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  • life_versified 42w

    Everyone grieves in their own way. When you lose someone beloved, they say time heals everything. You'll be fine, you have to be fine.. for the ones they left. For they will never be at peace if you grieve for them, and the ones who they loved and left, will find it painful to even breath.

    For them, you'll do your utmost to move on with your life. But when it comes to some people, "move on" becomes a really insignificant term. You'll certainly meet new people; trust them, care for them and love them. But the voids your departed loved ones left, won't be filled ever, because those voids in themselves shape the silhouette of your heart.

    When you try to forget everything and adjust to your supposedly "normal" routine, after mourning for what felt like decades condensed in a few weeks, those sudden bouts of anxiety that can strike you anytime between the dawn with an ever so forlorn yet bright sun and the midnight with those chirping crickets in your lawn, relentlessly haunt you. How is it possible that when the whole world goes on like it's supposed to go and comes at place just like it's supposed to be, you can't. While it takes time for everything to fall in place, even the slightest bit of distraction feels like a step towards it.

    And when you finally get your life back on track, it's not that you don't miss them anymore, it's just you get way too good at maintaining those distractions. Yet still some days hit harder than any other. The day they used to blow candles with cheery smiles on their faces seems distant and even your home anticipates for a return while the brick walls hold their urges to sigh at the transient significance of days. A day which used to be a jovial endeavour, becomes a heavy spirited and dull-litted lantern. The candles get replaced with candelabras and the vacant room gets stuffed with an imaginary chandelier over your head. You wish them a happy birthday belated by a year when tears roll down your cheeks, each one holding an ocean of wishes within a single drop. Your wishful self knows that all of 'em are fickle yet you still hold those drops close to yourself like crushing your pillow on nights which are darker than usual.

    Yes, everyone grieves in their own way, catching up with different distractions but whenever a sore nostalgia gets resurfaced; tears and whimpers are not the only sentiments you feel, a smile also gradually finds its way to your face again; since your time together is still what keeps you going. :)

    ~ Medha

    WRITTEN ON 11.09.2021
    POSTED ON 12.09.2021


  • life_versified 43w

    Scribbles can really comfort you :)

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    Overjoyed with passion
    Coveting for an inner compassion
    Yet no one for a "You did well";
    Sliding my fingers through my own tresses
    Ruffling as my bun goes down
    Where a warm fuzz inundates from within
    And all my senses come crashing about
    I'mma dance it out~

    Chasing shadows, feeling glum
    Devoid of cerise evenfalls and blossom of plums
    Rasping for air feverishly
    While the ticking of clock hands brazen
    As I embrace the last figments of will to still linger
    To behold the halcyon sunsets yonder
    And when I feel a yearning to shout
    I'mma dance it out~

    - Medha Anand


  • life_versified 45w

    // S H O W R O O M M I R R O R S //

    Yet again, another dweller
    drooling for those designer bags.
    Yet again, another folk
    picking the dirt with his rags.
    While I, the omnipotent reflector of truth;
    look over everything,
    like the angels who descend from the elysian ether.

    The two sides of me have perceived it all.
    Blankets on the concrete pavements,
    Wildflowers blossoming between the cobblestones;
    Tires wrecking havoc while they lie asleep,
    Vivid lights sparkling an unattainable aura.
    Well-off exhibiting their wealth behind me
    white faces yearning for a cent in bleak winters before me.

    Twilight hits with ringing bells
    when keepers arrive with hopes of
    getting affluent entwined in their monopoly again.

    Yes I've perceived it all with my prowess
    while wandering astray in my sonder.
    A personnel with avarice discernible on his face,
    during the onset of daybreak,
    looking for a present for his overseer
    or rather an offering to quench his satiety of pinnacle.
    An adolescent in a tattered attire
    seeking alms from the gentleman with wrapped caskets.
    A lady in red peeping through the sides of her sunglasses
    scoffing at the versaces behind me
    while holding onto her louis vuitton.
    A lover hastening his way inside
    to convey his lavish ardor to his beloved.
    The working class drooling and envying
    those forlorn futile wallets with no memoirs inside.
    And at the end of the pavement,
    under the glinting streetlights
    stood a lover of metaphors beholding this bedlam.

