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  • lettersinink 3d

    Loveliest Blue

    Why is midnight blue your favorite?

    Because it reminds me of secrets whispered in deepest of nights and the lullaby of dreams taking flight.

    Kavya Menon

  • lettersinink 5d


    The streams
    The Evergreens
    and the Sky
    Will live to tell the story of a race.

    The human race that thrived through
    endless hurdles.
    The human race that lived and laughed
    and cried and fought.
    The human race who embraced the world
    and all it's entities.

    The human race that evolved to become
    with hatred, envy, pride and lust clouding their minds.
    The human race who valued money and power more than their fellow beings.

    The human race who destroyed the their home,
    who mixed poison in waters and polluted the air.
    The human race that killed recklessly,
    not knowing that everything is interconnected.

    The human race who in the pursuit of finest material goods forgot to value life,
    who forgot to treasure smiles and rain and tears and hugs.
    The human race who slowly lost their humanity.

    Now they've all been wiped out.
    The streams, evergreens, mountains, sky and oceans remain,
    along with the echo of grief and regrets
    of the human race who forgot that life is transient and had to be treasured.

    Kavya Menon

  • lettersinink 1w


    She stood in the rain with storm in her eyes,
    and for the first time I saw the thunder getting jealous.

    She danced in the rain,
    jumped from puddle to puddle,
    her anklets splashing water at her soft feet.

    She sang and danced and swirled,
    her dark hair wet and flying.
    Drops of water clinging to her curled lashes,
    the tinkling of her anklet in sync with her
    tinkling laughter.

    The gulmohar adorned her with flowers
    darker than the hue of her blushing cheeks,
    her bangles laughed to a silent joke.
    She stood in the rain,
    an ethereal sight every artist would long to capture.

    Kavya Menon

  • lettersinink 2w

    Solis et lunae

    The fabled kingdom of sky
    far beyond the reach of mortals,
    was ruled by the mighty and powerful Solis.

    The kingdom flourished under his rule,
    the golden kingdom with the motto of
    truth, duty and honour.

    Songs were written to praise the king
    and he was rumoured to become the emperor,
    the one who rules both halves of the sky.

    These tales reached the kingdom of Nox,
    which was ruled by ethereal Queen Luna;
    who was blessed with the silver touch.

    Both Solis and Luna wished to rule the sky,
    they wanted to conquer both the halves -
    the night and day.

    Hence began the Battle of Dusk
    where Solis conquered Luna and her army of stars.
    The skies turned red and everything came to a still as Luna fell.

    She lost the battle,
    but managed to capture Solis's heart,
    so he pieced her back bit by bit ;
    it took fifteen days for Luna to become whole.

    He released the stars - her faithful servants
    and gave her his light along with half of the sky.
    She now rules the night sky with the help of Solis and the stars.

    They rule the sky from opposite ends,
    one disappearing when the other appears.
    They meet during the Eclipse,
    sharing secrets when the world stills.

    Kavya Menon

  • lettersinink 2w


    We are two rivers
    hoping to reach the ocean,
    embracing one another.

  • lettersinink 3w


    Tiny drops of water carrying
    turmoils of the heart.
    Torrents of a million dreams
    tumbling down the cheeks.
    Thoughts and memories
    transformed into a shower.
    They are silent prayers
    that are never left unheard.

  • lettersinink 3w

    It's ok to get lost

    Maybe it's ok to get lost for a while,
    maybe it's ok to lose words and meanings.

    Maybe it's ok to linger a while before reaching your destination,
    maybe it's ok to get lost in the woods and streams.

    Maybe we were sent to earth to get lost,
    maybe we are supposed to roam and find ourselves once again.

    Maybe we can discover different paths,
    maybe the best part of the journey is in getting lost.

    Kavya Menon

  • lettersinink 3w

    I'm a nightingale singing elegies,
    lamenting the souls
    who have spent their life in sorrow,
    who have befriended melancholy
    and are waiting for the dawn
    to erase their blues.

    Kavya Menon

  • lettersinink 3w

    from the lips
    of a two year old.


    before I melt like
    the toffee on his tongue.

    Kavya Menon

  • lettersinink 4w

    I was 12

    It took 10 people and 5 tries
    to bring me down, to steal me away from myself.
    My cries died and tears dried
    as I watched myself being torn.
    My pleas were never heard
    and their hands never stopped.

    They blame me for being the victim
    when all I did was blindly trust,
    for I thought the world was a good place to be, I thought I was safe,
    I thought they were humans
    turns out they were not.

    It took a piece of cloth
    to mask my cries,
    the same piece of cloth
    with which Justice covers her eyes.

    Now I lay trapped in my own skin
    clawing to get out,
    trying to chase nightmares
    but I still hear my cries.
    "Please leave me" I cried.
    "I'm your daughter's age "I said.
    Little did I know that
    they barely recognize their daughters now.

    I was left cold, bleeding and dying
    in the sewer near the streets,
    but never have I felt more
    contaminated than the effluent.

    The candles died
    and slogans went quiet.
    My name became a whisper in streets,
    Only to be remembered when the next victim is born.
    They collect our names,
    call us daughters and sisters
    but barely keep their eyes open
    into the darkness of the world.

    All it would take is
    one person, one voice, one true man
    and maybe we will be saved.
    Keep your ears strained into the night
    maybe you can hear a girl plead
    and when you do,
    Please don't play deaf.
    Raise your voice, try to help
    and maybe you'll finally
    rescue our daughters.

    Kavya Menon