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  • lolablackthorn 4d


    I thought I would break
    My pattern of hidden heartache
    For you, I believed
    My perceptions we're not fake
    But I was wrong
    It was her
    You were always who I thought
    You were
    I'm still waiting, waiting my turn
    I wish love was a thing to be earned
    Put my hand in the fire
    And it left a burn
    Unrequited's my motto
    I've never learned

  • lolablackthorn 4w


    I haven't played my guitar
    In two months
    The instrument I swore to
    Practice every day
    Until my fingers bled
    Lies unused in my living room
    I begged for it
    I was going to write haunting
    Melodies that stick to your brain
    Like ants in honey
    Now all I write are lyrics
    Not one g chord
    Not one half step
    Not one measure
    The dust slowly gathers
    And so does my potential
    What if I plucked the strings?
    Taught myself a new chord
    Run my hands along the wood and
    Metal and plastic that scar my hands with
    Sound and prove I didn't waste everything
    Too late now

  • lolablackthorn 4w

    Inspired by Shakespeare's Macbeth
    #shakespeare #macbeth #birnhamwood #poetry #flawed

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    Burnham Wood

    I tried
    At least I loved before I lied
    I spy
    With my deceiving eye
    Hundreds of glares
    That cry and scream "beware"
    What do you say after
    You lay your soul out bare
    And now I'm sitting here waiting
    Waiting for Burnham Wood
    Don't want to stand
    Even though I know I should
    We were witches
    Before we put on our hoods
    I was never noble
    I was never good

  • lolablackthorn 5w


    I think I want to have "it"
    The way the ones that "got it"
    Have "it"
    The ones whose caffeinated words
    Always fall into place
    Typewriters clacking phrases
    Into patterns of lace
    I can't write a poem
    I don't eventually hate
    I've accepted mediocrity as my
    Inevitable fate
    For the the ordinary
    Is how they survive
    Making history out of
    Someone's unoriginal life
    They already wrote the ending
    Of you and I
    I want to tell it differently
    But I'm too scared to try
    At this point metaphors fail
    Once my words sound real
    Is when I bail
    I think every doubt is
    My holy grail
    Do you think anonymity leaves a trail