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    From ^Adhere main darr lgta ha^

    To ^Andhere main rehna sakoon deta ha^

    ^We all grew up^

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    Lalleshwari or, as she was more famously known, Lal Ded, was perhaps the most famous Kashmiri poet belonging to the 14th century. Known for her Vakhs, she renounced her marriage and became a student of the saint Siddha Srikantha. Her poems are often derived from experiences in her personal life, and her brushes with Sufism. Lal Ded has had a lasting effect on Kashmiri literature and Sufism, with her poems being translated to English by a number of authors.
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    Wear just enough to keep the cold out,
    Eat just enough to keep hunger from your door.
    Mind,dream yourself beyond self & other.
    Remember, this body is just picking for jungle crows.

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    Whoever has no shyness has nothing of humanity left with them
    except for flesh and blood...

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    If you could hear what I am thinking,
    You wouldn't break my heart,
    You would understand why I seemed wrong
    When I choose to say nothing at all,

    You wouldn't blame me for it,
    Nonsense thing that becomes our breakup reason,
    You wouldn't walk away without requesting
    Me to explain something.

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    Update your areas

    Heavy rainfall here in JAMMU
    update your area
    Tomorrow is KAS exam too
    I hope they will cancel it as more than 50 aspirants are stuck on national highway.

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    The first Kashmiri woman to win the acclaimed Sahitya Akademi Award, Naseem Shafaie is one of the most popular contemporary Kashmiri poets. Her poems have been translated in English, German, Italian, Korean, English, Urdu, Kannada, Tamil, Marathi and Telugu. She rose to fame with her poetry, which spoke of the Kashmir atrocities from a womans perspective. Her poetic style is one that combines honesty with nostalgia, and always manages to leave an impression on those who read it.
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    I asked the rose, where is your scent?
    It said, ;The autumn took it away
    I asked the spring, why the lines on your forehead?
    It said, ;For my wounds have been salted.
    So I left the garden that once bloomed
    And since then,
    I wander, aimless.

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    Grateful heart

    Start each day with
    a grateful heart.

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    Anyone interested to buy my miraquill account can DM on my social media handles.

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    Zoon, or Habba Khatoon, was a famous 16th century Kashmiri poet and was credited with being one of the few to introduce romantic lyricism into Kashmiri poetry. Called the Nightingale of Kashmi. she was a peasant woman who married the king of Kashmir. When he was imprisoned by Emperor Akbar, she spent her days singing her songs in the Valley. Her poems depict desire and love, and in a daring role reversal, in one of her poems, she beckons her lover with desire. Her poems also managed to encapsulate the beauty of Kashmir, the everyday life of the people as well as their struggles.

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    He bared me to mid-winter frost,
    Let the summer sun scorch me dry,
    Made me wander like a wayward stream
    He makes me languish night and day

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    For those who left &

    everyone important who left my life,

    I'm not empty without you.

    But once in a while,I think of you

    & Your absence does make me SAD