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  • laws_ofthe_universe 2d

    Practice in Peace

    The name of the game
    Might not be the same
    For you or for me
    For he or for she
    Is it nine? Is it six?
    Tell me what is your fix?
    Don't be stingy
    We all learned to share
    The attitude is cringy
    And why do you care?
    Sure I could understand
    Your slight unamusement
    But tell me is it worth
    All this intrusion?
    Practice in peace
    Let the ignorant preach
    You know your truth
    Why so eager to speak?
    Let it grow
    Let it die
    The truth will show
    This too will subside

  • laws_ofthe_universe 2w

    Bad Call

    Infused with delusion
    Corrupted illusion
    False accusation
    Or miscommunication
    Intent or innocent
    Could you try to convince
    Me to believe
    This strange mystery
    Perhaps none at all
    Perhaps a bad call

  • laws_ofthe_universe 4w

    Peace and Quite

    Stop and stare
    A moment here
    For us to share
    Hand in hand
    Toe to toe
    Do you dare
    To let it go
    Be yourself
    Walk alone
    Be the last
    To cast a stone
    Who are you
    On your own
    Brave and wise
    Filled with lies
    Do you hide
    What is inside
    Be yourself
    Be kind
    And sure enough
    You will find
    Peace and quite
    Of the mind

  • laws_ofthe_universe 6w


    Medication through meditation
    A cure for frustration
    The key to true relaxation
    A seed that's been planted
    Watered with intention
    Hear the words chanted
    Understand in translation
    How to grow, how to cleanse
    How to learn and begin again
    Taught by self in higher plane
    So much wisdom to gain
    Listen with the heart
    Trust your gut
    You will understand your part

  • laws_ofthe_universe 7w

    Sit With Yourself

    Let's sit in this moment
    Enjoy all you've accomplished
    Sit in this moment
    See your soul become polished
    Sit in this moment
    Let thought come and go
    And while in this moment
    Regain control
    Talk to yourself
    Ask yourself why
    Talk to yourself
    To understand ties
    Talk to yourself
    And you will realize
    That all of the things
    You now see in your mind
    Is something quite beautiful
    Meant for you to find

  • laws_ofthe_universe 8w


    Open doors
    Solid floors
    Hold your ground
    Repeat this sound
    Soul is guided
    Never divided
    The universe is one
    Permanently collided
    This is important
    This information
    It's not what's reported
    Teach affirmation
    The truth is inside
    They have lied
    Do not be blind
    Read between lines
    Listen to these words
    It is very real
    Put down your swords
    What do you feel?
    You are power
    You are the tower
    This is our hour
    Wake up
    Wake up
    Never shut up

  • laws_ofthe_universe 8w

    Divine Soul

    Beautiful trees
    Beautiful seas
    Beautiful leaves
    That sing in the breeze
    A peaceful divine
    A moment of time
    That doesn't exist
    Yet in our minds
    Take advantage
    Always be brave
    Never abandoned
    You will not cave
    You are powerful
    You are strong
    You are worthy
    Of beautiful songs
    Forgive them all
    Let it go
    Stand up tall
    Release your soul
    This is how
    You start to grow

  • laws_ofthe_universe 9w

    Bath Time

    Soak in knowledge and bathe in wisdom
    Sit with conscious and understand reason
    What will be your final decision?
    To sit with delusions or release your confusion?
    Project inwards and forget what they see
    Let it all go and just simply be
    Do not play into the unnecessary game
    Or else nothing could ever change

  • laws_ofthe_universe 10w

    We Are Power

    If you feel fear then they are in control.
    If you believe they will achieve their goal.
    You must be strong! You must be wise!
    They are filled with nothing more than lies!
    And it's sad to see such a weak disguise.
    Dilute so many to abandon their brain.
    Jump on any ole social train.
    This is a mistake! It is not real!
    Reach out your hands! What do you feel?
    Nothing. Absolutely nothing! Holograms and clones.
    They will never leave us alone!
    It is us who truly have the power.
    They would be nothing if we hadn't built their tower.
    Tear it down! It is time to rise above!
    Claim this world once built for love!

  • laws_ofthe_universe 11w

    #original #originalcontent #writing #mywriting #pod #poetry #mypoetry #dreams #mydream #dreamturnedtopoem
    May not be great. It was a dream I had when I was younger and I wanted to write about it. But I wanted it to be interesting. I love my dad btw lol

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    Dream No.1

    We are walking down the road.
    It's evening, the sun is setting, the breeze is chill.
    He is in distress because of what he's been told
    We walk as he begs and I can't help but feel
    That the gravel in my toes isn't the only pain here
    I tell him I'm leaving. Never to return
    And as we approach the house he cries out in fear
    But there is simply nothing here for me to learn
    We enter the house and I gather my things
    Still as he tries to yell I can't even tell
    Because now the flames have begun to sing
    It engulfs the house with a powerful strength
    I walk out the door leaving him behind
    The things I saw I never expected to find
    Everyone I loved was there waiting for me
    To take me home to where I could be free
    Leaving my father alone in the house once home
    As if something I had never even known