    Born in factories, where minors toiled
    under their (k/bl)ind padrones,
    I've led a luxury loaded life.
    But I wonder sometimes if I was a mortal,
    would I have embraced those cobblestones of this pavement
    or hung upon those crummy cash cultures?
    Still, I wish I would not desire for epicaricacy
    rather I find being a muffled mirror
    more compelling than a crooked wise.
    I'd prefer gazing reticently at those cerise evenings
    and cyanine dusks anytime
    than being a callous creature with a love
    for sweaty and forlorn bits of paper.

    ~ Medha


    #autobiography #wod #pod #life_versified #writersnetwork #miraquill #ceesreposts

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  • life_versified 47w

    I love you brat ��❤️��

    And yes! I forced you to make an account here with an ulterior motive muahahaha

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    To the girl who annoys me the most,

    Or maybe

    To the girl who I annoy the most,

    This very day, 15 years back, an angel fell from the heaven onto the earth, because she was too annoying to be kept in there any longer.

    ᵍᵒᵈˢ ᵇᵉ ˡⁱᵏᵉ- ˡᵉᵗ ᵗʰⁱˢ ᵈⁱᵛⁱⁿᵉ ᵇᵉⁱⁿᵍ ᵍᵒ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵃʳᵗʰ, ʰᵘᵐᵃⁿˢ ᵈᵉˢᵉʳᵛᵉ ᵛᵉˣᵃᵗⁱᵒⁿ ᶠᵒʳ ᵗʰᵉⁱʳ ˢⁱⁿˢ!!!!

    And her wrath fell upon me. Well, it's not that bad, please don't sympathize with me (although I do deserve some pity, ahh, wOe iS mE.) But I'm a pro at it now, on duty since 2006.

    You know what, Bhavya, you're the most (other/un)worldly, (plac/stup)id, (Ador/arrest)able, app(e/al)ling and (win/tire)some creature that has ever descended to the mortal realm. And I feel overwhelmed with (rel/gr)ief everyday because of your existence.

    [eNouGh wiTh tHe wOrD pLaYs]

    On a serious note, lemme let you in on a little secret I've been keeping, I'm so sorry to tell you this but when I say that you were adopted, I never lie (Oh not the cliché again XD). And don't misunderstand it for a joke. You know how serious and solemn person I am, don't you? So yeah, my deepest apologies but I've to break this fact to you that this cliché might be true in your case. But don't worry my sweet sisso, I've got your back. I love you no matter what. And I won't let mumma papa abandon you anytime soon. Trust me on this, okay love? ❤️

    *ǝɹǝɥ ǝƃuᴉɹɔ pǝɥɔᴉlɔ sᴉɥʇ puǝ sʇǝl*

    Bhavya.. This is the first time I'm writing a letter addressing you, ain't it? Well, I just wanted to tell you about the things I love you for. Your presence in my life is a blessing in disguise..! XD (Hey don't beat me after this, I called you a blessing didn't I? XD)

    But I ain't lyin' when I say, I love you. I love contending with you for blanket on cold evenings. And I love you even if you push the blanket aside on those chilly nights, leaving you and me in the cold. Messing your short hair, patting you like a cute pomenarian. Bonking you on the head out of nowhere. And how I remember you whenever I'm angry (because half of the times you're the reason behind it). I love clicking your pics when you're dozing off to save a chuckle for later. Seeing you draw, immersed in it with your heart. Giving you new weird names, trying to find a weirder one each day. Flicking you on the forehead and running that instant to avoid your wrath. Sprinting to the washroom to see who's gonna bath first. Singin' songs with you in chorus, laughing like crazy, when mumma scolds us for being loud. I love you even though you mess up with the lyrics of almost all the songs we chorus like lunatics. I love how your eyes shine when you talk about art, comics, anime and Marvel. I love how the first thing we do the moment it strikes 12 at your b'day, is strangle each other while I clumsily shout the lyrics of "Happy Birthday". I love it when you're happy, it reminds me of a smiling koala.
    And don't worry my love, I love you even when you sneak out my chocolates, but please don't do that :( I love you even when you snatch my teddy away from me. I love you even if you steal away my pens from me. I still love you even when you finish your ice-cream or treats first and growk at mine with droopy puppy eyes with hopes that I'll give you some of it. (Well jokes on you, I WON'T. You have to try harder LOL)

    Oh yeah, And I love that already-settled-without-really-settling pattern we have, of you asking me if you can ask me something and me replying with a no only to be asked about it anyway. (I just wanted to mention it idk why lol)

    Bottom line, Yes, I adore you a lot! (Just don't rat me out to mumma when I make a mistake, and give me few bites of your pizza slice when we make it next. I'll love you more okay..?)

