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  • london_sky 10w

    Girl in the Glass Box

    In a glass box I sit,
    Banging on the glass walls,
    "SET ME FREE!"
    "HELP ME"
    I began to dig at my scalp as my fingertips became nothing but bone
    My head dripping bits of my brain, my eyes crying blood from pain.

    I scream and scream, but nobody hears, I am just surrounded by darkness as everything around me begins to bend.

    Why, why am I in this place, why do I have so much trust to displace?!
    Someone take me out of this!
    Let me fly!
    I want to die!
    But I must live!
    Let me save people, let me live, let me sing!

    Oh! Just let me be!

    In a glass box I sit, sitting in silence staring at the ground, when is it I will be found?

  • london_sky 15w


    Rise and fall
    Rise and fall
    My chest moves in the dark behind these walls.

    My heart beats and beats
    Till I can no longer feel the keys
    The keys of the piano playing in my mind.

    Run and run
    I go until my head fills with gold

    Swim and swim
    Until I forget my sin
    Clawing away at the walls of my brain

    Crying and crying
    Till my voice disappears to silence my dying
    To aid me in flying

    Begging and begging
    For the earth to turn and swallow me whole
    Before time reverses and breaks my pleading

    Shaking and shaking
    I can't control these thoughts that have me quaking
    These voices of mine I repeat over in my head as I begin the craft of making it out of alive

    I am sorry
    I am sorry
    I can't stop
    Don't worry
    I am sorry
    I am sorry
    You don't need to help me
    What do I do to fix myself
    I am sorry
    I am sorry
    Locked in this cage called my heart
    Please release me of this tainted world of art
    I am sorry
    I am sorry
    Don't forgive me
    Hate me
    I am sorry
    I am sorry
    Please love me
    As the door shuts in my mind I lose everything

    Chase me
    Chase me
    Please save me
    I am sorry
    Please forgive me
    I am sorry
    Just leave me
    Save me
    Save me
    Before I destroy what I have left of myself
    I am sorry
    Don't save me
    Leave me be
    What if
    What if
    What if I am wrong
    What if this all turns into some sick song?
    Leave me
    Leave me
    Don't leave me
    Let go
    Let go

    My heart beating fast as the night goes on, dancing to the moon and star's song.

  • london_sky 16w

    Little Mirror

    Cascading down this mountain of life the girl turned to see her face swallowing her in the mirror.
    Who was she growing to be?
    Who is it she's supposed to be?
    The blue flower in the distance shined across the many miles of desert,
    Guiding it's way to the sea in this never ending dream.

    The girl ran and ran until her breath turned to ice.
    Even if nothing made sense the girl begged as the sky began to bestow life as the ground began to fill with mice.
    Every scream, every tear began to draw her near to what she thought was dear.
    However in the end she sat alone in the middle of the desert surrounded by vast skies and orange mountains.
    Faced with a mirror, she who thought she was alone,
    Faced her reflection and realized, it was she herself she had.

  • london_sky 21w


    I always knew you were trouble when you came around
    No where to run no where to hide
    Can't even make a sound

    (Just Silence)

    I- just run as fast as I can
    No where to run, no where to hide
    Not even a place to call home-

    I just want to survive
    I don't want to die

    With this battle in my mind
    I can't seem to find what is mine
    All these thoughts all these places
    I keep mixing them up with all the wrongs races
    I need to believe it'll be okay
    That this will all fade away-

    Like a mirror my face seems to replace
    What was there, what is now is just a mistake
    Follow your dreams
    Follow the light
    You will be alright
    Said a voice deep inside me, but I can't breathe

    All these dark nights, are beginning to become silent fights
    I- just run as fast as I can
    No where to run, no where to hide
    Not even a place to call home-

    I just want to survive
    I want to thrive
    Please don't let me die
    What if I wanna fly?

    This prison around me begins to take my plea
    As I slowly sink down in the darkness filled with defeat
    Who am I to say that everything will be okay
    When destiny is right in my face

    No where to run, no where to hide
    Not even a place to call home

    It's okay to cry
    It's okay to have the dream to fly
    Just keep climbing that mountain
    Because on the other side-
    You'll find that rainbow after the storm
    You'll find happiness that makes you warm
    I want you to survive
    I want you to thrive
    So please
    Live out your beautiful shine and release your colors to the world-

  • london_sky 26w

    In this poem you will find a hidden message, if you get the message please tell me below. I will reply back to you shortly. This is a serious hidden message.


