All that u r, is all that I always need ��she'll be my official wife�� My Life ��...@moodygirl...❤

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  • lllvvyash_24 1w

    You're the one..... The one who is impossible to get copied and to be two.


  • lllvvyash_24 2w

    You're my coffee bcuz

    When you workout, you get sweat
    And your body releases heat

    Yash srivastava

  • lllvvyash_24 17w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork @writerstolli

    A writer don't need to think a lot about creating thoughts ��

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    I usually call her jaan..

    So, once she asked me...
    Am I a real jaan for you or you just call me bcuz you love to?

    And I replied

    Jaan agar Tu meri jaan nhi hoti to kya meri jaan teri jaan mein atki hoti?


  • lllvvyash_24 26w

    Baat respect
    Pyar ki hoti hai

    Warna jo sun sakta hai
    Wo suna bhi sakta hai

  • lllvvyash_24 26w

    Waheguru pr chhod do ❤


    Meri maa mujhe aksar ye puch liya krti hai
    Ki ye jo ring tumne pehni hui hai wo kisne di hai?

    Main bhi muskurate hue keh diya krta hun
    Ki maa ye main gurudware se li thi

    Ab... Iss pr meri future wife mere se kehti hai
    Ki jaan kahi mumma ko pta na chal jaye

    To main usse keh diya krta hun
    Ki jb waheguru ka naam lgaya hi hai
    To fir waheguru hi Sambhaalnge na sab❤


  • lllvvyash_24 31w

    || Long distance relationship ||

    For me,a long distance relationship needs...

    Meeting her in a month is like a mobile recharge to feel her presence for the rest 29 days

    Love you, miss you and those kisses texts are like drinking water, what I need everytime

    And having conversation twice a day is like taking meal, which is the prime part of a relationship

    Even fight is a pre-eminent in a relationship it's like having spicy food sometime

    And after taking that spicy food i need to give some sweets just by pampering her with some love


  • lllvvyash_24 32w


    Some nights,

    I'll call you randomly.

    When you'll be in the middle of your sleep. Just to listen to your sleepy voice.


  • lllvvyash_24 39w

    Jo din dhal bhi jaye agar.. Tb bhi yunhi chalti rahna

    Jo din... Dhal bhi jaye agar.. Tb bhi yunhi chalti rehna..

    Kyunki tum uss thandi hawa ke jaisi ho jo mujhe hr pal sukoon de jaati hai ❣


  • lllvvyash_24 40w

    Ap mere hr din ki wo shaam hain jisme thandi hawa ka ana jana... Apka mere paas hone ka ehsaas krati hai


  • lllvvyash_24 40w

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli

    A random thoughts after just wake up❤❤
    Mujhe to spane bhi tere hi aate hain❣❣


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    इतनी नफरत, इतना गुस्सा, इतने ख़फ़ा तो नही हो मुझसे,

    जितना दिखाते हो।

    और जब करते हो इतना प्यार हमसे, तो फिर क्यों नही जताते हो।।