    Sometimes I wonder, how in the world are we so in sync when we shout or dance like some deranged duo, when there ain't a single thing common between us. Like just look at our skills, your drawings and paintings keep reminding me how you're the adopted one, 'cause I can't even draw a tree without making it look like a potato. I'm so jealous TT

    Also, I wanted to say I'm proud of you. You're working harder and it shows (Although you should definitely try working on your comic addiction! It's getting way too out of hand lol).
    But I know you're working on subjects. I get elated seeing my little sis working on herself. But always remember, Don't let few bad grades get you worked up. They'll improve gradually and I'm happy you're trying. Also, never let your innocence and naivete take best of you and never get flustered over fake friends. Your life is more than that. And I hope you'll live a great life and you'll be contented with whatever you do and whenever you do. It's okay to mess up so never let yourself too down from it and live your life the way you want.

    Stay happy always. (Lemme be happy sometimes as well by annoying me less TT)

    Happy Birthday Bhavya

    P.S.- Don't get too touched or happy after reading this, alright? It doesn't mean anything. I just wanted to write something but wasn't getting any idea about what exactly should I? So I just wrote this as a filler, nothing more. Okay naa? You're not sPeCiaL at all.

    P.P.S.- PleAsE dOn'T hiT mE...

    Happy Birthday again my Lobe❤️


  • life_versified 49w


    Dawns condemned me of
    my soaked pillows
    Honey dipped dews
    on those lushy willows
    no longer smelled same
    since your fragrance left.
    Even the coffee stains
    on our blanket
    remind me of your silhouette.
    The aubades on my journal
    are unsung now
    with nobody to hum
    along my lines.
    Curled up in your arms,
    solace sprouted on barren ravines.
    But now, as uhtceare hits me
    Gawking at my roof
    I stay there wide awake at five

    //And wish
    for you to be alive.//

    Greetings of sun
    with it's pierian smile
    now seemed as if
    it was mocking me
    of my anguish.
    Noon always kissed me
    with blessings
    placing a tender mark
    on my forehead
    heralding my worth.
    Now it's embrace resounded
    my mallacht and how
    my covet for you was in vain.
    Those mid-summer afternoons
    always brought with them
    an antsy mugginess
    but you concealed it up till now.
    When withstanding this
    becomes gruelling
    I heave out a sigh
    and ponder if we never met,
    I would've been able to adapt.
    I know that even though I deny

    //I still have wished
    for you to be a lie.//

    Returning to our once-latibule
    girdled with blues
    rather than your chirpy hues,
    I miss those lilacs
    in our chambers
    now replaced with lilies
    which always nudge me
    to cease scribbling sonnets to you
    reminding of how now
    I should learn to
    compose you elegies.
    With nobody to cafune
    through my tresses,
    my shrivelled elflocks
    whisper to let you remain in my sonnets.
    Not for you, but for me
    To believe
    and to strive

    //I want to wish
    for you to be alive.//

    As dusk hits with my saudade
    for you and I gawp at your portrait
    I, at long last, look at
    the eccedentesiast behind that facade
    The wilted rose in your cherished vase
    only has figments of its fragrance left
    as it awaits for you to put a halt
    to its aeonian thirst.
    I go to bed hugging
    the residing figments of you in the air
    with no one to cover me with a blanket
    in the middle of the night
    on chilly dark hours.
    I bawl at a pitch no one can hear
    without shedding a teardrop
    of my emotions
    being drained of all leftovers.
    Nothing extricates me from this dolour
    where no pinch of beacon to descry

    //Again I wish
    for you to be a lie.//

    The drapetomaniac inside me
    laughs at my ellubient past
    while I get lost in my nyctophillic reverie
    and it continues to outlast.

