Nowadays they judge you by your status, your cars, your trainers and your clothes, but, I was born naked. ✍️

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  • lifeofshiv 3w

    This life is dark
    I need two suns and five moons
    To see the light at the end of the tunnel
    I cannot fight mentally
    My physique is too weak
    But if you strike me once
    Like Ghandi I won't turn the other cheek

    My past is dark
    My shadows taking over my entire existence
    But I'm taking a stance
    Against the devil in my mind
    This won't be his last dance

    Death around the corner
    I can smell the aroma
    I need an angel to pull me out of the grave I'm digging
    For myself, before I get older
    When I was young I craved for a shoulder
    To help carry this boulder
    I was going through hell
    Still I consoled her
    But she just grew colder
    Turned my heart into the north pole, but I couldn't scold her

    Grud-ges, I don't hold those
    No one in my life, that I keep close
    My minds a maze the walls are high
    Not a soul knows
    What grows old
    In my mind, it's all closed doors
    I've been in a fight with three guys at one time
    I've defeated an army I've defeated time
    A trip to my mind is like you just witnessed crime

    This life is dark
    But this path is mine
    If I had a dollar
    I couldn't spare a dime
    I remember the past
    I don't repeat mistakes I just erase
    Living this life like a paper chase no time to waste
    I'm a night owl I stay awake
    When it's that time I never hesitate
    I've battled armies just to put food on my plate

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  • lifeofshiv 3w

    Gave you the world
    And you took mine.

  • lifeofshiv 6w

    Treated like a slave
    No wonder from this life I wanna escape
    Always the one to hate
    My life always felt like it had too much on my plate
    Feeling like I never had a say

    Down on my knees I always prayed
    But evil had me swayed
    Deep inside I knew crime never paid
    On my heart my mistakes weigh
    Just say the word and I'll be ready
    To jump
    I just wanna leave this place feels like a dump
    I'm packing my bags
    Some paper and a pen
    It's all I'll ever need
    My emotions real strong and heavy
    I've got enough burden to carry

    On the contrary
    I'm happy I'm blessed
    Got a smile you can see all of my teeth
    Another verse down,
    There goes stress

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    There goes stress


  • lifeofshiv 6w

    Out of mind, yeah, uh
    I can't lie, I'm detached, I need guidance, uh
    I've been dyin', uh, I've been fighting, uh
    Got this voice in my mind, won't be quiet
    Silent ride home, silent rideeee

  • lifeofshiv 12w

    There's a hole in my heart
    Like a bullet when it's shot
    From the things that I've done
    I don't think I'll ever see God
    Their isn't any sunshine or rainbows
    In my colourless life

    I fought a war and I lost
    Found myself on the edge of a sword

    My heart is pure as gold
    But it's the devil that controls my mind
    My mistakes can no longer be ignored
    I've crossed that boundary multiple times
    I wake up everyday
    Wishing I could rewind time

    An opportunity to right my wrongs
    Is all I ever wish for
    But I know when I die, it's the devil who will open the door for my soul

    The thoughts in my mind
    I can no longer ignore
    The anxiety in my breathe
    I can no longer endure

    Wishing I was still a baby
    Innocent and pure
    Full of love and laughter
    And a heart without holes

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    Hole in my heart


  • lifeofshiv 23w

    So many problems in the world
    And in my mind
    Which one gets more of my attention
    You may have noticed
    Hocus pocus
    They just don't wanna disappear

    I'm having second thoughts
    I keep spending my allowance
    84 thousand seconds in a day
    Yes I'm ballin'
    I go to sleep to recharge my bank balance
    To spend it all over again
    It's a trend

    The world is like the hunger games
    Used to be the mockingjay
    Life was better in the younger days
    Wish I could say nothing's changed
    But somethings change
    In my coin pocket

    The whole world did a back flip
    In gravity i lost my faith

    Time seems so timeless
    Coz it never tries to impress
    It catches you face to face
    Like John Wick in one of his flicks

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  • lifeofshiv 29w

    Thanks @writersnetwork for the repost ��

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    I got demons in my closet
    A shirt called anxiety
    Pants called depression
    With overthinking socks
    And shoes labelled low self esteem
    My mind in a constant loop of a scream 
    Reality is a nightmare
    For years I haven't had a dream

  • lifeofshiv 29w

    My love was real
    Your heart was fake
    Mine broke in the process
    On my arm as a tattoo it stays

  • lifeofshiv 29w

    Planted like a seed
    Expanded my roots
    Knowledge is power
    Expanding that too

  • lifeofshiv 48w

    Embrace, your fears
    You're Rome in the making.
    Wipe, your tears
    Life is just a challenge you are facing.
    Grab, your gear
    We'll never stop elevating.

    When in life your vision gets blurry
    I'll be here, to make it clear

    When you're drowning in your thoughts you shouldn't worry
    I'm the life gaurd in a boat here to save you in a hurry

    Grab my hand, have no fear
    I'll help you fight your battles on the frontier

    Since I met you it's been crystal clear
    With you I'd wanna disappear
    For you I'll become a mountaineer
    Without you everything becomes unclear
    Fathom that over the years
    That's just me being sincere

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