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  • life_is_awsome 12w

    I wish I could (part-1)

    I wish I could see him while sleeping. I know maybe he looks very cute while sleeping. I don't know when gonna this best chance will come.
    Everyone while sleeping feels relax and calm. Did he also stay like this? Or while sleeping also he keeps his face in angry.
    That's it.

  • life_is_awsome 12w


    I m not so expert to make someone happy always. Sorry!
    Sorry, that I always make the conversation complicated every day.
    Sorry, the way I am.

    I am full of unsaid feelings. So, that's why people can't understand me.
    One question stuck in my mind that
    if I move on, then who gonna hold my hands forever?
    If I stopped talking with everyone, then who gonna talk with me?
    Well, as usual I always say to everyone.
    I m fine!!

  • life_is_awsome 12w

    I have bring his smile back
    I have bring his confidence back
    He don't need to go to psychologist.
    I m enough for him.
    Trust me, I can save his life.
    Trust me I can hold his hand forever.
    Trust me once, don't leave me.
    Thank you!

  • life_is_awsome 13w

    Don't force someone in your life. By forcing them you may lose your value and respect infront of them.