    //I wish till dawn
    for you to be a(li)v(e).//

    ~ Medha Anand


  • life_versified 51w

    To our Unicorn ��

    A mellifluous note in dripping silence, a clement rain in my parched vales on muggy evenings, a unicorn with a crown of gladioluses, She ushered with her, rainbows and rays of hope, love and compassion. Scribbling verses, odes and proses with eumoiriety, she perplexes everyone with her winsome yet orphic psyche.

    Manu ❤︎
    I'm not good when it comes to birthday wishes, I'm not good when it comes to admiring people with words and embellishing them with heartwarming metaphors holding tear-jerking emotions. I'm quite clumsy at it to be honest. Even when I write birthday wishes to my close friends irl, it's just me blabbering non-sense XD. I'm an amateur when it comes to writing proses and poetries, more so if it's a dedication. Few lines are the best I could do. But for you, I really wanted to dip my prose in the oceans of love you hold for everyone and everyone holds for you. My prose might've been able to enthrall just a tiny bit of it since it's too much to be penned in mere words. Your seraphic presence is really an ebbulience for me and everybody around you.

    A unicorn, (n.) A person that is rare and highly valued, or is ideal
    I read this somewhere, and the moment I stumbled upon this, all I could remember was you. Now I know why "unicorn" suits you so much. 。◕‿◕。

    I was just a newbie back then when we first got to know each other, with practically no idea how this app worked and no idea how to interact with new people (never been on any social media lol). I might've been a bit frustrating, I might've been clueless, I might've been childish but you were always there. Always there for me, from the very beginning. I remember how I used to think that you might be elder than me *giggles* and asked you if I should be calling you Di? I remember spamming you non-stop while stravaiging through your feed XD. I remember how Mirakee shouted with joy when our unicorn posted anything. I remember many of our little convos here and there which always left a lasting curve on my face.

    Well, frankly, I admire you a lot. I admire how you cheer everyone up with your little endearing charms. I admire how you stand strong through all the storms you face. I admire how you greet everything and everyone with a smile leaving a wide curve on them as well. I admire how you always check up on me here and there. I admire how whenever I come back, you greet me with such affection. I admire how people can rely on you with such ease. I admire how you're an inspiration for all at such a young age. I admire how lovable you are inside out. I admire YOU and your beautiful personality.

    (ʷᵉˡᵖ! ᵗʰᵃᵗ ʷᵃˢ ᵠᵘⁱᵗᵉ ᵃ ʳᵉᵖᵉᵗⁱᵗⁱᵒⁿ 乁[ ◕ ᴥ ◕ ]ㄏ)

    Well, that's that.
    I hope this birthday wish won't sound lame. And even if it did, I can't help it. Got no talent for them dude :')
    But I do hope that this'll bring a teeny tiny smile on your face. Then, it'll be worth it. ��
    I wish you a fantastic birthday this year. I hope all the good things come your way and you achieve whatever you desire for. Wish you all the happiness in the world, for you deserve them the most. (◕ᴗ◕✿)

    Happy Sweet Sixteen ����

    With Love
    10.07.2021 (Your birthday *dances*��)

    @manasaa ��❤️

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    A mellifluous note in dripping silence,
    a clement rain in my parched vales on muggy evenings,
    a unicorn with a crown of gladioluses,
    She ushered with her, rainbows and rays of hope, love and compassion.

    Happy Birthday Manasaa


  • life_versified 52w

    Heaviness breathed in the air and I longed to be hogged up in my blanket the whole day. "Wake up, darling. You've gotta go to work. Don't wanna be late now, do we?" A gentle whisper landed in my ears as a hand reached for my hand from behind my back. He cuddled with me while I mumbled under my breath, "What's the time right now?" He pursed his lips as if trying to create suspense and muttered slowly, "Half past nine." My eyes widened and forehead furrowed whilst I yelped, "Why didn't you wake me up early? I told you I've a meeting at 10. How am I going to make it on time now. I'll be done for if we won't be able to convince this client. Hah! Why're you smerking now? I'm doomed and you've the audacity to laugh at me?" I jumped off the bed and reached for the bathroom knob when he bursted into laughter. He slowly pointed his finger to our wooden wall-clock and I noticed the time, quarter past seven. Exasperation and a slight embarassment dawned all over my face. He sat up, pulling me to sit on the bed and laid his chin tenderly on my shoulder wrapping me in his arms. His alleviating warmth was enough to calm my nerves down and forget of his little shenanigan earlier. I rubbed my cheeks to his softly while the corners of my mouth turned up. He said, "A piece of advice, never trust me so easily. I can be really deceiving you know?" He sneered while I pouted at his remark. "Oh, Is that so? But I remember a letter I got through messages on my last birthday which said I will never decieve you and you can trust me forever or something."

