hellos and goodbyes are over rated what matters is the IN-BETWEEN

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  • layersofdesires 4w


    We all are someone's misery
    And someone else's remedy

    We all are someone's let go please
    And someone else's walk down the aisle

    We all are someone's nothing special
    And someone else's just so damn beautiful

    We all are someone's insomnia
    And someone else's good night kisses

    We all are someone's I'm not sure
    And someone else's you are the one

    We all are someone's day dream
    And someone else's good morning

    We all are someone's just leave will you ?
    And someone else's where were you all this while ?

    We all are someone's secret
    And someone else's vows

    We all are someone's blocked number
    And someone else's last dialled

    We all are someone's tears
    And someone else's chuckles

    We all are someone's toughest lesson
    And someone else's blessing

    We all are someone's prayer
    And someone else's answer

    We all are someone's in-between
    And someone else's wedding ring

    We all are someone's rejection
    And someone else's refuge

    We all are someone's just in case
    And someone else's first choice

    We all are someone's reason to hate romantic movies
    And someone else's poetries

    We all are someone's worst nightmare
    And someone else's dream catcher

    We all are someone's evade
    And someone else's fixed gaze

    We all are someone's stupid date
    And someone else's fate

    We all are someone's fallen star
    And someone else's moon

    We all are someone's goodbye hug
    And someone else's cuddles

    We all are someone's suffocating struggling breaths
    And someone else's reason to breathe

    We all are someone's smudged mascara
    And someone else's blush

    We all are someone's chaos
    And someone else's calm

    We all are someone's first
    And someone else's forever more

    We all stumble on our favourites
    Until we meet god's favourite

    We all stumble on our cravings
    Until we meet the meant to be
    © Layersofdesires

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    We all are

  • layersofdesires 5w

    As the cold raindrops
    Of the very first winter rain
    Falls on my face
    Asking me to close my eyes
    And just feel the feel
    As they slide by my ear to my nape
    They whisper your name
    As the breeze wraps my being in its arms
    Feeling cold
    My soul started the search
    Of the warmth of your kind heart
    Reflect in your eyes
    And how your fixed gaze on my lips
    Streams of heat
    Boiling my blood and racing my heart
    Droplets of sweat
    Damp my hair
    Whenever you blink
    I gulp down
    The craving
    To love you like a sinner
    The poetess in me
    Loves you in-between breaths and shadow
    The wanderer in me
    Loves you in-between fog and nightlight
    In secret
    Ahh, the soul so sacred
    © Layersofdesires
    #writersnetwork , #winterrain , #love

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    The first winter rain

  • layersofdesires 5w

    Night wearing black silvery moonlight saree
    With stars embedded on it
    Twinkling ferry lights
    Dancing with evening breeze
    The flame of diyas
    Colourful fountains of rockets
    Decorating the sky
    Sweet fragrance of sweets
    Echoes of giggles and endless conversations
    People looking like seven colours of rainbows all dressed up
    Watching all of it
    Makes me realise
    Why do I hate goodbyes
    So freakin much

    Because you decide to go without notifying beforehand
    You don't leave alone
    You take our smiles
    You take our celebrations
    You take our hopes
    You take the glow of our faces
    You take a part of us
    Along with you
    We can't deliver you gifts
    On important occassions
    We can't write you letters
    We can no longer share secrets
    We feel kinda lost without your guidance
    We look for your face among the crowd
    Endless calls on your number go disconnected

    You left all so sudden
    Leaving an empty space
    A bouquet of tears
    Your loved ones to discuss your habits and favourites
    Laugh in between the memory lane with numb eyes
    You didn't even give us your address
    No wonder why do I hate goodbyes
    So freakin much
    We often talk to the brightest star in the sky nowadays
    Hoping it's you
    And you are watching over us
    No doubt it must be so damn difficult for you too

    Have you seen god up close
    He must have already healed all of your scars ?
    Do you feel cold in heaven
    Without your mom's safe embrace ?
    Have you made new friends ?
    Do you eat properly without your loving wife
    Eating along sharing the same plate
    And fight sweetly over last bite ?
    Who cooks your favourite food for you ?
    How do you celebrate your son's birthdays up in heaven ?
    Who do you complain to about your siblings ?
    How does your favourite place look from up there ?
    Have you seen the moon ?
    How is it ?
    Must be mesmerizing right ?
    And what about the angels ?
    Are they more beautiful or the humans ?
    Have you met daadu ?
    How is he ?
    Must be as handsome as before isn't it ?
    Does he still love wearing white ?
    Tell him for me
    He looks more beautiful in peach
    Would you, please ?

