God first better days ahead even the good bad and ugly side it will still get better keep going keep striving to be you

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  • loptar 2w

    At times words drops in like a vacation hit of a music
    If poems could be like lyrics
    Am sure we would have make a thousands piece of music sheets������
    I hope I tried, it's been so long I had posted
    Am happy to be back

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    To the fuzzy life of words,
    Dropped on like a hit.
    Working up like disco,
    Matching up like hip-hop
    Which sustains the life of a writer.

  • loptar 2w

    Failure isn't about showing off your weakness
    It shows how able you're to overcome and conquer

    To the deep shallow voice of incompetency
    I found a chivalry to find comforts in.

    #failures birthes success#

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    A crumbs of seven words to destitution thoughts
    Which breaks the inner most walls of mind
    Rolling off like beads of sweat; which moves away the mountains of positive vibes

    Tick, tick, tick, it ticks like the way time rolls off by
    Knock,knock, knock, the sound of the metal Rick door seems to fade away like, the best isn't enough

    Sshhh, sssh, sssh, I wonder and ponder to when an opportunity of success should come by
    Just as how my whole sophisticated mind crumbles to the hope which have built

    I wonder how such an elegant virtue of success should be this
    Should this bring such a great mountains of pains like this

    It's gives the opposite to success, should it even dare to uphold the same number of word as SUCCESS

    An elegant virtue as this, makes me remember how well it prepares the wit of mind; down to the present world leaders of today
    Showing and building up every intentions to man's capability
    The more embraced, the more conquerable it becomes

  • loptar 2w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short write-up on Positive

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    Joy giver

  • loptar 5w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word micro-tale on Positive

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    Despite all wrongs and fax
    Hope keeps us moving

  • loptar 7w

    @writersnetwork thank you so much for liking phenomenal city������������
    Surprised should be an understatement, am just seeing the notification now ������

    Different angles to the thoughts of life
    Oozing in and out like bickering facilities
    Running, staying just as how the silent ease of rivers flows
    Building up slowly just as how Rome wasn't built a day
    Inner turbulents rumbling like the Misty dark cloud of the sky to which facilitate a man
    Flowing down from the origin of man down to the pen to thought
    Washing down deep ruckus to the ancient world of life
    Embracing what is to come like trinklets of beads; to give the sound of it's essence
    Revolving like the blades of fan which brings in new wave of air( running like a ancient sand clock in a reversible way to give comfort)
    Bringing much comfort to the heart after agonize moment to despair, as to what brings personality
    Which leads me to the path of poetry(world full of ancient writings of thoughts)
    Flickering like a beam of light as to it's depleted heart
    Chanting out my name to the land full of words

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    To the thousand thoughts of bandits and hope
    Each lines of words faxing me up to the city of poems

  • loptar 8w

    Standing tall admist bushels and thorns
    Conquerors stay still among every odds
    Try to stand out
    With that uniqueness

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    I will rather stand tall
    Then fall my knees
    Cause I am a conqueror
    And I won't accept defeat

    Try telling me, no
    One thing about me
    Cause I am a conqueror
    And I won't accept defeat

  • loptar 8w


    If I were to a star, then I will live of being what I am
    If I were to be a in a galaxy, I might really adapt to my lifestyle
    But how can I really live a life of being me
    Living with purpose even to the bad days

    I love comparing nature to life
    If they could live a purposeful life even in the turbulent days
    Then what difference will I make������

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    Fax in-between the solar system and mother Earth
    Seems so intriguing to my curiosity mind
    Yet seems so mysterious to me despite the fact of how science fully describe how billions of galaxies ever lived and existed

    Lost in the deep thought of how I ever imagined them to live
    I come to a close conclusion of how man life will really be, even if the whole solar system ever live a carefree live still yet bring purpose

    I opened my mind to the thoughts of ever being in a galaxy

    If I were to consider how the solar system ever lived
    Then what really could be the coordinate way of man
    If they were to be considered billions
    Then the universe could really consider them a blessing to mother Earth
    If they could brighten up the whole world
    Then what makes man, man(entities of man)

    If the Galaxy could live a carefree like fulfilling purpose in all times ( both good and bad), then how

  • loptar 8w


    Chiming sound of life
    Chattering noise of people
    Screeching sound of cars
    Aroma taste of coffee hit through the nostril
    Bells of doors rang through thoughts
    Hundred thuds of feet brought reality to life
    Coax of sweats trickles through
    The rays of hope hit through the entire walls of city
    Bringing back thoughts to the city of life
    Which builds up entire generation

  • loptar 10w


    Have you ever slept with burdens of pain
    Then woke up the morning feeling better��������, like nothing ever happened in the first place
    Bygones births a new born day to life
    Which is the stepping stone to greatness������

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    All pains gone with distress
    Coupled with steams of bitterness
    Old memories untold left to the underworld
    Deep down are answers which couldn't be deciphered
    Then I remember the smiling snug face of the bright sunrise
    Which keeps sending rays of hope through the sophisticated old ways
    The warm blankets which keep reassuring LOVE to a better version
    The soft white cotton pillow which allow burdens and easiness of pains wash through tears
    Then the nature came through
    A new day to a new phase
    To a new life untold
    Which births another desire and goal
    Then I realized what really meant by bygones

  • loptar 10w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Helpless

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    Thoughts left alone
    Mind seems restricted by walls