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  • lopa_mudra 16w

    .My secret.

    I told my new friend about you.
    How we met , how I loved you.
    How you left, how I let u go.

    They asked me why I loved you.
    Your weaknesses, your mistakes.
    How I was way too much for you.........

    Oh babe, they cannot understand
    You were my someone-out-of reach
    My wish upon a star , my ride or die.........

    It's a pity, Yes it is.
    How could I not think like the rest ?
    But I could not find someone better, someone best.......❤️

    I told my new friend about you.
    That you left, that we let go.
    And I love someone new, that he makes me happy too........

    But when I wish upon a star,
    I still think of you.
    And whisper to the moon

    I'm still in love with you............ ❣️

  • lopa_mudra 23w

    To the writer in me,
    You are no less
    Than a business woman
    Selling emotions
    For just few words......✌️

  • lopa_mudra 23w

    With time you will know you are blessed, when you have those kind of people who care about all your tiny details, who listen to your boring routine, who laugh on Ur same jokes, who understands Ur trying so hard, who keep pushing you to be a better version of yourself, who are happy for your small victories, and bare your illogical behaviours even if they can't understand it, those who have chosen to stick by your side no Matter what and who you know so deeply life would have been so hard without them........✌️❤️

  • lopa_mudra 23w

    You deserve a rest...

  • lopa_mudra 25w


    काश एक ख्वाहिश पूरी हो इबादत के बगैर,
    वह आके मुझे चाय पिलाए मेरी इजाज़त के बगैर....!

  • lopa_mudra 26w

    जिन्हे हम बहुत चाहे , उनसे थोड़ी तकलीफ तो मिलती है...
    अक्सर चाई मेरी जुबान जला देती है......!✌️❤️

  • lopa_mudra 26w

    चाय एक एहसास है,
    जो बहुत खास है...!

  • lopa_mudra 27w

    Happy International Tea Day

    आधुनिक इश्क़ में मैं थोड़ी पुरानी हूं......
    कॉफी के जमाने में चाय की दीवानी हूं।।।

  • lopa_mudra 28w

    "Clam is a super power."

  • lopa_mudra 29w

    चाय बस चाय है कोई शराब थोड़ी है ,
    उड़ने दो अफवाहों को......
    ये सेहत के लिए खराब थोड़ी है ।।