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  • lavenderish 3w

    कुछ बात ।

    छोड़ो बात फूलों की,
    हाल कांटों से पूछते हैं।
    क्या रखा नज़्म वो गजलों मे,
    आज इशारों मे बात करते हैं।
    छोड़ो कसमें साथ निभाने की,
    लकीरों मे जी लेते हैं।
    जाने दो ज़ख्म जिंदगी के,
    आज मौत को मरहम बनाते हैं।
    खैर खूबसूरत तो गुलाब है,
    आज मगरूरी नागकानी की तोड़ते हैं।
    जाने भी दो बरसात को,
    गीली मिट्टी को महसूस करते हैं।
    छोड़ो दिन के उज्जलो को,
    आज रात के अंधेरी चादर मे सुकुन वाली नींद ओढ़ लेते हैं।
    © शिवांगी

  • lavenderish 4w

    Days of illusions

    When candies and creams
    enough for a good day,
    Blue fairies, twinkling of stars
    Were not mere imaginations,
    When rainbow glitters , shades of dusk
    easy to cage in crystal jar of imagination
    Wish!time machines were for real


  • lavenderish 10w

    © shivangi~

    Nostalgic novemeber,
    Melancholic melanins,
    Aching bodies were breaking,

    Shiny strands of black hair
    whistling in the moist air.
    Ovulations of october
    mellifluous mood of her.
    Pinkish acne right over
    right brows of her.

    Her fragrant pheromones like the
    November nightingale's call.

  • lavenderish 11w

    And she was the beauty of caged ice. With grace in her moves and that may be the reason flames could only melt her to death. young lady bonded to a sacred thread of rituals. like the whispering deodars she was serene wood woven in traditional saree. Red bangles around her arms adored her like the red autumn xanthophylls. Her skin like the wheatish golden roasted among the coffee gardens.she was in her a magic of wild forest.
    Like the angel who couldn't survive among the devils . Her ice caged body melted into ashes in the rage of flames. Devil of dowry smelled her rose scented body and snakes of negativities got attracted towards her sandalwood soul. The sacred relations she was bonded to made her way to death.
    A woman like the winter beauty of Himalayas while worshipping almighty in her red married attire and red bangles red vermilion burnt in the red flames.
    Father in law burnt her to death . Flames melted her into ashes.she breathed her last among the devils . A fragrance fragmented within the flames.

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    Based on a true story

  • lavenderish 12w

    the half baked aroma of hazel nut cup cakes arouse my olfactory senses.I could resist my feet to step upon those autumn leaves that were crumbled like milestones. There I moved on and after the Huntington's waffles cafe I realised there exist no more aroma. I entered waffles cafe,where the aroma was stronger. My eyes collided to that young man in cream blazer outfit baking those delicious pieces. I said "excuse me"! Gentleman " may I have the honour to be your customer today?" . He turned around. Everything suddenly turned numb, I felt my adrenaline increasing and he gasped. After 6 years I could not believe on my nerves that time would be so miraculous .
    6 years back David and I somehow got departed by some misunderstanding and our bond got faded with time. That too was an autumn day and cafe where we got to meet. Just within a couple of seconds I greeted "hope you doin well. David". And then I packed my cupcakes. Got out of that cafe.
    I stepped on those autumn leaves and thought these too have been stepped by David . Of course these swift breezes would too have been felt by him. I too a long breath and moved on remembering those happy times we spent together. But never felt the need to look back. After all its all a past .

    Now we are no more than two strangers with a lot of memories. moreover he got the nerves for a half baked aroma may it be cookies or our memories.


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    Half baked hazel nuts


    Got nerves for a half baked aroma

  • lavenderish 14w

    Ye kaise mumkin hai
    Jane ko keh do, hum ruke bhi na,
    Pichhe se pukaro, to mud Kar dekhe bhi na.

  • lavenderish 14w

    By unknown writer

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    आज मौसम मैं कुछ खास है,
    जैसे ढलती शाम को फिर सुबह की आस है।
    © शिवांगी~

  • lavenderish 18w

    What if, one day all the stars descend on to earth. Will the sky miss their promises of FOREVER or fall for the moon in place.
    © Shivangi~

  • lavenderish 19w

    Seem like a lust story ,
    But it's an art of love making.
    Fragrance of my body is a verse
    musk scented neck
    rose scented shoulders
    sandalwood Essence curves
    moist soil scented waist
    are all the lines of thy poetry.

    Your touch is metaphore
    Arouse in all my sense is simile.
    Your arms pulling my waist
    Your arms raising my skirt
    is a metaphor.
    Meanwhile I close my eyes
    is a simile.
    Your lips tracing my jawline
    is a metaphor,
    Tremble in my nerves
    is a simile.
    Your tuck in my hair strands
    is a metaphore,
    Smile on my lips
    is a simile.
    Your lips loosing its way in mine
    My soul dipped in your love
    Your wine scented shirt and mine white skirt
    Ratio of body and soul.
    Together let's weave
    Wine of lust and thread of love whine
    Let this glass of night shine

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  • lavenderish 19w

    If you search for me, search me in your eyes
    Want to feel me,feel me in your breathe.