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  • limz97 37w

    Limz poetry collection (collab with

    Another story non-stop by
    the @greenleafwriting. Check
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    if you start to read one page
    then your mind will addicted
    to find out what happened next
    like your watching X-men and
    you want to find our who
    killed Jean.

    Another story
    non-stop by the amazing writer

  • limz97 37w

    Limz poetry collection (Legacy collection.

    You want poetry ? its Limz poetry. You want thug life ? Go to the store buy that album ofc everyone loves 2pac. You want Hip hop ? Fat Joe, Busta rhymes and Snoop dogg.

    You want classics ?
    Krs-one, Wu-Tang clan and
    Public enemy. You want to groove then
    Peter Tosh, Bob Marley and Sizzla is your options.

    You got a lady and want to make a baby ?
    Vybz kartel is the DJ for this and if you follow
    his instructions you will become a father because his "awoy' will make you produce more than one boy.

    You want rock and roll, well play Chuck Berry, AC/DC or Jimmy Hendrix.

  • limz97 37w

    Media Mania poetry

    Step forward when challenges need to be complete because doing them will make the pleasures in life taste more sweet.

  • limz97 37w

    Media Mania poetry

    Don't stop being you because your important and when you realise this you will enjoy living.

  • limz97 37w

    Media Mania Limz poetry collection

    Keep on going and keep on trying because your hearts were born to rock and roll just like the Beatles.

  • limz97 37w

    Media Maina poetry collection

    No more pain, no more struggles, together we are one with an old message which is humble.

    "Come together, right now over me.

  • limz97 37w

    Limz poetry collection (love section)

    I lost this battle and I will lose it again I will
    fall damn girl you bring the aphonia to my
    voice box because shy boy seen more than
    birthday cakes and cards.

    Another step you take and you grab my hands
    and we kiss simultaneously like two keys being played at the same time. Over 18 love we make
    yeah me love bitonality.

    Yeah me love bitonality, so you first you sing then me neighbour's can call police but is it a crime to make love like when you caccia the environment with a love anthem ?

    I wish I could of took you to prom but marriage
    is our future commitment and we will be committed
    like the heart when its solo on drums and it plays its famous
    song the apex beat.

  • limz97 37w

    Limz Poetry collection (Love section)

    One of me is nothing I promise you that
    I want to bollero with my love and time
    and time again.

    One word to describe how I feel, affinity.
    That's the word, omg I can talk about
    you forevermore.

    My wallet poor but when it X-rays your heart
    a million pounds worth more. My lady you
    are first like the A before B in musical binary form.

  • limz97 37w


    No babe my love large
    not small even if
    I was born with Achondroplasia.

    I would still carry on like the
    basso busso in the opera songs.

    Some might try to fight our love
    with there antigen but your
    sexiness is like the adjuvant and
    a Queen you are so everytime we

    Sing a song you do for me it's the
    glissendo you bring when we make love
    and all night we bis.

  • limz97 38w

    Limz classic moments

    Me and Miss Karina don't wait for happiness we create happiness.