Imagining my way out of this confined little universe, by taking in bit by bit of reality.

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  • littlewoman_jo 1w

    There's no inspiration left in me to write. Whenever I catch a glimpse of it and begin, always some real life trouble takes hold of me that I have to deal with, blotting out all the inspiration I had gathered. And then when I can finally rest, I feel like there's no use in carrying on with these unnecessary musings when they are of no use to me. Life's fine the other way. I will wait till some inspiration hits me but it never does. I keep waiting and waiting.

    I don't believe life's asking me to write much right now. In the past it did and then I had tried whenever I could to keep the inspiration going but I can't try now. It has to come on it's own. It was so easy back then when I could spill my guts anytime on paper. It was was my shelter. The thing is I don't always want sadness to inspire me. I also want good things to push me to write as well. But maybe there are no good things left in my life right now. I'd have to go somewhere and collect it.

    Earlier life had offered me a bucketful of happiness and I had drank from it greedily but I didn't know when I had gotten so used to it that I stopped making efforts on my own. Now my bucket is empty. There's nothing new that I could bring to the table. The happiness that I get now is only when I share it with others. I used to be my own person. I didn't need anything to make me happy. I was always high. I guess I am not the girl I used to be. I feel calmer, quieter, which is not a bad thing but then why do I get this itch sometimes to pour myself out on paper and I can't. And what do you get when you blow on an empty vessel without any appreciation for music, just noise. These words right now feel much like that to me- just noise.



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    I will write when I can catch IT again. :)

  • littlewoman_jo 4w


    Beauty is in the light
    That's reflected in your eyes.
    Nothing is ugly or less beautiful
    It's just you do not have the eyes
    To make it visible.

    I have seen beauty
    In shattered pieces of glass
    And I've found out
    Diamonds are just not for me.


  • littlewoman_jo 4w

    Winter called

    Dear spring,

    I was outside tending to my garden
    Waiting for you to come and pick me.
    The wind was sighing
    Sending fragrances from all around me,
    Just when winter called and it was an emergency.
    Suddenly it started to grow cold,
    The wind changing its course.
    From above the clouds came a voilent roar,
    My mind started spinning back and forth. What did I miss? What was happening?

    I then realized it was time to leave
    So I picked up my tools and gear
    And ran inside for an instant cover.
    It was the strangest snow storm
    At this time of the year
    That my dear spring I just couldn't bear.
    But I promise I shall return
    To you as soon as I can.
    So sayonara until then.

    Yours lovingly...

  • littlewoman_jo 4w

    A world without books

    I'd often wondered what would happen if there were no books? If the whole human existence is suddenly striped off of books? How vulnerable and lost will it leave us? We depend on books for the most part of our lives and with them gone will the knowledge be gone too?

    No, I don't think so. Because before even the first written material came, came wisdom. It's true that the books have connected us in ways we cannot fathom unless they're gone, but with the departure of books there would still be a chance of survival from the knowledge we can seek from within. It won't be so bad.

    For the first time we won't rely on the outside sources and depend on the wisdom to come to us naturally. After all, this has happened centuries ago why can't it happen now? And then perhaps, we all can write our own books. We all can begin again. And we musn't be afraid to begin again.


  • littlewoman_jo 5w

    If you'd ever loved, you always will. @writersnetwork

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    We take some time to know people. A little more to accept them and then, presumably, end up loving them. But ever did you wonder what it takes to unfall for them?
    Verily nothing because if we'd ever loved them, we'll never forget them. Love travels only one way, untraceable on its own concord. Afterwards it's only the acceptance of their absence but never the absence of love. That's how it goes..


  • littlewoman_jo 5w

    Once in a while
    A writer changes his place
    Lugs his table facing one scenery
    to another
    for virtual flow of thoughts.
    He marks his shelves
    with a bunch of new books
    Packs some old ones for safekeep
    As there is no shelf built
    with space enough.
    And then he begins anew.
    Because he knows that this little world
    His room, is all the universe to him
    infinity and beyond.
    He might leave it for time being
    But if he is ever unable to return
    Only will it be when he dies.
    So that's what he must do
    Start anew.


  • littlewoman_jo 53w

    Let go . . . Take this time to heal. Prayers for everybody. ��❤

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    Sometimes I feel God is taking care of things his own way. And He has a way to make things work in His own time. So we don't need to work any harder than we 're already doing.
    I hope during these hard times everybody is taking good care of themselves. This time it's not about taking control but letting go.


  • littlewoman_jo 58w

    Life is a gift but it can be a curse for those
    who don't know how to live it. Present is vital. Growth is important and we must never skip it in order to reach a particular age, so that we can fit among a particular group of people who just don't change. Because at night when we go alone to our beds, we can't help but feel we don't fit in this body.


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  • littlewoman_jo 59w

    I am so sorry! I didn't mean to hate you. You don't have an altogether 'angry-face' and your expressions are not always harsh. You have a sweet face and an innocent one. You're equally sweet and innocent on the inside as well. And even though it's hard to see it, for someone who is as impatient as me, I assure you I see it.

    I hope I didn't make a mess. I hope my aversion towards you or everything else in general wasn't too visible to make you feel sick. But I do know you're good at taking hints even when I try not to give any. But I wish tomorrow when we both wake up it will be okay again. Normal again. Usually I make a blunder of things, so I hope this time the damage was only 3 on a scale of 1 to 10.

    I can't help hating people for no reason I have to agree or it will haunt me. Once you agree with something you can move on from that and focus on other things that haunt you. But right now as my mind is clear of all the hauntings, I can see how different it makes me. It's almost like I like me. A person worth some ounce of love.

    Most of the time I don't feel I deserve to be loved because of this entity that seems to posses me. I cannot declare this entity as foreign since it has always been there with me. Even though I feel it as something different it is a part of me and always going to be. So I've finally come to an understanding with it. I don't hope anymore to free myself from it because this kind of hope breeds 'eternal misery'.

    I have come to take responsibility of some of my behaviours, if not my moods and feelings because I can't control what I feel and at times I give into them. I am a human being! So I forgive me. I forgive myself regularly these days. I am making it a habbit. And we know, forgiving is caring. Caring is loving. I am getting better at loving myself. And when I love myself I can't help loving others as well.

    So I am practically trying to tame this 'entity' like it had tamed me all my years.

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    Scribbles from rainy nights


  • littlewoman_jo 63w

    A diamond necklace

    In crimson hue
    Spider silks hung
    Covered in dew.