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  • limited_verses 24w

    Unrequited love


    Early in the morning,
    the journey started
    on the banks of Godavari
    enrouting to the
    Brahmagiri peak.
    He sat beside me in the cab,
    And along with him
    i was surrounded
    by group of strangers
    Everyone seemed to be
    as quite as scary.
    All of a sudden,
    a 4yr old little angel
    with a scary look
    and grabbed a mobile
    from my hands.
    But as soon as I
    snatched it from her
    She bursted out into tears.
    And everyone started
    staring at me
    as I was committed a murder.
    He started speaking with me
    "Āpani kēna ē'i kāja karēchēna"
    I can't even understand
    a little bit of his conversation
    And i said "khya?"


  • limited_verses 26w

    Trying for aim is better than entangling in thought cobwebs

  • limited_verses 38w

    I'm waiting for the moment
    when my father can feel proud of himself
    for raising such a child like me

  • limited_verses 43w

    Eventhough the word Word 'Woman' is just a two letters like just two inches different from 'Man' but being and surviving as a Woman is quite toughest and hectic.. The life of woman is far than the two inches from the man

  • limited_verses 46w

    It's kinda easy to cover up something
    with a cock n bull lie,
    so that anyone can believe...
    But we can't convince ourself,
    we cannot be satisfied by
    coated candy fact

  • limited_verses 51w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short tale on Exhaustion

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    Your bad-memories are haunting me, exhausted with your torment.

  • limited_verses 51w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word one-liner on Vanish

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    His presence vanished my fear, frighten.

  • limited_verses 55w

    Why can't they think for a few minutes
    before they spoke...
    Eventhough it's just a two letter word but it may hurt others for millions of minutes


  • limited_verses 56w


    In a greedy world
    I'm striving with the loneliness
    Who held my hand
    Showed me the path of happiness
    without any expectations
    without any needs from me
    Who endures all my struggles
    together with me
    Who embraces me with their
    loyal affection
    I'm glad for having such a friend
    in my life....

  • limited_verses 59w

    Be yourself as an
    updated professional version
    just by choosing your path
    but not as malware version
    just by seeking others path..