    I still remember our last conversation
    Late at night after having dinner
    When you were sharing your adventures stories in South africa with me
    And how you smiled at me preciously
    When I gave you your medicine on time always
    And asked you if you needed anything else
    If the fruits are sweet ?
    How I hugged you tight
    Asking you to take good care of yourself
    And we'll meet super soon
    Little did I know
    I won't even get to see your beautiful face again ever
    Only if I knew
    I must have hugged you a little tighter
    I must have conversed with you a little longer
    Please take care
    Don't ever feel lonely up there
    No one will take your place in our hearts
    You will always be there in our prayers
    Maybe in another galaxy
    We all are still together
    Who knows ?
    Who knows ?
    © Layersofdesires

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    May your soul rest in peace

  • layersofdesires 5w

    Was looking for myself
    When I found you
    Was lost in questions
    When you taught me
    Sometimes the real comfort lies
    In not knowing certain things
    Words left unspoken are left unspoken
    For a reason
    Why to rush
    When we are not meant to capture everything
    So, why not let's enjoy what we've got
    With you in my sight
    I manage to breathe perfectly fine
    Thank you for loving me
    The best you know
    I feel safe in your energy
    Your warmth manage to comfort my soul
    Even from miles away
    In the freezing december
    Light of your soul my demons perfectly remember
    © Layersofdesires

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    Light of your soul

  • layersofdesires 5w

    A poetess
    Who misplaced her favourite poetry
    Lost in the hues of City lights
    Searching his face
    Bathed in moonlight
    So fragile
    Breathing delicacy

    A singer
    Playing her favourite song
    On broken strings of her guitar
    With every breath he turns oxygen into rhythms
    Her songs lost sweetness
    Not breathing the same air as him

    A painter
    Trying and trying to paint his face on the pale canvas
    With her broken brush
    Colour blinded soul
    Craving to see her rainbow once again

    A pole star
    Insignificant without her moon
    Lost among millions in the milky way galaxy
    Stumbling against rocks floating by
    Hoping for moon's acclamation

    A home
    Calling the name of it's only resident on repeat
    Warmth suffocating under the grey lining of dust
    Coughing for sunlight
    Why don't you come and open the windows
    Touch the walls of my heart gently like evening breeze

    A rose
    Lying on the grave of memories in the graveyard
    Losing its fragrance and redness
    Losing battle against winds of time
    Watching visitors come and go
    Some shed tears
    Some talk for hours reminiscing
    Despite listening to them attentively
    My presence go unnoticed
    No pair of palms know the art
    Of holding me how you held
    Memory of kissing your lips secretly
    When you placed me against them to sniff my scent
    Fuel my lingering breaths

    A feeling
    Lived for a while but refrained
    Being scared to find something so pure
    In a world so contaminated
    Glowing faces but emotionally bankrupted
    Flipped upside down upside down
    Like an hourglass
    But travel like a spiritual thought
    In his heart like the sand of time

    A ballerina
    Dancing without music
    Spinning spinning and spinning
    But failing to stand on the tip of her pointe shoes
    In your absence
    The air surrounding me
    Forgot to romance me
    With every move
    I sprinkle fragments of our moments
    Hoping you would smile amoung the crowd
    Seeing me wearing you like cologne
    © Layersofdesires
    #refrain #miraquill #wod #writersnetwork

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    A poetess

  • layersofdesires 9w


    If poets learn to let go there would be no poetry,
    Happiness , sadness , tears , liveliness , hopefulness , persistence , tirelessness ,
    are seven colours of their rainbow in the sky they loved dearly.
    © Layersofdesires

  • layersofdesires 9w


    When the memories chase me
    Like shadow knowing somehow where I live
    Even when I slam the bedroom door wanting to hide
    Not wanting to get drown
    In the black of your eyes
    But they knock continuously
    Bribing me with the echoes of your voice
    You know my mind and your voice
    Don't get along well
    Because you asking me to call your name
    Is my heart's weakness

    Lately I have found myself staring at the clouds
    Almost everyday tirelessly
    Feeling the clouds sheltering me now
    Must have visited you too
    I ask them how are you doing ?
    Do you still look the same ?
    Do you ever mention my name ?
    People talk about the beauty of rain, rainbow and stars
    But I feel restless seeing clear sky
    With no cloud
    Like the strings attach us getting faded
    With the wind of time

    Somedays I miss you so much
    That I continue to do one single thing
    Losing track of time
    Watch Netflix trying to find your traces in characters of series I like
    Listen to music to water my dying feelings
    You made me a poetess
    You turned mere words into poetries
    Writing you is my way of living you

