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  • laveenapintoserrao 17h


    #gifts, #wod, #naturesgift, #give, #wnluv

    Thank you for the repost @writersnetwork . ��❤
    Thanks everyone for showering ❤.

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    Give what you Receive


    Nature's gifts bountiful 
    spread far and wide
    all at mankind's disposal. 

    A solitary soul with heart grateful
    gazing at the sight so beautiful
    wished to do something in return
    for such a magnificent gesture
    of the mother nature. 

    A warm embrace 
    of the cool Zephyr
    and then followed 
    a voice most kind
    that gently whispered.. 

    'Enjoy my gifts 
    as they should be enjoyed. 
    But most importantly,
    forget not to hand them down 
    in perfect condition
    to the future generation. 
    Remember to give 
    what you freely receive".


  • laveenapintoserrao 4d

    It's not poetry, but a bagful of memories ��

    #wod, #memories, #ecluv

    Thank you @mirakee for Editor's Choice. My 100th post, and this honor! Delighted ��

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    Bagful of Memories

    A bagful of memories 
    heavy with 
    a thousand and one things. 
    If I dig deep
    I will find there, 
    the only doll I owned, 
    a plastic queen, pale pink, 
    misshapen as it was handed down
    by loving sisters 
    who had owned her too. 
    A few stones, pebbles 
    and two hands full of sand, 
    that were the goodies sold
    in a makeshift shop 
    bought with paper pieces
    and later cooked 
    in coconut shells. 
    Fondest of all is the 
    50 paisa coin that the big sister
    gave to her innocent little sister
    in exchange for just 1 rupee coin 
    which surely was too less 
    compared to 50! 
    That red floral dress 
    prettiest in the whole town
    gifted by dear uncle who had flown in
    and was worn with pride 
    at the school annual day
    dance recital. 

    A sky will pop up 
    with the brightest stars 
    that you cannot find anywhere else.
    They shine with the charm 
    of the stories father would tell us
    of his days working
    at the tiles factory, 
    before he became a farmer
    as there were none left to
    look after the family farm. 
    There will be moons too
    of different shapes, 
    some fuller, some crescent 
    that mother pointed at 
    to calm me from my
    tearful tantrums. 
    While all these show up 
    one following the other, 
    in the background plays 
    the song most melodious, 
    sung by our protector, 
    sweetest Grandma. 
    The only place, 
    the mischief makers refuge
    is her wrinkled embrace. 

    Oh, bag of gleeful memories, 
    you are the only thing
    I need to pack 
    If I need to go hunting
    to satiate my hunger
    for some smiles, 
    and a few happy tears, 
    to rescue me from the
    gloomy days of the present. 


  • laveenapintoserrao 5d

    An Ode To My Sweet Abode

    This little space, the snuggliest 
    The rejuvenating air, the freshest

    Warm embrace of walls bring me alive
    The roof above is my own piece of sky

    Feet start dancing at the touch of the floor
    Heart somersaults, my inner world soars

    My rescue island from the sea of pressure
    Where 'me' returns, pretenses disappear 


  • laveenapintoserrao 2w

    The Bridge

    Standing midway on the foot bridge
    I turn to look at the shore
    I just left behind. 
    The familiar stony path 
    still looks tempting enough
    to make me want to 
    turn around and return.
    But the excitement of the unknown
    fuels me to keep moving forward.

    Then I stop to look 
    at the gloom spread across
    the faces moving in
    from the other direction.. 
    What lays ahead? 
    Should I cross the bridge
    like the thousand others? 
    Should I return to the familiar patch
    like the ones I met on the path? 

    Before I get drowned by the uncertainty
    I decide to ditch the bridge
    and I take the plunge 
    into the welcoming waters
    and swim against current
    towards the island discreet.. 
    ..where only the very best
    who braved the waters
    have dared reach. 


  • laveenapintoserrao 2w


    Writhing heart, agony incessant
    Crushed and wounded; Could it ever mend? 

