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  • leo0707 1w

    A thin line spread
    across the shell,
    Continuing its path
    till the very end of my heart.
    The sunlight peeped inside,
    After a seemingly everlasting nothingness.

    Yes, I know its time,
    But still my soul...aches
    The crack deepened,
    reminding me once again,
    That its time.

    My confined wings spread out,
    Embracing the warmthness it received,
    And as I looked back,
    I saw,
    a part of my soul,
    Rolling on the sand.

    #portrait #wod

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    The crack deepened,
    Reminding me once again,
    That its time.....

  • leo0707 4w

    Shredded Leaves

    // The memories carved in heart,
    remains till death arrives //
    There she was, engulfed by darkness. Silence, being the only thing discernible. The wind gently swept by her, causing her hair to rustle. She clung onto the moonlight, which was her only hope.

    Throughout her life, she kept mum. Lifting up her head, she stared at the invisible void and started to reminiscence her past.

    She clearly remembered , the day she embarked on this world. The sunshine blinded her eyes at first , but soon she got adjusted to it. Oh! And the day she took her first steps. The warmthness of her family members always kept her safe.

    But the fated day did arrive at last. Slowly as she grew up, the greed of an unknown race, also grew. First , they asked for the fruit of her kindness. She gave them, without any concern. Then slowly, they asked for her respect. Still she gave them with a smile on her face. No one had such tolerance power as her.

    Still, the greed of the unknown race, didn't get satisfied, instead it grew into a black hole. And one final day, it did swallow up her parents. Robbing the warmthness, that once stayed in her life.

    And that was the last stroke to test her patience. It left her alone in this cruel world. The tears trickled down her face, in the form of shredded leaves and touched the ground. The other trees at every corner of thd world mourned for her loss.

    Autumn we say, but those are tears spilt by the trees mourning. And yes, the trees were crying in the form of shredded leaves...


  • leo0707 6w


    Her Eyes

    I see...
    The burnt ash at the corner of her eyes,
    Surrounded by dark clouds with a clear outline.
    Just like a diya....
    But instead, fueled by her tears.
    Giving birth to the fire inside her.
    Eradicating the darkness bit by bit.
    Burning till the very end.

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    Her eyes

    I see...
    The burnt ash at the corner of her eyes,
    Surrounded by dark clouds with a clear outline.
    Just like a diya....
    But instead, fueled by her tears.
    Giving birth to the fire inside her.
    Eradicating the darkness bit by bit.
    Burning till the very end.

  • leo0707 7w

    Once trapped in an abandoned tale

    The decayed soul,
    Once trapped in an abandoned tale,
    Finally managed to escape,
    Leaving its essence behind.

    How it hoped...
    For just one more day,
    Of Sunshine to blaze
    And Breeze to glide.

    But as the sun went down,
    So did its spirit.
    The death was slow
    As the petals withered.

    Now reborn,
    Cherishing its days..
    As the soul starts to blossom again.


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    Once trapped in an abandoned tale

    The soul remains the same,
    Though it escapes the core...

  • leo0707 10w

    || Silent wars,
    Forging scars,
    Piercing my heart... ||

  • leo0707 12w

    ―Up, up and up―

    My hand interlocked with her tiny fingers,
    Though slippery yet clinging on to me firmly,
    Afraid that I would let go.

    But the wind blew past me,
    Coercing us to accept the fate.

    Our hand's unwinded,
    With tears brimming on the corner of her eyes.

    I flew up and up,
    Carrying her dreams,
    And her only wish to shine.


  • leo0707 12w

    #words #pod
    Words can be formed with various languages, but they all contain the same emotions!

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    Diverse features,
    With an authentic essence,
    Is the charm of words.

  • leo0707 13w

    Of childhood
    Buried into Heart.

  • leo0707 13w

    @cruisey, Vidushi thank you so much for this great idea! �� ��
    And Arima for tolerating my mistakes and patiently editing it ����

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    On the spur of a Moment

    //Black Calluses,
    The only survivor after my death.//

    There I was sitting, on the cold surface of the wagon. It was 4 in the morning,..the sun still asleep. The only source of light in the railway station, was the dim lit lantern, just like my fate. Society had bound me from my love and happiness.

    I drop my head low, once again trying to fight back against my fear. My spectacles slid down to the tip of my nose. I slide them up on the bridge and when it reached its destination, it sat perfectly on it's spot. I glance at my guitar that stood by my side with it's head held high up in the air. I chuckled as I remembered that it was the only companion that I feel absolutely safe with. And when my vocal chords sang its deepest regrets, my fingers always danced to the rhythm of my sorrow with the strings of my Guitar. It felt like they were always destined together.

    Growing up, I had always felt insecure. The thoughts of others mattered much more than my own.
    "What do you even benefit, from fiddling with this instrument?"
    "Will it ever give you a decent life?"
    They impeached... Finally making me to abandon my own happiness.

    But music was something that I could easily confide into. Music enthralled me and put me spellbound. It completes me.
    But doesn't it strike them, that after a century or two....this art might even get extinct?

    Far away, I hear the sound of my destiny - sound of the train. It neared the station, releasing off steam. The thunderous sound make the ground below my feet shudder. This brought me back to the reality.
    Now, I have a choice- either to be myself or to continue the path that has been chosen by the society. That is, to lead a life like a lifeless robot that I am turning into.

    Though wheels are present both in the train, as well as the wagon. The wagon could only take me till the platform ends, but the same wheels in the train can take me to places that I have never imagined of....

    On that spur of the moment, I take a decision. I choose my dreams.
    I smile. I truly smiled after years. I will do things that I love, because it makes me feel the inner me.
    Not for glory, not for the society...
    But to add greatness to music and to live my life as me.


  • leo0707 21w


    Well...this is all that I am,
    Though opening up,
    I do not let people walk into me.

    Filtering the emotions,
    Just as I did with the sunshine.
    Sometimes peeking,
    From time to time,
    Just to see if the chattering outside the world,
    Has subsided down.

    Chirpings are heard
    As the cool breeze enters my heart.

    The silence that I am in love with,
    Can be heard
    As the sun starts parting it's away.

    This is the way I am,
    An introvert.
    Not a door that people appreciate.
    Yet I am a door.

    Well...for me, a door is something that has hinges and can be opened and closed. So in that case, I assume that windows too have doors?! ��. At least mine does.....
    And I kinda felt like actual doors are like extroverted people and the doors in the windows are introverted. Just my point of view ��.

    @cruisey I hope it's worth the wait....
    #cees_doors @luvnotes_challenge_host

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    This is the way I am,
    An introvert.
    Not a door that people appreciate.
    Yet I am a door.