    I guess I loved you more than these cold lonely nights
    I guess I loved you more than this deafening silence
    I guess I loved you more than my urge to keep all of you for myself only
    Letting you go
    Wandering on roads alone
    Closing fingers into a fist
    Not wanting someone else to hold the hand
    You once held
    It's hopeless
    Centuries away from being practical
    But isn't there hope in hopeless ?
    Don't all the emotionally tired souls turn practical ?
    Every corner of my house reminds me of you
    Mom often scold me for being happy outside

    It's not like I'm dead without you
    But I'm just beating missing my heart racing
    It's not like I've stopped talking to my friends
    But I miss listening to your stories before hitting bed
    It's not like I've stopped hanging out
    But knowing the roads I'm walking on
    Won't lead to you torn my heart
    I failed to learn to unlove you
    I failed to learn to forget you
    And I don't know what is wrong what is right
    I failed to learn to fight how I feel
    I failed to learn to stop waiting
    Here I'm waiting and waiting
    Until time get's tired of seeing me waiting

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    Until time get's tired

  • layersofdesires 11w

    It was like any other day
    Until the phone rang
    It was 10th of july
    If I'm not wrong
    It was ringing repeatedly
    And immediately thought of you crossed my mind
    Being the only one who calls me non stop

    So rightfully stubborn
    But I won't complain
    Because I kinda love it
    Your persistence , your dedication
    When it comes to following your desire
    Is what fuels the affection I've for you even years after you left
    I was hesitant to answer but wanted to too
    The moment I heard hello - hello
    My body recognised your voice
    Way before my mind could
    I went silent and disconnected
    You might sense in my breathing
    How much I do miss you still
    Why did you call ?
    Was it you actually or I'm hallucinating ?

    It's been years
    I wanted to move on too
    But god made me sit with the love I've for you in my heart
    As if you weren't meant to be forgotten
    This love wasn't meant to be faded
    All these flaming feelings you infused life in
    Weren't meant to be extinguished in someone else's arms
    I fail to understand god's plan at times
    But I've faith that he only does the best
    I trust his timing

    Did you call because you wanted to share your happiness with me ?
    Did you call to tell me stories you lived ?
    Did you miss me lil bit more than usual that day ?

    You might be dumbfounded because I didn't even say goodbye
    But I didn't wanna leave in the first place
    When you grabbed my hand and brought it to touch you
    I didn't wanna stop
    I wanted to touch you a lil longer
    To make my fingertips remember your sensation
    Knowing we'll not see one another for years to come
    But by then you've already entrusted her your heart
    So I had to go
    Leaving no footprints behind
    Like the wind meant to pass you by caressing your skin

    They say vibes travel and find you anyhow
    There are days when I feel the void all of a sudden
    Reminding me of the impact of your absence
    Is it because you miss me ?
    When I miss you
    Do you sense it too ?
    Call me crazy
    I hardly make sense when overwhelmed with flashbacks
    I continue to belive possible hypothesis
    Lacking answers of questions

    Have you never wanted to pay a visit
    To the home you once found in me ?
    Have you lost the address ?
    Or the city lights , cold nights , her arms
    Occupies your thoughts all the time with no space left for me ?
    I won't ask you to remember me like a lullaby
    It's okay if you have forgotten me already
    Maybe I was nothing but a hymn your body learnt
    That do not even touch your lips
    Like the song you love
    But your body hums every now and then
    Without you noticing it
    Accompanying you in silence
    When far from home
    © Layers of desire

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    When far from home

  • layersofdesires 21w

    Going back home
    Is when I turned on the radio
    And guess what your song was playing
    All the memories came back crashing in
    It's not the lyrics
    But the pain in your voice that hit me hard
    I couldn't drive any further
    Stopped by the sea shore
    To pen down my thoughts
    There are so many questions left unasked
    So many songs floating in eyes left unread
    It seems you are planning to move on
    Am I that easily forgettable ?

