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  • lazybongness 2w

    When the Even Age was left behind, the hopes seemed futile and thus the moment did not stop but passed silently.
    All that was between us died there, perhaps it was proper to have an eternal love of selfless love, as if it was absurd to bind ourselves unnecessarily.

    We could neither speak nor did he hear anything, in the noise of silence, the dreams we had woven together were shattered!
    His love came out like the sun before dawn,
    By the end of the evening, he left to say goodbye.

    I kept looking for the way and destination of the journey, but it happened that the curiosity of my thoughts has been lost somewhere.
    And he slowly turned away.
    Every pain has its own story,
    It seems as if there is trouble or everything is a disease of the soul, perhaps his heart is so cold.

    //Thus the story is not complete //


  • lazybongness 2w

    I felt like writing, so I have written, I don't know whether it will be related or not.


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    Earth spins towards Ends when a Star Child move northerly in winter and towards the south summer to follow the spring and fall equinoxes.
    Sun sets to love and admire the moment on its axis as the dusk kissed and passed the horizon for a new saga of poetry as the moonlight opens its white flowers in the dark night.

  • lazybongness 2w

    // Khalish e Khazan Kalam Se Bayaan Huee
    Na Jaane Kitano Ka Karaar Ujaad Aaya //

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    ख़लिश ए खज़ां कलम से बयां हुई
    न जाने कितनों का करार उजाड़ आया।।


  • lazybongness 2w

    #sometimes @miraquill @writersnetwork
    आना ही पड़ा सजना , ज़ालिम है दिल की लगी ��

    It's nice to be back.
    Actually I never went away... I'm happy to be back.
    I missed you all so much
    And now I will read to you all.

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    Once In a While

    Sometimes you just have to stay silent,
    to do things on your own.
    With no direction, like a complete unknown.

    Sometimes forever is not to far away.
    Zephyr blows on June night , soothing long summer days.

    Sometimes a shooting star means drift weakness.
    A women's heart saviour sins with

    Sometimes a hug misunderstood the kindness.
    Love isn't trail of strength, illusional sweetness!

    Sometimes a break is the source of spirituality.
    Just open the door and escape reality.


  • lazybongness 5w

    ~ �� Dewdrop has no colour, yet it makes the atmosphere colourful, awakens peace in the soul,
    By shining from the sun and giving relief to others.
    Dries silently. ��~

    Dewdrops pearled in water soaked leaflet
    Made a promise till eternity
    Love that blooms amidst secret
    Hyacinth hiraeth hymn in serenity

    Nature's necklace emerald with tears
    Waiting long enough to hug,
    Petrichor fragrance as nectar at the nozzle,
    Melted as sonnets on paper.

    // Haven't seen love like dew drops,
    the glory of such evanescent.
    Miles use to travel to meet
    the leaves and the land,
    To be erased again by the Sunlight
    in a few moments. //


    #dewdrop #ceesreposts @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Drizzle drops decorated as Dew
    devotedly draped with dynamic dedication to descry dazzling decency of debonair, dreamed of destined docile dead.


  • lazybongness 5w

    //Kyuki sayed Ishq ke udasi ke rango ko
    odhna bhi wafa hain//

    ~ Ishq mein bepanaah dard mukammal raha,
    Yakinan kismat bada mukhtasar raha ||


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    इश्क़ में बेपनाह दर्द मुकम्मल रहा,
    यक़ीनन किस्मत बड़ा मुख्त़सर रहा।


  • lazybongness 5w


    W h i l e a L a c k

    of D i s bel i e f in

    Cynicism equals

    I N C O M P L E T E

    K N O W L E D G E


    It would be better

    T o T a k e T h e

    T I M E

    to u n d e r s t a n d

    T h e D e p t h

    T h r o u g h


    P o i n t

    O f

    V I E W
    b e f o r e

    #concretepoetry #ensnarec

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    An exclamation of astonishment
    can't decide your fathom.


  • lazybongness 6w

    Once when i was young,
    I used to see so many dreams with open eyes,
    Now I am afraid of dreams,
    the vitreous dream shattered!
    Once when I was young,
    I was running after butterflies, not knowing how many wings supported me and now I am afraid in the wings of osmosis,
    the colors burn!

    Once when I was young,
    I was curious about my mind.
    I wandered at the new excitement like a puppy.
    Now curiosity does not get the edge,
    heart broken and choked!
    Once when i was young,
    love seems fluffy clouds of veil,
    flickering heart on ludicrous but
    it came out as a fire flame burning my soul with time thus vapours sail.

    //Once I was young ,
    the intensely flaming mask had liquid amber eyes to keep the picturesque many secrets alive.
    Now in the bygone days,
    an era of history has come which has abandoned innocence, love and fair play.
    Now the enlarged heart catches
    a glimpse of silver hair just to appreciate//

    ~But I L e a r n e d shared L o v e and L i v e d
    and again all the odds the child(in me) Survived~


    #once #slovec

    @writersnetwork Thank you for the like ��

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  • lazybongness 6w

    ~ Poetry pin one's hopes on ~

    Feel like writing��


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    The brontide life of bellibone morose
    cwtch charming hope of aviothic
    like a gallimaufry to illuminate meliorism
    with pleasing poetry of iatric vibes
    for rising irenic emotions in the metanoia.

    //a close affectionate embrace with silent poetry is an essential practice of discernment for poets.//

  • lazybongness 6w

    ��Chand yaadein , Umr bhar ke Sahare ban gaye��

    ~Bata kaise taraashu alagaat ke atf,
    Jinki buniyaad aramaanon ko raund kar milee ho!

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    बता कैसे तराशू अलगात़ के अतफ़
    जिनकी बुनियाद,, अरमानों को रौंद कर मिली हो!