    His mouth snapped shut at that very moment. It was so adorable watching his ears turn red. I bit my bottom lip to suppress a laugh. He lifted up his head like a tamed lion and asked, "I thought I deleted that message? How did you get a hold of my embarassing cringeworthy past?" I shrugged and exclaimed, "Well, you took your time deleting it. So now, the way I see it, you're probably the last person I'd expect of deceiving me." I walked away to get ready while a smile played on my lips. After we both got ready, we parted ways as he hugged me tightly and said, "Let's go on a date tomorrow."

    The whole day passed bluntly, and I, a typical overworked employee at a corporation was stuck between the hassle of handling my subordinates and getting mocked by the superiors. When it struck five, I stood up to leave and rushed towards the exit gate before someone compelled me for working overtime.

    The moment I stepped outside, a heaviness surrounded me again. It was subtle but something was strange that day. The cold breeze brushing past my face had numbed my senses and the scent of a distant lover unsettled my inner storm. The floor beneath my feet seemed to be sliding as if struck by an avalanche. I glanced back at my day, yet nothing seemed wrong. I didn't have a fight with anyone and work was pretty much smooth. We even decided to go on a date the next day. After putting a lot of effort, I came to a conclusion that it might just be one of those intuitions of mine when I feel wistful for no particular reason. I shaked off this unsettling feeling and continued stravaiging on the streets. I could take a taxi back home but something held me back. I just wanted to wander off away from my thoughts.

    I stopped by a shop and bought a chocolate. It always cheered me up the moment its sweetness melted on my tongue. I remembered the pack of chocolates he brought back home for me the day before. I was yet to open it. He'd always bring one, once a week as if reminding me that I'm always cared for. One would say he has really spoiled me. I wonder why my thoughts always strolled back to him. By then, I was probably grinning like a five year old who finally got his favourite candy after struggling hard to convince his parents. We've been together for two years already but my face still lightened up on his mention.

    I was lost in my thoughts when my phone started ringing out of nowhere. Anticipating it to be his call, I quickly took it out of my pocket. But to my disappointment it was a random number. I reluctantly picked up the call. And to this moment I remember that feeling of terror and how my cherished chocolates tasted bitter, after hearing the news. I rushed for a taxi, my face turning paler as each second passed by. Panting, I screeched and practically shouted at the driver, "Please take me to the city hospital quickly." Perhaps, he sensed my desperation and drove as fast as he could. I ran all the way towards the entrance as if my life depended on it, and saw him being taken from the ambulance while covered in blood. Probably taking his last breat- No, I tried denying it with all my might. He is in the hospital.. there must be some way! I grabbed his hand and embraced him while the stretcher kept moving towards the OT. What he murmured in my ear at that moment still resonates inside me, "I told you I can be deceiving."

    ~ Medha Anand


    #creative #wod #writersnetwork #miraquill #life_versified #lifeversified_s

    P.S. - My first attempt at writing a story XD (maybe?)
    Kinda clichéd.. I hope it's bearable?❤️ Feel free to criticize :) Also, Pardon for the absence of a title, I'm not exactly good with 'em.. ^^"

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  • life_versified 55w

    Ok so probably, I'm the last person to write a birthday post for you today.. and I really apologise for that T_T

    Happy Birthday Bhavya❤️
    I'm short of words to be honest.. and when it comes to birthday wishes, I'm quite clumsy at that..
    Bhavya.. I'm so glad to have met you here. I'm so glad I read your beautiful verses oozing with bliss.

