I wrote my mind and heart out words that my mouth can't shout.

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  • leibdns 19w

    In my life full of wrath
    My tissue is my shield
    My pen is my sword.
    I wrote my emotions out
    put them in words,
    I fell apart,
    I lost control,
    I pretend,
    I get tired,
    and suddenly
    I get up,
    I prayed,
    I believed,
    I loved,
    I cared,
    I found myself happy again.

  • leibdns 24w


    The place where I go back just to relax, think, breath and sip on my peppermint mocha frappe also
    The space where I always took a memory lane of a man that opened my eyes.
    He made me saw my worth.
    Let feel the feelings I'm longing for.
    He's my dream "Mr. Has it all"
    in a year all I felt was love,care,leisure,
    But I left him alone no messages,no calls neither a goodbye. As years goes by
    he called me but he's too late.
    All that I said was Thank you,
    I'm so sorry Goodbye.

  • leibdns 24w


    I always thought home was my house and things I bought that makes me satisfied and happy.
    But I was wrong when I met him.
    He let me feel the home I was looking for,
    it's a feeling of love, comfort, peace of mind, and things that cannot be bought.
    Suddenly I feel satisfied on things
    I have now never felt this way before him.
    He gives me the love I used to give to others,
    He taught me to love my self more.
    He showed me that home is found in me.

  • leibdns 24w

    Happy 2022!♡

    It's been years, last time I wrote my feelings way back 2017,
    Years that broke my mental health some love ones are gone, the others I chose to leave them for my own good.
    But one thing happened for a reason and he changes everything. Past Years made me realize I need to chose my self now,
    it's my time, my year.
    I deserve a healthy mind,healthy life and healthy love. Happy 2022! Welcome back self! And I wish you all good this year and so on!♡

  • leibdns 185w

    You used to be the reason why I wrote,
    You're the reason why I loved,
    why I believed in things,
    now you are reason
    why I love memories of us
    why cried my self to sleep.
    and woke up to face fuckin reality.

    @B I E L

  • leibdns 198w


    Ice Cream, Nuggets,
    Fries, Cake,
    Chocolates, Coffee,

    ME: His

    The Bittersweet Reality

    ©B I E L

  • leibdns 198w

    I shouldn't beg you for this
    but still
    I'm here waiting for you
    to give me

    ©B I E L

  • leibdns 198w

    I miss the time
    when you can't let me go,
    I made you too comfortable
    that I'm always by your side
    to the point,
    you didn't realize that
    I'm thinking of leaving you.


  • leibdns 198w

    Wait for a guy
    who loves you more than anyone,
    respect you,
    cared for you,
    cherish you,
    who will listen to your every word,
    will fight for you,
    will protect you.
    When you've got one it is the best gift you'll ever have.
    Mine calls me MOM.


  • leibdns 198w

    Nothing much
    than a
    mother's love