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  • lotoya 3w

    A year of growth

    …..To the reader…..

    Sometimes we count the days instead of making the day count.Today we must be the change and strength we are, we cannot watch the clock what it does

    keep moving is what expected of us no matter how difficult it seems
    the strength and motivation that lies within will clear the path regardless.

    Time should be our greatest companion or friend. So, today I have realize what a person fear doing the most is usually what they most need to do.

    The soul attracts what it’s fearful of (to encourage) Simply reverse the thought process, renew the energy with positivity.

    Attract what is expected, reflect what they desire, become what they respect, mirror their desires and never lose focus.

    Because the nights doesn’t last forever, even during the darkest nights the sun rises in the morning.


  • lotoya 50w

    Dear Kayla

    You are so wonderful and I’m so proud to call you

    my Daughter

    You are forever in my heart and I love you so much💗🧚🏾‍♀️💗🧚🏾‍♀️

    ***Love mommy***

  • lotoya 63w

    My love

    Another year to celebrate your memorable day. May you fine this day the start of a new beginning, filled with love, peace, memories and lots of laughter.

    May the coming years beings the best of the best life ever offer you. You are a special person and you deserve complete love and happiness. Always remember to live each year with gratitude and thankfulness.

    Darling, wishing you happy birthday my love. A day filled with joy and comfort. May your future be extremely happy and bright, as all the memories you wish to treasure.


  • lotoya 75w

    Wave of pain

    The wave of pain suffocates the soul, left every blood vessels camped closely together. Creates Unsatisfying, uneasy tension frequently.

    The wave of a pain dims the vision unable to see clearly. Unexpected functioning, the heart cries sincerely, the mind flights to stay alert.

    The wave of pain makes the heart suddenly afraid. Bringing back many disappointments that pushed it into its shell. Wondered whats next, wishing it had never let down its guard.

  • lotoya 84w

    The purpose of a Dad

    You are someone who wants to catch your children before they fall, but instead picks them up, brush them off, and let them try again

    You are someone who wants to keep them from making mistakes, but instead let them find their own way, even though your heart breaks in silence when they are hurt.

    You are someone who wants to hold them when they cry, Scolds them when certain rules are broken, shines with pride when they are succeed, and have faith in them regardless.

    I believe you are an outstanding Father no matter what your self doubts or lack of confidence within yourself maybe saying.

    Matthews 11v28 says

    Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

    Don’t worry and stress too much. It’s bad for your healthy. Maybe that’s why I’m sick again.

    Leave your problems in Gods hands. That’s where you will find comfort and Devine peace.

    Happy father’s day when it comes.


  • lotoya 90w

    Time of Thanksgiving

    Your life of health
    clothes on our backs
    food on the tables
    shoes on our feet
    being safe from corona
    be thankful for a new day

    Happy times, sad days
    togetherness, shielding from God
    All the times he shows up
    Seeing God in the atmosphere
    Positive people he emerged in our lives
    Be thankful for a new day

    The beautiful sunrise
    Outstanding sunset
    The time he protects from arms
    His presence that gives peace
    The restart during or after the pandemic
    Be thankful for a new day

    You will see God in all creation...

  • lotoya 90w

    Divine flow of life

    A warrior in the desert, path seems dark, heavy, and bumpy. Headstrong she journeyed with smooth flow. The path may had or have many difficulties, there she discovered a new light streaming all around.

    Her hope is her strength, her faith is her courage. Along the path, she found a different meaning to life. Even though she wrestle and the storm seems overbearing. She is a warrior and a warrior overcomes.

    Pure like a baby plant, a tree of new life glow within her. She springs forth embracing all conditions, she poured water that watering her growing plant, then she started blossoming. Her glow is magnetic, which pull others to her.

    Then she reassured them of the divine flow of life. She gives comfort to the broken and help rebuilt their confidence. Now they are blossoming like a rose petal in the desert, fighting for a divine purpose.

  • lotoya 96w


    forgiveness comes with healing
    And when we let go, we grow wiser and stronger.
    Today, I choose to forgive and let go.
    Just want to grow into a more beautiful person

  • lotoya 99w

    You knew

    Before you became strong you knew what it was like to be weak. How difficult it was finding wholeness you seek.

    Before you came a shore, you have had fair share of darkness and you didn’t know how to get it right completely.

    For years, you have known tears. It took courage to stand up again. When you were broken down and used, you knew nothing but pain.

    You fear opening to true love, if you haven’t experience the hurt, it would never had happened. You forget the meaning of smile and laughter and your heart left broken in pieces.

    Then, you acknowledge the strength and courage to get it right. To challenge the things that holds you down and lift your head high and fight peacefully.

  • lotoya 99w

    Growing older

    They learn while growing older. What this life is meant to be. Knowing it goes beyond one self, which is so much more than they can visualize.

    Yet, overcoming tragedies, and survive the arduous times. Living those moments filled with pain, but still manage to be kind.

    To strengthen those who can't themselves.To uplift the broken hearted and redirect those who wander in the dark, and love with all their might.

    To continuously take a stand with courage, shows the strength and power in their posture. The push to face each day, even when they feel alone or lost within

    To understand and encourage the ones many cares to know. To make them feel value and good enough, when user and self centered people damage their sense of self worth.

    To always live a life of decency and be someone of great worth. To love and be loved in return. To say, I’m sorry when wrong

    To inspire old and the young. To leave footprints where ever the lord leads.