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  • londonmongrel 49w


    If 6 was 9
    And 9 saw 6
    Would they still
    Be up to the same old tricks

  • londonmongrel 53w


    Eye see you standing over there
    No one nose our secret.
    Your lips pursed like fresh fruit.
    Earnings cast small shadows down your neck.
    You are head and shoulders above the rest. Our love like a game of chess(chest).
    I trace kisses down your stomach.
    You hold me down like legs on a chair.
    6 feet deep.
    Toe me along.

  • londonmongrel 53w


    The Loss of We & The Manifestation of I

    2003-2008: Strongest sense of 'We'

    2008 - 2010: Strongest sense of 'Other'.

    2010-2013: Loss of personal tribe

    2014 - Madrid: Bandwagon of differences hitched on the path to new perspective.

    2015: Girlfriend. Intimacy.

    2017: Breakdown of relationship. Breakdown of us, then. Just Me, now.

    2018 - 2019: Reconfiguration of self and sense of individualism.

    2020: Social isolation.
    Different geographies keep us at bay. Craving for togetherness


  • londonmongrel 53w

    Ego in the way

    I'm impractical in love
    Why did I say love?
    Old habits die hard I guess
    Love stings
    Fuck my ego
    Just complicates things


  • londonmongrel 53w

    An Ode to London's rave scene

    Fuck I miss it

    By it, I mean the anticipation

    I mean the excitement
    I mean have you seen that lineup
    I mean the queuing
    I mean the casual looks side to side
    I mean the hands in our pockets
    The bouncers, the drink by the bar, the beep on your card

    The excuse me mate while I weave through the crowd
    Joints in my back pocket
    Ready for that perfect moment to light up
    Anxious to get back to my lot
    An eccentric bunch
    Standing steady by the speakers
    All anticipating that one song
    Where you just know
    Mayhem is going to kick off
    Flurry of floor stomps
    Hands in the air
    Two stepping all over the dance floor
    Blurry smiles
    Strange silhouettes through the smoke
    I may be melodramatic
    But fuck! dont you miss it?
    I damn well do
    Shout out to the forgotten smoking areas
    Seeking refuge from reverberating smoke and sweat


  • londonmongrel 100w

    Living without Fear

    I've been trying to live in the moment
    Push myself off a cliff so to speak
    Do things i find uncomfortable
    So in the last three weeks
    I have quit smoking
    Went to the London jazz festival
    Attended an event on indigenous afro colombian music
    Visited my friend in friend in Barcelona
    Travelled to Paris for an exhibition
    May visit a girl in New York
    Signed up to a calligraphy course
    Started learning a new language
    Restarted exercise 5 x a week
    Said yes to events and people i normally wouldn't
    Said no to bad habits and negative thoughts i normally couldn't
    It feels great to regain control of my life
    Feels even better to live without fear

  • londonmongrel 103w

    City break

    Deja vu it feels like
    Seems like yesterday
    I barely touched down
    Suddenly ready wheels are back up
    Sky here we come
    Goodbye sunshine
    You will be missed
    Hello grey
    Could have been longer
    Leaving the big city behind
    Even for 48 hours
    Makes me feel at ease
    This weekend in particular
    Wasnt bad at all
    3 girls..all beautiful, all interesting
    1 from Ukraine which was very uncharacteristic of me
    1 from Brooklyn, much more me
    1 from Ireland...all i can remember is her eyes
    Anyways i digress
    As per usual
    Home here we come

  • londonmongrel 104w


    Looking out the window
    All i see is grey
    Grey pavements
    Grey walls
    Grey sky
    Grey rain
    Shit. Even my skin is looking a little grey
    Seems like grey has me surrounded.
    The only burst of colour is my pink shirt
    Depressing really
    Back at my desk now
    I glance at my watch
    Three and a half hours left
    Not sure how I'm going to last
    Everything blurring into the same
    Flirting is the only thing right now
    Keeping me sane.

  • londonmongrel 104w

    Ms Getty

    Words want to pour out my mouth
    But I'm stuck on last night's rendition
    Blonde apparition appeared in the doorway
    American British dream
    Getting loose on the dancefloor
    Feeling that groove supreme
    Whisky got me feeling wavy
    Let's take this outside
    I don't know why but Uma Thurman stays on my mind
    Got that 80's fever
    Tell me what you do
    Tell me your fears
    Tell me your dreams i say
    "Retail marketing she said but now i paint
    I'm lucky that people appreciate my art
    Means i can focus on it full time "
    Lost in thought, i stumble on my tongue
    An..and..and what type of medium do you focus on?
    Looking up wide eyed, she says "mainly figurative using acrylic and watercolours"
    I was completely stuck
    Figuratively and literally speaking
    She looked at me blankly
    And well...frankly, i was nervous
    Honestly, i froze
    Time froze
    This may sound strange but I don't usually fall for blondes
    Attraction is a funny thing though

  • londonmongrel 104w

    Flirting on the Tube

    Silhouettes out the corner of my eye
    Playing mind games with my brain
    Trying to put together unfinished visuals
    While attempting to guess womens' names