"Through my eyes, to my thoughts, to my writings. (p.s. I love you marley)"

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  • leahkaye 44w

    Other Lovers

    Tell me why do I love you when you can't love me back?
    Still I stay, I can't even be mad.
    Seek to destroy what we could have had.
    Leave to follow other lovers that have what I lack.
    Keep me tucked away pushed to the vary back.
    and it's still you that I love, have I gone mad?
    cause this shits got me torn into half.
    Surely there ain't fixing yesterday's cause now that's already past.
    and here I'm still waiting...
    While your off meeting other lovers that have what I lack.
    Now it's 5am, you sneak quietly in once your back.
    But this time is different, you see me in pieces got all my shit packed.
    and to my surprise not a questions been asked.
    You just walked to bed and laid down tired your head.
    Not one words been said.
    If silence could kill.
    I'd be dead.

  • leahkaye 50w

    Left for dead

    Don't you dare seek for help and shelter
    When I abandon you once more
    Because if when I shall return
    It will be your fault for sure
    As if your the disgusting cheating whore

  • leahkaye 50w

    Sperm donor

    He disappears
    Like Houdini
    Leaving me feeling worthless
    Nothing left to my name
    But a growing reminder
    That he once existed

  • leahkaye 77w

    NPD, narrissist, predator, stalker, hurt, heartache, cheater

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    His eyes
    Hazel Green,
    Who knew
    The evil
    Lurking within.
    Entitled predator.
    Destroying heart's.
    Seducing lovers.
    Young and old.
    No care.
    No soul.
    He'll say,
    "I love you."
    To anyone
    That does not
    Love themselves...

  • leahkaye 105w


    What is a father
    If he isn't there
    Could less to care
    To be there or here
    Or maybe if he appears
    He'll see all my tears
    And make up missed years
    But no, just disappears
    Mending fears
    From cheap beers


  • leahkaye 105w

    The end

    those innocent blue eyes
    she used to be mine
    almost 6 but still 5
    Stuck between truth or lie
    wish I could take you and hide
    I always picture it in mind
    cps kept you
    no goodbye
    I'm way behind
    barely coping
    no peace of mind
    I'm not fine
    government's design
    they want us to divide
    its the end of times
    We see all the signs
    suicide in mind
    but, I have nothing to leave for you behind
    just a world confined
    and im scared to leave you behind
    this worlds too cold and unkind
    resources consumed
    no room
    toxic fumes
    presumed so doomed
    mind also too consumed
    this world just a big tomb
    broken promises from the womb
    I swear I'd keep you safe I presumed
    they accused
    then removed

  • leahkaye 105w

    Betty Jean

    My grandma Betty

    Strongest women I know

    Raised me while I was growin

    Rockin til I was grown

    Showed me how to sew

    Taught me all I know

    Your love is what I'll miss the most

    I held your cold hand

    Tears flowed

    You tell me you wished to go back home

    The one with god at his throne

    I didn't expect you to have a stroke

    I'm not ready to let go

    wishing we could go back to our daily strolls

    or watching antiques road show

    smartest women I know

    Raised five kids on your own

    Never needed no man

    Your grown

    Always told me to work hard

    Love most

    You and grandpa and I were so close

    deep sea fishing on big boats

    camping on the coast

    Your the biggest part of me I hold close

    I was always told

    I'm your mini me

    Your my mold

    Looking in your eyes

    Trying to console

    Telling you grandpa is waiting

    In heaven when you go

    I know I'll always carry you in my soul

    but I'd rather have you here to hold

  • leahkaye 110w


    And Im the one that he claims?
    maybe to soothe loneliness pain
    hes always leaving astray
    no word just,
    no love to convey
    as I stay contained
    he claimed my thoughts insane
    mind mostly mundane
    He says,
    I always complain
    It makes him constrained
    Like I should just keep it retained 
    but is respect something i gotta obtain?
    I guess I deserve
    you say, no
    it's not like what's it looks or meant,
    he says its unintended defect
    don't you see?
    it's his mind a mess
    but he dont see the neglects affect in my head
    but if I exemplify my introspect to his instead
    He'll see painful feelings
    and regret
    Then, would his retrospect be changed?
    but he refuses to see neglect
    choose to object

    because he's content
    but love is only a word by lips once said
    And hurts nots what he really meant
    But no proof from what he really had said

  • leahkaye 110w

    No respect

    He leaves me with the most bitter hate (no use to complain)
    More like self blame, (I'm shamed )
    He dont see the hurt, (thats pain)
    Especially looking out this windowpane (enraged enflamed) 
    Nothings changed still hours late (yet I'm restrained)
    Every excuse he has made, (no change)
    Mouth filled with blame, (selfish ways)
    None of his he claimed, (only you to blame)
    That's the nature of his game, (I'm played )
    Stay home, be good and wait (I'm caged)
    Maybe hell be back more soon, (nope, days)
    Make you feel like you aint worth the pain. (most inhumane )

  • leahkaye 123w

    Child Protective Services (CPS)

    Boogie monsters do exsist. 
    But instead,
    They take shape of
    childless humans,
    dressed in business casual,
    holding clip boards
    expressing they are there
    for the sake of the child(ren).