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  • lost_horcrux 1w

    Trapped with nowhere to turn, life is changing beyond my control,
    causing this deep ache in the bottom of my soul.

    Someone else is pulling the strings,
    oh to fly, oh for wings.

    Escape, I want to dig my self out,
    filled with despair, filled with doubt.

    Mute not able to express,
    this gnawing pain and feeling of relentless distress.

    Tears that are not visible to the naked eye,
    silent screams that no one can hear.

    I try to speak but nothing can express,
    this feeling of sadness and worthlessness.

    Emotional pain, walks with me through the day,
    and sleeps with me through the night,
    leaving me depletes with no strength to fight.

    Anger for not having the courage to turn things around,
    keeping me anchored to this remorse,
    not able to untie the chains and change my course.

    False pride rules supreme,
    always there to whisper in my ear.

    Time, wasted and badly spent,
    lots of hurt, lots to repent.

    Solace, please come and calm my soul,
    for this is what I need to make me whole.

    Empathy, what I need is for someone to see,
    someone to see the real me.

    Love with no strings,
    just giving generously amongst other things.

    Words, when used as a weapon can cut like a knife,
    capable of doing so much damage and take the joy out of life,

    but softly spoken and softly expressed
    can bring so much happiness.

    #trapped #soul #darkpoem #cry

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  • lost_horcrux 1w

    I am hiding my life not because it is something that is not accepted by many. I am afraid that it is something not accepted by the one I love.

  • lost_horcrux 1w

    The warmth in your heart
    Feeling electricity 
    Powering throughout

  • lost_horcrux 2w

    Gravy (Pleiades)

    Gravy boats filled with piping hot gravy
    Grand upon a slice of meat
    Generous helping must be served
    Great times had mopping every morsel off the plate
    Gourmet chefs make oodles of it in restaurants
    Gluttons woof much into them
    Get me some now...

  • lost_horcrux 2w

    Sweating bullets,
    the poet counted the syllables
    and rearranged his lines
    until his tanka poem
    was utter perfection.

    #tanka #wod

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    Sweating bullets,
    the poet counted the syllables
    and rearranged his lines
    until his tanka poem
    was utter perfection.

  • lost_horcrux 3w

    My Closest Friend

    The emptiness now becomes my closest friend,
    To live each day as it passes just as lonely as the last,
    The inside is crying hidden suddenly by the smile,
    To feel acceptance is to open up to more pain and denial,
    Love like a rain cloud only there long enough,
    To make the desert yearn for almost just enough,
    Growing close to loosing hope all is becoming dark,
    The world easily shows hate without a small remark,
    To feel accepted and alive grows slowly thin,
    Another day ending with no promise or feeling from within,
    The child never sees it coming unaware of its strength,
    Adults love die along with the child's will to survive,
    False disguise of hope in our world nears to the end,
    Only to reveal that disappointment becomes our closest friend.

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    My closest Friend

  • lost_horcrux 3w

    Imagine yourself
    Alone in your head.
    You're hanging, dangling
    From a silver thread.

    Empty, alone
    With the monsters within.
    Internally screaming,
    You just want to give in.

    Now imagine that's you
    Every day, every hour.
    Forever sinking
    Like a wilting flower.

    You try to tell your dad
    And you try to tell your mom,
    But they say you're being silly,
    You've just got to move on.

    Because teens don't know sorrow
    Nor the hardships of life.
    They're just kids with imaginations
    Just looking for attention, right?

    You think that there's none
    Who knows how you feel.
    You're just so alone,
    But the feelings- they're real.


    But mostly

    And you're friends,
    They go on
    Like nothing has changed.

    "They must not care,"
    Your thoughts whisper,
    The lies in your brain.

    You can't escape it,
    Trapped in your own skin.
    You're ugly,
    You're hated,
    But you mask it with a grin.

    You hate what you feel,
    So instead you feel nothing.
    Your insides are numb,
    Your confidence crumbling.

    You look to other things
    To stop the pain.
    Cutting, pills,
    But it gives you no gain.

    And the people around you
    Shout abuse your way.
    "You're hurting yourself, stop it!"
    That's all they ever say.

    No matter how you plead
    That you're broken inside,
    They turn the other way,
    They run, they hide.

    They say you're just foolish,
    It's all in your head.
    What they don't know is inside
    You're already dead.

    #imagine #alone #wod

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  • lost_horcrux 4w

    Did you enjoy my pain?
    Was it fun to watch me fall?
    You where the reason why I became this way
    Everyday, my life is tormented by nightmares,
    Nightmares that are my reality
    Do you feel nothing for what you have done?
    Have you ever thought how your actions might affect others?
    While I trusted you, you plotted my demise
    You told me you cared for me, but it was all a lie
    I shouldn't have trusted your sweet lies
    Was it your plan to destroy my soul?
    What was your purpose for making me suffer?
    I feel helpless in this dark abyss that you have created
    As the years past by, it grows bigger
    Being nurtured by my growing sorrow..

    Today I look at my life and wonder.
    Is life worth all this pain I have been through?

    My whole being has been twisted by your selfishness
    My understanding of life is so mush different than others..
    What they see as torment, I see as pleasure....

    I use to wish for my salvation
    But now I only wish to feel my own suffering
    For I have grown to love the feeling of torment
    I love to see the scars on my skin
    And feel the scars on my soul

    If only you knew the real me
    You would cry and pity me...
    But I wish you never to know..
    For I still cling to that hope
    Of you becoming the person you once were..

    #pain #wod

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    My pain

  • lost_horcrux 4w

    तेरी कमी का एहसास होता है
    किसको सुनाओ आप ना हाल ये दिल।
    जिसको भी सुनाओ वो बस वही खेता है
    जो भी हुआ अछे के लिए हुआ।

  • lost_horcrux 4w

    Is there an answer in those blank pages,
    And wonder what I am going to write,

    Because the words need to flow,

    I just need to express how I feel,

    And get my point across,

    Without being abusive or too sentimental. I just need the words to flow from the pen to the paper,

    I stare at the blank page, And I need to get it right. I don't want cliches or abusive words: And not leave a word unspoken, as rhyme follows rhyme,

    And emotions and descriptions magically flow, Creating colours onto a literary canvas, That blend together and melt into a picture of love, Or maybe gratitude, or even redemption, But most of all imagination and description, That paint many different pictures, And I need them to be written, For I am the master of the pen, My imagination and words never end,

    For words are my world,

    Because my mind can create different scenarios, Different brushstrokes,

    Where lines come from the heart,

    And turn a blank page into a work of art, And also even come from an angry place, The heart creates when it has been used, For anger and hatred can be part of the heart too, But I will try to let the words move, From my mind to this blank page, And hope that what I write,

    Will be a classic and will never age.

    #start #wod

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    Blank pages