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  • lost_in_translation 4d

    I'm a cathedral of dead memories,
    Forever punished for my longings,
    Begging for love,
    In streets that nobody visits.
    -Kkomal Siingh

  • lost_in_translation 6w

    I've known loss so intimately,
    That I forget where I begin and it ends,
    Everything else in life is contextual,
    Colored in this grief,
    What is love anyway,
    The pieces of others that we carry,
    The memories that feel like home,
    And we live,
    We live,
    We live.
    -Kkomal Siingh

  • lost_in_translation 7w

    I'm scared of killing myself,
    So I die slowly,
    Burning my lungs in smoke,
    And dreams on a pyre of disappointment,
    I don't remember what home looks like,
    So I wander through time,
    Looking for a place to rest,
    The ghost of unwanted memories,
    Haunting my footsteps.
    -Kkomal Siingh

  • lost_in_translation 7w

    Language is so inadequate sometimes,
    A bunch of made up sounds,
    Not enough to convey, not enough to express,
    So let this silence speak for itself,
    Look in my eyes and feel what I feel,
    The difference between what I say and what I mean,
    Don't read between the lines,
    Just hold my palms,
    And sync your heart to mine.
    -Kkomal Siingh

  • lost_in_translation 10w

    Mountains make me untethered,
    As if I'm living on the edge of madness,
    Free like a bird soaring through the seas,
    I'm alive, in true sense of the word,
    Mountains are an extension of who I am,
    Raw, unmoving, and eternal,
    Everything I wish I could be,
    But cannot.
    - Kkomal Siingh

  • lost_in_translation 12w

    I'm starved for forehead kisses,
    For someone to bless my brows,
    And allow me to rest my head on their shoulders,
    This life has become too heavy to carry,
    The voices in my head make sense no more,
    And all this noise is driving me crazy,
    So let me hide in your arms,
    From the monsters inside my mind,
    Let's create a haven of our own,
    While the world ends around us.
    -Kkomal Siingh

  • lost_in_translation 13w

    If I could rewind time,
    I'd undo everything that gave you the impression that I am someone easy to have,
    I'd erase the names you've associated me with,
    And rewrite myself as a pristine flower in your books,
    But we cannot undo what's done,
    And I cannot meet you again for the first time,
    So in the end,
    It is what it is,
    As I am what I am,
    And we are what we are.
    -Kkomal Siingh

  • lost_in_translation 13w

    I'm looking for answers to the questions of life,
    How many miles do I walk for people who won't understand my worth,
    When does selflessness reach its limit,
    And should turn into selfishness,
    How do I choose,
    Whether to be a bigger person
    Or to watch the world burn in revenge,
    And how does one make sure that their kindness won't be perceived as a weakness,
    What kind of a person should I become,
    The one who is suffocating inside but loved by all, or the one who's constantly rebelling.
    The one who's empowered,
    Or the one who's accepted.
    -Kkomal Siingh

  • lost_in_translation 14w

    I do not know how to love myself tonight
    Every inch of me feels repulsive
    I've tried all forms of self care
    But all of them seem like a farce
    I'm trying and trying and trying
    To see myself in a better light
    But all I am is surrounded by a darkness
    So heavy that I can't even see my own face
    If I held it against fire
    This resentment of my weakness
    Sounds like my soul speaking from within
    That I'm never going to be good enough
    No matter how many extra miles I walk for the people who's love I dream of
    I'm never going to be enough.
    -Kkomal Siingh

  • lost_in_translation 17w

    I wish you'd look at me,
    Not the woman you've created inside your head,
    Not my past, not my future,
    But just a living, breathing human,
    That's still trying to understand how to exist,
    Who's trying to make music out of the cacophony inside her mind,
    I'm learning not to let my trauma define me,
    I'm learning how to survive despite the chaos,
    We're all a work in progress,
    Some more than others,
    I wish you'd open your eyes to my infinite possibilities,
    And see me for who I am,
    Trust what I'm trying to be,
    Love "Me".
    - Kkomal Siingh