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  • lostthoughts73 1w

    Moonlight Dancer

    A lonely night of a single light
    In star-shine she takes flight
    Her form glittering shimmering
    Moonlight a mere twinkle of her eyes

    She twirls enchanting
    Her steady gaze demanding
    She's the center she's attraction
    Pretty girl in the night dancing

  • lostthoughts73 3w


    Have you ever had a day.. the day that goes "Enough!"
    Won't you know my face shaken won't glow up
    Trusted sidekicks villainous sometimes switch place
    Really who is me and what is day I'm tired, not okay

    Haven't you seen those lines now fading gray
    Vacation plans friends birthdays locked in again
    The whole world is a stage I'm missing the play
    Why bother I'm fodder chewed up, retired at my age

  • lostthoughts73 3w


    Random costumes Dancing ballrooms
    All these memories made we forget
    Lace your arm you Palm to palm you
    Lock my fingers cuff me to the bed

    A kiss in the night I've found you
    Close off the blinds No one around you
    Wake me inside I'm chasing
    I've come up to breathe
    Your touch becomes my Greed

    Dwelling sighs Peace inside
    Empty rooms full of regret
    Was it a part A broken start
    What could I amend?

    A kiss in the night I've found you
    Close off the blinds No one around you
    Wake me inside I'm waiting
    I'm begging on my knees
    Your touch becomes my Greed


  • lostthoughts73 6w

    Living in a moment

    Closed eyes I want to touch your face
    A blind man yearning for your embrace
    Reminders these etchings wrinkled sage
    Pause.. overcome with phantom rage

    Soft hands yet my joints ache
    Statue still my grasp is vague
    Reach the world but where is my space
    Pang.. a dagger I am impaled

    Heavy long feet keep up with my pace
    Racing ahead you'll never know my age
    Prideful of what ran far without a way
    Gasp.. I am death this my life of disgrace

  • lostthoughts73 10w


    Swept up sweaty I'm never going to be ready
    She is

    Motley affair tingling hair her prickly glare
    It's everywhere little string of dream love care
    Her veins become her bare
    Reveal desire warm lips make pair
    Shudder it's hurts not now not here
    Another day her flow was quite severe

    It's part of her from her lips to her tail
    An artwork she has many shades
    Yet only one her pleasures and pain

  • lostthoughts73 10w

    Tell me

    Tell me why you walk away routine
    Tell me why you speak out not seen

    What is it that you want
    Is it not possible to feed
    Tell me you're aching craving
    Tell me your scary stories
    Lay down lie in your sleep

    Tell me you know your worth
    Tell me you haven't heard
    Your shallow views grow up learn

    Tell me when you're evil
    Tell me with Cheshire grin
    Tell me tell me don't stop
    Till you tell me everything

  • lostthoughts73 12w

    Missing you

    So much
    I miss you so much
    Is this done? Was it enough?
    Eyes melted pools of love
    I miss you, my love

    My start your end
    Never tried to pretend
    Hurt you I did but
    Didn't I make amends?
    Yet divided by a fence
    Maybe this is all we meant

    So so very much, I miss my..
    Nightly crying my eyes dry

  • lostthoughts73 12w

    Don't let me sleep

    Way too afraid to go to sleep

    Drowning my dreams in gasoline

    Blurry visions bleary eyes unseen

    Weak mind so full of my screams

    Shush, it's okay, distraction me

    Is it hurt or anger what I'm feeling

    Unstarted arguments or torn seams

    So unsure yet sleeping terrors routine


  • lostthoughts73 16w

    Nice to meet you

    Hi, how are you today?
    Isn't this a nice summer day?
    Hi, I'm good. New to the neighborhood
    How long here have you stayed?
    This was my grandpa's place
    He built it in his younger age
    It was a memorial to his sister
    She died young and he missed her
    Oh, what a great story! I'm glad
    You told me. Bold me I'm just an undergrad
    Really? Amazing! Are you living alone?
    For now. But I'll make this house a home
    Alright, I'll go now, do keep in touch
    Nice to meet you. I like you very much

  • lostthoughts73 18w

    Delicate Doll

    Terrified of my own emotions
    Wanna hide, lock away never open
    Why? Don't care about anything
    But why does it feel like I'm breaking

    Can't sleep a wink, my eyes stay open
    Tired but no, don't make me close them
    Sorry I.. what can I say I'm waiting
    Choking I.. don't want you hating

    One day I'm fine till next and I'm escaping
    Where do I go? Nothing worth dreaming