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  • lifeisagreatstory 42w

    Guilty of love

    I've seen the beauty in your scars,
    also tasted the chaos of love on your lips,
    this jealousy of these stars,
    from my moon for which my heart leaps,
    to great lengths, you rule over me like a tsar,
    graceful cruelty to be justified, my eyes clepes,
    not to be alone in dark, I beg to end this sahar,
    so I can keep you with me and so I can sleep.

  • lifeisagreatstory 48w

    A Dream for future

    I lay on my wooden bed as another block,
    which once had a life somewhere in a forest.
    Bored of the white sky which is locked,
    I do see dreams in my sleep's but not a single night I used it for rest.

    I dream about the sky with the stars and sometimes a sun,
    not an invention stuck on the wall, which lights with a button.
    I want windows which fulfil their purpose,
    not a wallpaper mocking me by showing a wall of a person.

    One day I will have it all,
    all in my hands.
    One day I will
    write my future,
    and how it ends.

  • lifeisagreatstory 58w

    Will it ever fall this season

    Will it ever fall this season without you,
    Even if it does I will be no better than a statue,
    Gazing at an empty street with wet eyes,
    With my mouth deserted from words, and my heart tied with lies,
    Will it ever fall I wonder, while the sun shines brightly every morn,
    All of my desires stay under, while my heart cries and mourn,
    Every day, I wish that the clouds take over,
    Rinse me with the hope of your returning and I roam soaked with it for hours,
    Will it take longer for you to come after that,
    Will it ever fall this season without you I wonder.

  • lifeisagreatstory 64w

    Is it you

    Rain travel from my hair to toes,
    slowly as it soaks every inch my body,
    reminding you, washing despair which my soul tows,
    rectifying my tongue from bawdy,
    the intimacy of every drop like you,
    leaving a mark temporarily,
    This rain, is it you.

  • lifeisagreatstory 67w

    Cherry blossoms on a lake

    It was a marvellous moment,
    the most prolonged minute,
    when you divulged your light in my days
    for the first time,
    When I was sundered from breathing,
    like cherry on just an ordinary lake,
    I was adorned by you.

  • lifeisagreatstory 68w

    Frozen Farewel

    When muscles of my throat and my mind was sufeering from the ache of your leaving,
    as I tried to hold on some of your last fragrance in my lungs,
    desperately fighting with my breath,
    at the moment I still wanted you, wanted you as bad as the oxygen which was closer to me then you.

  • lifeisagreatstory 68w

    Ocean of warmth

    Soak me with your warmth,
    and let your fingers run through my hair,
    Let me drown deeper inside you,
    and let me flow through your current,
    let me inhale your wet scent,
    Even if it kills me I don't care,
    You have lighted the emotions which were unburnt,
    and you have put out the flames of my agony,
    You have shown me your pleasing colours,
    and have painted my world with them,
    You have filled my life with elation,
    which was with pain beaming duller,
    Let me rise with your tides,
    and let me perish secretly in your amour.

  • lifeisagreatstory 69w

    Things you never heard

    May you fall like rain,
    I am parched here to absorb you,
    and may you flourish me with dreams,
    be my hope for their attainment,
    I am impotent,
    of discerning my wants and needs,
    may you touch me with elation,
    I am desperate for being yours,
    a part of your life,
    please make me one of your prime exigency.

  • lifeisagreatstory 70w

    Stay Content

    I hope you are content by yourself,
    cause I've been feeling less pertubed,
    Although there is less scent of you
    in the air than myself,
    There is more delightness in my lungs of your well being absorbed,
    There is more grin on my face with your troubles all gone,
    There is more gleam in my eyes of your pleasant light,
    There are more flowers of your memories inside me being grown,
    And there's is more brightness of your comfortable sleep in my nights,
    I hope, I wish actually that you stay blessed and there stays contentment in your life.

  • lifeisagreatstory 71w

    Dreams of love

    I've been informed bout your asking,
    And I won't lie it kills me with shyness,
    a prince but conquered my heart as a king,
    with my whole heart,
    I would love to be called your highness.
    In a fort filled with knights,
    we will protect our dreams,
    All the loneliness I felt in nights,
    I will forget holding you in my arms tight.
    I look forward to getting lost in your eyes,
    and excited to talk to your lips
    I am confused bout my actions
    With you so close
    I hope not to struggle with my breathing
    I guess you will smile as always
    and I think I'll just shy.