    I wish you all the happiness in the world. I hope you'll accomplish all your ambitions and aspirations. And I wish you the best. Have a great day and a great year ahead :) ❤️

    Happy Birthday again Bhav♡︎♡︎ @daffodilpearlzz

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  • life_versified 55w

    Frozen, I sat there;
    overwhelmed as I gazed,
    gobsmacked as I dazed,
    that curve unfazed
    by the manacles of time.
    Yet I sat there, gelid
    attuning to lukewarm fervours, amid
    the frigid hiemal of evenfall.
    Soughing with every portent
    of its schmaltz.

    "Photine pretence yet a stoic spirit"
    That recollection caterwauled.
    My eyes blurring at the anemoia
    flabbergasted at her flamboyant
    self, as she fleered with her insouciant persona,
    Yet whisted me with her eunoia.

    Her selcouth smile professed
    forechoosing a life as a quaintrelle;
    rather than a beast-awaiting belle,
    or distress-loaded damsel.
    Gaping at her figurine
    I tried to conjecture a surmise,
    But maybe her photograph was still not competent enough,
    to succumb the fervours of her elegiac demise.

    Laconic love, goetic grace
    yet her curve remained unfazed.
    La douleur exquise betides,
    a pining resides
    coveting for a converge with her in my life,
    consigning to oblivion that she had it no more.

    Gawking at the wooden frame
    from my wooden chair
    scribbling aubades for her with a wooden pen
    to salve cordolium of my splintered wooden heart
    and insinuate duende to my wooden spectre.

    Snivelled then bawled
    yet I sondered,
    "It does not do to dwell on dreams
    and forget to live."
    Still I pondered
    When the lilac from my skies
    evanesced with her departure,
    All that remained was
    a tenebrific quietus.
    And a photograph corroborating
    the bereavement of my caim.
    My sole impetus.

    ~ Medha


    #smk_avaap_ch (prompt no. 4)
    @say_me_krish Thank you for this wonderful prompt.. Although I don't know if I did any justice? XD
    @writersnetwork #pod #life_versified #writersnetwork #mirakee

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  • life_versified 55w

    "Without dreams and goals there is no living, only merely existing, and that's not why we're here."
    ~ Mark Twain

    Just wanted to rant. ;_;
    Skip for your own sake.

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    I lost him. As soon as this thought crept timidly through the sutures in my mind, shivers ran down my spine in the middle of blazing summer. All those luscious green trees I was admiring just minutes back commenced seeming pale. The sun rays who welcomed me with playful kisses down a minute earlier, were glaring at me. That gentle breeze which fondled my cheeks bestowing a tingling sensation down my belly just a second ago, suffocated me. Flustered and forlorn, just because of a trivial acknowledgement, I desperately searched for him. All it took was one humbly trifling realisation to turn all the tables. Thereby I couldn't figure out whether I wasn't able to or I didn't want to sense his departure. All the ordeals during this journey seemed futile now owing to the fact that he wasn't with me anymore. I don't know what I was feeling was despair, remorse, elegiac, dismay or weltschmerz. Or maybe a little bit of everything.

    "If I pursue him, seek him, search for him with all my might, my heart and my soul.. maybe I'd be able to bump into him again?" Or so my naive self thought. Dejected was I, measuring thousands of steps in vain. But then at a distance, I discerned some footsteps in the mud, I started running. I ran and ran and ran until I was out of breath, out of will, out of resolve, out of longing and out of covet. I panted, I scanted but still all I wanted was him to be there. I still ran in that direction hoping that maybe he's not far away. But ignorant as I was, perplexed as anyone would be and saturnine as I was meant to be, all I found was footsteps in the mud. His balmy scent lingered in the air, his footsteps printed in the puddles around, but he was still thin air.

    "I give up." Was what I yearned to think but I couldn't. "Surrender" was what I longed to do, but I knew I shouldn't. After all, regret was what would all remain after all the agony I went through. My lugubrious self can't condone any more angst brought upon by regret. A habromaniac was I before my perception, but not anymore.. I resolved.

    I went head on with my insecurities something which was impossible for my fragile self. I measured tens of thousands of more steps before I, at long last, espied a figure of a hand behind a redwood. I thought that finally finding him might make me elated and exuberent but all I felt was a sense of relief. He was in reach now. Yes, he was.