    The length and breath of the land
    I wandered like a nomad 
    for years and years on
    looking for a skilled surgeon
    Screaming, 'Do you know anyone
    who repairs a heart that's broken?' 

    In the hopeful spring, I began my search 
    Sunshine of the summer quickly vanished
    The hope started dwindling bit by bit
    as the trees shed the autumnal leaves
    Cold winter froze the pinch of hope 
    that had survived... 

    No healer was in sight, 
    to mend the suff'ring heart

    The heart bled on
    Season after season.. 
    Years after years.. 
    And then, 
    Someone whispered, 
    'Time is a healer'. 

    But No! All that time did, was 
    to place sheets after sheets 
    of darkness to cover the  wounds
    The bleeding never ceased... 

    Until at last 
    the light shined
    I didn't look far 
    this time. 

    Healer was here, right within, 
    She taught me to color the pain
    into beautiful paintings 
    with strokes of knowing, 
    a knowing that the pain can never be wiped. 
    I've drawn paintings after paintings, 
    that I display... A colourful aray 
    for the world to see, the transformation of
    the pain to paintings. 


    Picture Credit: To the rightful owner.

    #healc, #pod, #wod, #beauty
    @writersnetwork, @mirakee

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    Beauty is in the pain..

  • laveenapintoserrao 2w


    Valiant we are when we enter
    Indiscriminate in our demeanor
    Catastrophe on land  the sea we strike
    Threatening their existence
    Ominous are our names
    Rambunctious attitude we possess
    Yokelish assassins merciless

    We are the natural disasters that befall in many shapes and forms.

    But Victory is never ours. Mother Earth's babies are ever so resilient. They resurrect, regrow, rebuild, revamp, revitalize, replenish. And they move on... they live on... as if nothing ever can touch them. 


  • laveenapintoserrao 3w

    Sunset - Haiku

    Scorching sun above

    Marveling at his green bride

    hurried down blushed pink


  • laveenapintoserrao 3w

    Flip Flop - Slippery Slope

    Flip flop she wore

    And went down the slippery slope

    Slipped and slammed her elbow

    Got bruises  black and blue

    Looking around she slurred

    'Should've slid into my sloppy shoes'.. 


  • laveenapintoserrao 3w

    If our dreams were the stars...


    That day, as I was strolling by the quiet lane, 
    I saw a lonely wounded fallen star, all alone
    I couldn't walk past her without showing some concern
    Guiding star she was of a girl with big brown eyes, 
    The little girl whose dream was to touch the skies.  
    Her heart was leaping with joy,  eyes shining bright
    bouncing and hopping she went with dreams filled in a basket
    Delighted was the star seeing the happy sight
    Watching her striding along, confident.

    Miles tread past, in the scorching sun
    The girl with the basket, now a woman
    Wandering nomad, heart full of confusion
    She had forgotten why she carried the dreams
    Not knowing what to do with the basket
    She threw it in the corner of a crowded market
    She was one with the crowd in an instant
    Living a life with mere survival instinct
    Learnt new trades, with the heart so vacant. 

    The girl's heart empty, dreams forgotten, lost
    her guiding star suffered, up in the distant skies
    her glimmer faded, thousand bruises she bore, 
    She couldn't hold on to the sky any more. 
    Fall was inevitable, said she, with eyes teary. 
    I picked her up gently, took her to the fallen stars sanctuary 
    where her bruises were tended lovingly. 
    For her glimmer to return, longingly now she awaits
    So she could return to the sky where she belongs.


    #wod, #epigraph, #star, #fallenstar

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    Let us replenish our dream basket
    Let our stars shine bright in the sky.. 


  • laveenapintoserrao 3w

    #wod, #superstitions, #blackteeka

    A black teeka,
    It may be a superstitious act, followed without a second thought, but if you think of it, it says much more..

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    Black Teeka


    What do you see in the black teeka? 

    A mother's heart, full of love

    A wish, to keep her toddler safe

    A prayer, to keep the bad at bay

    A promise, of protection even from afar

    A belief, that her child is the brightest of all

    A pride, that declares of the asset precious