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  • liveforcause 45w

    दुनिया की सच्चाई से रुबरु रोज होते है
    पर 'वो' भी इसी दुनिया का हिस्सा है ,
    ये कैसें भुल गये!

    शब्दो के वार दिल चीर देते है
    पर 'वो' भी कभी ये जुबां बोलेगे,
    ये कैसे भुल गये!

    बुराई को खुदाई का चौगा पहन बजार बिकते देखा
    पर वही बुराई हम अपने घर ले आएगें ,
    ये कैसें भुल गये!

    ##writersnetwork @@writersnetwork #inspiration #true

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    Duniya ki scchai se rubaru roj hote he
    Par 'wo' bi isi duniya ka hissa he
    Ye kese bhul gaye!

    Shabdo ke waar dil cheer dete he
    Par 'wo' bi kbhi ye zubaa bolege
    Ye kese bhul gaye!

    Burai ko khudai ka choga pehan bajar bikate dekhate he
    Par wahi burai hum apne ghar le ayege
    Ye kese bhul gaye!


  • liveforcause 47w

    क्या सोच कर तुने हमे ज़मी पर भेजा!
    उसी आसमां से देखा तुने
    जब लोगों ने हमे ज़मी से फेका।
    उफ् ना की किसी ने तेरे फैसले पर
    फिर भी तू ना जाने किस नशे मे चूर है!
    हम ज़मी पर बेचैन है
    और तू ना जाने कहा मगरूर है!

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #inspiration #time

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    Kya soch kar tune hume zamee par bheja!
    Usi Asmaa se dekha tune
    jab logon ne hume zamee se feka
    Uff na ki kisine tere faisale par
    Fir bhi tu na jane kis nashe me chur he.
    Hum Zamee par bechain he
    Aur tu na jane kaha magroor he!

  • liveforcause 49w

    Vicious cycle starts with 'YEs"
    Trapping the subject within...

    #love #writersnetwork #inspiration #fakelove

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    'NO' needs courage
    Courage to speak out
    Speak out loud
    Loud to his ears
    Let the ear bleed
    Red is his blood
    Ans black is his intend
    Intend to owe 'YES'
    'YES' to the lust
    Lust above love

    Nodding head is option
    Option to precure vellity
    Nodding head is option
    shutting mouth is submission
    Choose wisely
    Wise to just a word
    Saying 'NO' needs courage
    Courage to sacrifice
    Sacrifice your attachment
    Attachment to love him
    Love to love back
    'Love back' is rare
    And you are trapped forever

  • liveforcause 52w

    Seem to be happy
    Found to be sad

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    Social media face♧

  • liveforcause 52w

    किस्मत ही खुदा तेरा
    हौसला ही इबादत
    जो हो कबूल तो छलके नदियाँ
    ना हो तो, भरदे नैना
    फिर भी,
    तू टूटता नही
    रुकता नही।
    फिर फिर किस्मत आजमाता हे,
    हौसलो को ढाल बना खुदा से लड़ जाता हे
    कम जरुरत मे ज्यादा तू ऐसे जी जाता हे।
    चिंता की शिकन को मुस्कराहट से,
    और तू खुद को घबराहट से चीर जाता हे।
    तुझे ऐसे लड़ते देख,
    मेरा यूँ कहने को जी करता हे;

    तू जरुर किस्मत के फैसले से तंग हो
    पर तेरे हौंसलो से किस्मत भी दंग हे।

    #inspiration #writersnetwork #hindi #hindiwriting

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    Me jarur Kismat ke faisalo se tang hu
    Par mere hausalo se kismat bhi dang he!

  • liveforcause 53w

    You can relate ��

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    Breakup summary!

    A girl is Bradycardiac to the presence of a guy
    And reflex Tachycardiac in his absence

    - withdrawal symptoms


  • liveforcause 61w

    Gustakhi humne kari ya unhone, maloom nahi
    Chahat unhone kari ya humne, yah bi maloom nahi
    Par saja dono ko mili
    Ishq ka suroor tha ki imtehaan lete hi chala
    Hum hi bebas ek lafz na kah paye
    Akhir me kaha bhi to kya:
    Dil me 'ha' aur zubaan par 'na'
    Hadd to tab ho gai jab hum unhe
    Gile shikawe gina kar zakhm kuredane lage
    Yu laga jese hum kataar se khud hi ka dil cheerne lge
    Fir bhi wo pass ane ki koshish karte rahe
    Aur hum unhe pass bula fir fir milo dur bhejte rahe

    Ab dil-e-dard bant rahe he duniya se is tarah
    Ki alfaaz peero rahe he kagaz par jis tarah
    Kagaz ne di jagah mere ilm ko mitane ki
    Khash ye mera ishq bhi mita pata
    Khash, shyahii ko gira me kagaz ko bata pati
    Pyar he ussase khash me ye usse kah pati


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    Ab dil-e-dard bant rahe he duniya se is tarah
    Ki alfaaz peero rahe he kagaz par jis tarah

  • liveforcause 61w

    I want to be your "Parth"

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  • liveforcause 63w

    No. Game��

    When i was in 3rd stnd, i used to imagine every heared letter, number in absurd way. Kind of crumbling thoughts were their in my mind everytime. Those days....i was considering numbers to be like humans. I thought every number possess different quality or character. For example...
    no 1 to be more serene, like a snow covered landscape yet simple.
    No 2 to be smart middle sibling of urs if u are 3 siblings...its more crucked, never simple..but help others to get simplify.
    No.3 is like enemy to me...becoz its an odd i gave him remarks of less of evilness. (More evil no yet to come)
    No.4 is kind but popular...those days i used to consider tht popularity is directly proportional to wickedness but 4 is only no who had both things...big achievements no 4��
    No.5 is pure evil with fool mind��
    No.6...yes here comes my favourite dobby in harry potter. Innocent, soft, obedient but slave of no 4 and no 8
    No. 7 is villain of story....but we know...villain look hot��
    No.8 is master planner.....evey move is decided by him....but he is on pandava's�� side(The Mahabharat)
    No.9 is dad of villain.....evil character with evil thoughts...seems like full of darkness♠️
    No.10 most sensible member of the family..but remember...people ignores advice of this member always..nd thn gets into trouble.

    So this was the rail of thoughts flooding my mind in school going i think it...����...i cll myself a psychic girl. But still....if we think cautiously....this story reflects my struggling efforts for the subject "MATHS". why im saying becoz every no. i found difficult to deal with ..i cll tht to be wicked..nd other as smooth. This analysis also gave me my dominance over brain....according to human medical science.....people who are gud with recreational activity but lack genius mind are found to have right hemisphere dominance in their brain. So tht means im nt a genius + i hve colourful bezare imagination which makes me feel more alive (despite of ppl calling us psychic) ...this story we can also relate to movie; TARE ZAMEEN PAR...

    MORAL of the above story telling is," no matter what imagination, what 'will' we gives us chance to prove our imagination and do well in unhealthy circumstances too....what needs is to believe ourself..and believe the world we belong...don't underestimate anybody's skills, will and thoughts.

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  • liveforcause 64w

    You are priceless indeed selfless!

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    Agar he shauk milane ka
    To kar khidmatt fakiro ki,
    Ye zohar nahi milata
    ameero ke khajane me.