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  • liviperera 2w

    ...wrote this as an indication of love and respect to my loving school and to the strong friendship, I shared with my crazy friends. ❤️

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    Nostalgic Blossoms

    In the midst of our school, stood two huge Na trees, fostering day by day, challenging all the negativities... yet, they were too sensitive even to the softest zephyr. Always their leaves swayed, showering love and blessings. It was they, who knew every secret, witnessed every trivial behaviour....

    All the flowers bloomed together
    From buds to elegance
    Spreading their fragrance,
    Laughing all the time
    With glistening eyes...

    The friendship they shared
    Fostered and fostered
    Until it turned to
    An unbreakable love
    Which will last forever, they thought...

    All smiled in peace, until when
    The wild wind blew.
    All the flowers on the trees
    Scattered hither and thither

    Some left the tree
    While some were left behind
    Anyway, they all
    Were stiving and struggling
    To find their fortunes...

    But their abandoned memories
    Are buried alive, under those trees
    Still screaming bitterly
    To come out from their caskets
    Only to fly insanely once again...


  • liviperera 3w


    Bygone blemished bruises
    Bustle betwixt
    Beguilement & bewilderment...


  • liviperera 4w


    When sunflowers fall off my eyes
    Even the sun too refused to smile
    The master which I used to serve
    Throughout the whole passing days

    Even the zephyr turn to become wild
    Roaring around my weakened mind
    Tearing veins running through leaves
    Reigning my sanity making me insane

    Even the bees who visited me daily
    Without my intentional invitations
    Stopped and suddenly started
    To cuddle the flirting ballet roses

    Only the unpleasent coffee black soil
    Which I thought to be too insensitive
    Became oversensitive and bled dews
    To sow seeds of hope in my lonely soul


  • liviperera 6w

    For my cloudy heart
    Where dark was
    Weaving gothic tales
    I was only searching
    For a bit of light
    To get rid of night
    But the sky
    In your azure eyes
    Offered me
    A whole rainbow
    Which was both
    Beguiling and unsettling..!


  • liviperera 6w

    Scars scattered
    Hither and thither...
    Yet she shines
    Quite impressively
    Being adored by
    The overall galaxy


  • liviperera 8w

    Based on the famous Sinhala novel, 'Malawunge Awrudu Da'.

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    Love Letters from Tokyo

    Devendaro San,

    Do you know!
    It's spring here
    And still...
    Still the Sakuras bloom
    But, the incredible wonder is
    They bear your fragrance

    The Kabuki theatre
    Is still...
    Still standing there
    And I'm pretty sure
    It's seats are longing
    For our warmth

    The restaurant tables
    Are still...
    Still crowded with people
    But, the corner one
    Is still waiting with sushis
    For us to taste

    I'm still...
    Still watering my faith
    With your love
    And it is struggling
    Very hard
    To sprout up and foster

    But the outside gales
    Are turning out to be wild
    I'm trying my best
    To protect it
    But no longer
    It will be able to withstand

    So please...
    Please come back quickly
    Before it gets
    Uprooted and withered...

    Yours loving,
    Noriko San.


  • liviperera 8w

    Loving you
    Is just like
    Tasting toffees
    Dipped in toxins...


  • liviperera 9w

    Naked Soles

    Yet being naked,
    The barefoot feels
    The loving warmth...
    The smooth roughness...
    The tingling freshness...
    Of the mother Earth

    So are you still saying
    The expensive soles
    Stucked within those
    High heels, Adidas shoes,
    Nike slippers
    Are luckier than
    The naked soles....?


  • liviperera 10w

    Dazzling through rifts...

    I'm not gonna heal my broken places
    I'm gonna let my inner light pass out !!!


  • liviperera 12w

    Be careful !

    You'll leave footprints on my heart
    while flirting...