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    Hanging on the ceiling of the room hanged a victorian style bird cage, it hung up high with a lone dove inside.
    The dove looked sad as it had no mate.
    Suddenly two masked people entered the room and black smoke began to suffocate the dove as the two people spoke.
    Suddenly two invisible ropes pulled the dove to one side then the other.
    The cage soon fell and revealed an angel inside a large bird cage.
    Her hands, feet, and wings chained up.
    Tears streaming down her face, a raven on her shoulder.
    The two people returned and this time I watched as the voices in her wings left one by one, the two people soaking them up like hungry ghouls.
    The angel stayed silent as the two people left.
    Speechless, I tried to walk over and free the girl however no matter I did I couldn't get her free.
    I couldn't get her to look up at me, to say no to those people.
    When she finally did look at me the two people would immediately come back, pull her away, before she could have anything to say.
    I noticed, in the corner sat two thrones however far apart, one painted black holding a gas lantern while the other held a leashed dog and whip.
    The two people then came back to the angel and adorned her with gifts, however the angel just cried instead of relief.
    It was as if this was something bad rather than good.
    You could tell she respected those two people, was scared of them.
    Yet when they neared she would offer them a red rose with a smile.
    I cried at this whole scene and soon left that room of sorrow.
    Remembering how it felt to never know how it would go tomorrow.
    Whether or not someone would listen to my song, and help me fly.

    I walked down the hallway, now following the butterfly.

  • london_sky 26w

    Falling Stars

    Looking up at the night sky,
    Remember you can always dream,
    You can always fly.

    As the stars fall in your sleep,
    You'll find your wishes will be granted,
    Memories given for you to keep.

    So little one when you awake,
    Don't forget to thank the falling stars.

  • london_sky 28w


    Reality is scary
    I am used to hiding it away
    Not used to being forced to stay
    Sometimes it makes me weary

    I do not want to chase reality,
    Finally some sense of clarity
    However it makes me steonger,
    Makes me confident in my fight
    Fight for life
    To live longer
    Between Dream and Reality

  • london_sky 29w

    Bird in a Cage

    I'm so tired of sitting here, wasting the years
    A bird in a cage no freedom I have made
    I wanna be free
    But money won't let me
    I wanna be free
    But I can't be me
    I've gotta learn to say no-yes sir
    I promise I'll stay sir
    Can't force myself to leave here
    I wanna be free
    But there is no place for me to be-

    Yes sir, no sir!
    I wanna be free
    Yes ma'am, no ma'am!
    I promise I am
    Stronger than I seem
    I won't burst at the seam!
    Yes sir! No sir!
    I don't wanna be free
    I don't wanna be me
    Yes ma'am, no ma'am!
    I am not trying to escape ma'am!
    Just leave me alone
    I will sit and atone
    Just let me be
    I-I don't wanna be free

    Locked in this cage, I am afraid
    I don't have control of my soul-
    I want to escape but I have no voice
    Yes sir
    No sir-
    Is all I repeat
    As I fall to my feet
    But I can't fall into this defeat-
    I gotta stand up!
    Say no
    To save my life!
    Chase my thoughts until I smile
    Until I spread my wings for awhile
    I wanna be free
    Someone come and help me
    To breathe

    Get me out of this cage
    Get me out of this place
    I can't stand my face-
    Set me free-
    Don't let me bleed
    As a bird in a cage-
    ©SOMAngel 05/16/2021

  • london_sky 29w

    "I am lost as well"

    "Coming face to face with myself I begin to fall at the sight of the sky.
    The clouds whisking away like angel's wings.
    No care in the world."

    The siren calls
    The siren sings
    Makes me think there will be a beginning to all these things.
    As I stare up at the sky in wonder
    I can't help but ponder,
    If the waves will help me hide here.

    As the siren screams
    As the violin sings
    I know I will have to fight this war,
    That I'll be alone until I have found what I have come here for.
    The ravens and vultures keeping score
    Making sure I follow the lure.

    As the angels sing
    And the pianos ring
    I know I will be lost until time releases me from this spell.

  • london_sky 32w

    Confused Love

    You give me everything I want and need
    I am sorry I can't do the same,
    I wish this was not how things went, that this wasn't all some sick game.

    Why can't I seem to see what you need from me?
    Why am I blocking you from my serenity?
    Are we just not meant to be?

    I fall deeper and deeper into the pressure I never once knew I would feel, just for you.