What have you done so far for my education”
    Blasted son at parent as if feeling suffocation

    Wow,,,,,, What u give them in back..
    A old-aged home where happiness is lack..
    Having the place surrounded with nurses..
    Their beautiful lives,, they curses..

    Still they meet their children with no worries.
    In any case,,, if they going to meet..

    A old parents asked...
    Is being old is the second name of old-aged home.
    Is being old is a sign of helplessness??
    Is being old is a burden??

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    "Old-Aged home. "
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    (Anushka Jain)

  • loveed 67w

    What the day it is..
    It seems like everything is going to finish..
    There was no electricity..
    Neither having any strategy..

    Don't have a light for opening fan..
    Neither having charged phn for instagram...
    Shhh... How to do time pass
    Yeah by Seeing the old photo frame...

    The idea we make seems to flop..
    Like a green vegetables we chop..
    Don't have any work to do..
    We are moving like doing a steps of hip-hop..

    One day without electricity..
    Is like a fish without see...
    Like a sweets having sugar free.
    For rest,we are just sitting under a shaded tree..

    After a tym, i just call the electrician...
    But what i found.. I found switched off phn and him on vacccation... ��

    But A day without electricity
    Increase our creativity..
    We sit together having lots of fun..
    Nani ji's told me many story which i learn❤

    Having sit on each other sight ..
    We used to do fight..
    We share each other story.
    Under the sky having natural glory ��

    So,,, Let's take a pledge to celebrate the day,
    Instead of being sad, make it the best possible way.
    Our world has numerous beautiful things,
    Now, we just need the bells of our mind to ring.

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    A day without electricity... ❤
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    (@Anushka Jain)

  • loveed 67w

    Yeah.... In starting i used to confuse in between two.....
    I failed to differentiate which one is true..
    But now i know it... ❤
    Because i feel rcb and i owe it... ����

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    Having RCB in mah each RBC... ❤❤

  • loveed 68w

    चलो आज एक नये मुद्दे पे बात करते हैं..
    प्यार नही हबस का शिकार करते है।।।।

    Beparwah se baaton ki yha parwah nhi hoti...
    Hn bharat mai yun rape case ki badi sunwai nhi hoti
    Ghumte rhte h darinde khuleaam..
    Yha ladkiyon ke jaan ki inse bharpai nhi hoti...

    Kya fark pdta h, konsi beti unki h....
    Unke ghr ki chidiya to aaj bhi mehfoos chehkti h...

    Apni behen ke naam p to pistol haath mai jaati h..
    Kyu bhul jate ho wo bhi kisi bhai ke haath pr rakhi pehenati h....

    Tmhare behen aaj bhi maa se louri sun bin na so pati h...
    To socho us maa ka kya jiski beti yun tadap tadap kr mr jaati h....

    Kya khilkhila payega chehra pita ka..
    Jiske kaleza ka tukda chali gyi..
    Kya rhe payega khush wo bhai..
    Jisse choti choti baat pr ladne wale maut se ld gyi..
    Kaise rhegi khush wo maa,,,jo bina beti ko dekhe aankhe nhi kholti...

    Hr pita ke kaleje ka tukda hoti h...
    Hn ek ladki beti maa sbka roop hoti h...

    Jism p mrte h log or pyaar ki duhaai dete h..
    Yha kanoon wale hi aise caso ko waha wahi dete h..
    Na hoti h sunwaii na hi nyay hota h...
    India mai to hr jurm sirf viral hota h...

    Bs bht hua ab hme nyay chahiyea..
    Jyada kch nhi bs hmare khilaf murder case ki file maaf chahiyeaa...
    Niptalenge hm khud hi hr darinde ko...
    Bs ek baar supreme court se yhe izazt chahiyea..


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    (Anushka Jain)

  • loveed 68w

    यू ही नही हुआ मशहूर जादू बंगाल का ...❤
    ये टूटे हुए दिल पर मरहम लगाता हैैै।।।

    चाहे होते हो या न होते हो लोग किसी के वश मे।।
    यह बुझते हुए दिए से सब रोशन कर जाता है।।

    बादल सी वो जुल्फे कयामत सी नजर आती है
    Puchta h koi ishq baare mai..
    तो वो जोगन बंगाल के जादू पर वो बहुत ईतराती है।

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  • loveed 68w

    Yeah i remebered the day..
    When on foothpath i uesd to stay...
    There are only two hours we spend..
    But it seems like a many years bond. ...

    Everyone is staring us ''''like we r ghost""..
    Having a funny reaction like a tv host. ❤
    Hey listen .."We are not a thief" so plz stop staring..
    These types of word in our heart was coming...

    That was a new place...
    Where that's situation we used to face...
    All the hotels, restaurants are busy bcoz of ceremony...
    And we neither have friends in pink city.....

    Yeah this is the incident of Jaipur..
    Where we went to spend the holidays..
    We thought to hving a lot of fun..
    Bt there was nothing ok...

    Don't want to spend any another day on footpath....
    It's okk to remain a year without eating a chart..
    I will spend mah day on company garden..
    Bt never go anywhere with all these burden..

    Firstly the room in hotel i let confirm....
    After i will go with mah lovely ones...

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    The day we spent,
    on footpath....
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    (Anushka Jain)

  • loveed 68w

    I love you more than people know.. ..
    I miss u more than i show...❤
    Just wanna to share it that...
    I love when people call me virat's psycho...

    Each thought of you filled me with sweet emotion..
    I laughed alone when i remember ur field's agression....
    Waiting for helding once a virat's session...
    Where i wanna to declare as the syononym of virat's addiction...

    When u came in field ..
    My heart already get steal..
    U r the emotion i used to feel..
    Because of u i love the life of reel..... ❤❤

    I just wanna to stop the tym when u smile...
    No one knows how much i love ur every style...
    No matter how many people will come in mah lyf..
    U always used to be the cover pg of mah heart's file..

    U r the carbon of mah benzene ring..
    U r the song which i always used to sing..
    U r one and only mah heart's king.. ..
    U r the the you video which i used to pin❤❤

    Don't have a words for explain him....
    Just tried mah best.......luv him... ❤❤❤

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