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  • lilac___sky 112w


    Jab apko koi aadat ibadat lagne lagti hain aur uss aadat ki wajah se apko ek nayi acchi aadat lag jati hain aur uss nayi aadat ke liye aap purani aadat ko bhul jate ho tab apko pata chalta hain ki woh koi ibadat nehi ek aadat hi thi.

  • lilac___sky 112w


    We can't meet during this pandemic
    Still we can meet in our dreams.
    Last night you kissed me in my dreams,
    I felt the warmth of your lips on my cheeks
    As if it was real.

  • lilac___sky 113w

    There was time when we were kids, we used to go to sleep without any worry, pain,tension and we used to wake up with a smile.Then our lives started getting busier. We had to maintain such a schedule where we didn't have enough time to think about what we actually feel. Then comes 2020 where you are stuck at our homes with or without your family. Your exams have been postponed for months. A cyclone hits your locality with 180km/hr speed.Then comes the news of Sushant Singh Rajput's death.China crosses India's border. Someone tested covid 19 positive within 1km of your house.You have time to think about what you're actually feeling but you're so confused that you really don't know what you're feeling.

  • lilac___sky 114w


    I know how to stay silent even when I'm dying to speak. Cuz darling my words are precious. I really don't wanna waste them on someone who never gonna understand.