    That's the thing with distance
    We don't know if we have been forgotten or being missed
    Without you I'm incomplete
    It's your face I look for in crowded places
    They ask me why my smile don't reach my eyes
    I say I've sad eyes
    Little do they know
    I've lost my sunshine
    Everything feels like nothing
    Without you by my side

    I wear your cologne
    When I want you to walk along
    Love is a promise
    Soulmate is a companion
    I'll walk the same road you walk on
    Without holding your hand
    If my absence helps you to heal
    I'll love you from a distance

    Every second here without you
    My mind craves you skin to skin
    My body remembers you like you never really left
    You are the air I breathe
    You are my only favourite truth
    I'm missing you
    I don't want someone new
    Tasting your love I know
    No one would ever love me like you do

    I was choking on helplessness
    You were breaking under the weight of disgust
    I never left
    I distant myself realising I'm harmful
    I feel guilty for not being able to save you from the darkness that engulfed us alive
    I failed to protect your heart
    The heart I never intended to break
    In the first place
    But ended up breaking anyway
    I would take the blame
    Of mistakes someone else committed
    I can't think straight
    I'm going insane
    Since the day you I lost
    We drifted apart to survive
    I've never heard the silence so loud

    It was your love that kept me warm
    Safe even when I'm alone
    Your arms are the home I've always known
    I'm barely breathing
    Like stars I'm shining bright but long dead
    You say you've no good reason to come back
    And my heart collapses
    Under the weight of memories
    You were my smiles
    You were my driving force
    Am I only the reason of your tears ?

    You had me at hello
    But I knew US is too good to be true
    I had you for a moment or two
    But time ditched
    Destiny smirked
    And the curves in my palms laughed
    Where else would I find your white aura
    Your innocence
    Your sacred gaze
    Your sinful lips
    Your peaceful embrace ?

    One chance is all I'm asking for
    Love can heal the scars time fail to heal
    We don't necessarily need love to heal
    But love is a good medicine
    I promise to love you better
    One chance is all I'm asking for
    Little more time is all we need
    I'll water the hope I've in us
    Till the day I breathe
    If you wanna move on
    I'll not hold you back
    But I'll wait for your return
    You are still not over for me
    I don't know how to love someone else
    I don't even wanna learn

    Am I your regret ?
    You say I stir hurtful fragments you wanna leave behind
    I remind you of sleepless long cold nights
    If I knew I would be the reason of your pain, of your sadness
    I would have never let us happen
    In the first place
    To save you from it all
    Being the stranger I would have smiled at your photos
    Danced on your songs
    But now that I've known you
    I've lived you
    You are too difficult to forget

    I don't want to be just a memory
    The space in your heart in the farthest corner
    You don't wanna visit
    You say you miss me too
    But I don't wanna have you
    If I'm not your happy
    Being able to adore you from afar
    Is my happily ever after , I guess
    I'm letting you go
    If that's what you want
    But will follow you like your shadow
    My apologies for not knowing how to live without you
    Forgiveness is a journey
    Hopefully one day you'll be able to forgive me
    You are my sanity
    Your purity is my drug
    Your name my anchor in sea
    Your voice my compass
    You are my every direction my home
    My oxygen my hope

    One chance is all I'm asking for
    I know you still care
    You only said love remains
    You only said we'll always be united in the hearts
    Even when apart in distance
    Has my name faded from where I've carved ?
    Have you forgotten the feel of my warm breath on your nape
    And the taste of my lips ?
    Haven't you said love remains ?
    Then why are you giving up so soon ?
    Did you mean when you said
    You've forgotten the love we had ?
    It hurts so bad
    What I need to do to make you fight for us ?
    Please don't give up so soon
    I never really left
    I live you everyday
    Please stay

    I choose to love in silence
    Because in silence I find no rejection
    I choose to love you in my loneliness
    Because in my loneliness no one owns your heart but I
    I choose to love you from a distance
    Because distance shields us both from pain
    I choose to imprison you in my thoughts
    Because in my thoughts I've the freedom to decide
    I choose to kiss you on the evening breeze
    Because breeze is gentler than my lips
    I choose to hold you in my dreams
    Because in my dreams there's no end
    I choose to hug you in my hope
    Because in my hope you're safe in my embrace
    © Layersofdesires

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    Love remains

  • layersofdesires 22w

    Oceans are jealous
    Of the depth of his dark captivating eyes
    Consume you all in one go
    Never wanting to be found again
    Happily surrendering your being
    To accumulation in his soul
    Pore after pore
    Willingly wandering on paths to his core
    Wishing to find way to his heart
    So pure
    Roads are jealous
    Of curves of his long luscious locks
    Making him look like
    An angel wearing silver lining of moonlight
    Walking barefoot on scattered stars
    Evening breeze is jealous
    Of his soothing deep voice
    Capable of healing worn-out souls
    Sunsets are jealous
    Of the red hues resting on his lips
    Songs embellished on every inch in different languages
    Of silence and roars
    Flower petals are jealous
    Of the softness of his skin
    One touch and rebellious sins turn into miracles
    Wearing the warmth of his innocence
    Even flowers can't help but envy his fragrance
    © Layersofdesires

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