The only way to trap our feelings and expose them is to trap them on paper and make them immortal trough poetry...

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  • larasttar 13w

    The first impression

    Meet me by the bay
    Paddle until the cliffs
    I could have left you on the rocks
    We didn't slip
    Neither we got wrapped up
    As you made it clear

  • larasttar 22w

    Red black

    We walked up to a red mountain
    And you were dancing
    You tripped I thought you were clumsy
    I was eating my food
    You looked at me from time to time
    I caught you staring
    Im not here anymore
    You're there still
    I hold it to my chest
    Some little shells we picked up
    I loved some parts of it
    The feeling of not having you here
    It confuses my calmness
    And no matter how hard I try to pretend
    I miss everything about what we lived
    The laughs
    The polka
    The dance
    The flamenco

  • larasttar 38w

    Red again

    They announced on the radio we were yellow once
    Not a long time after we became orange
    Swinging into beginnings and weekends
    As well as Sweet plain endings
    All of a sudden we became red
    And exactly a year ago
    All this appeared as a nightmare on streaming
    And it became part of our society
    Hard breaking it down

  • larasttar 46w


    In an aisle
    You stood by a glass window..
    You let your mask slowly slide on your nose
    I didn't pay attention immediately
    Withold some emotions
    I see your long coat dripping
    My object of divine fantasy
    I can't just stay still
    Shaking movements coming from it
    As soon as I enter a room where you're at
    Yet her mind tricked her many times
    She fakes and worn two different masks
    He was the whole time standing in the centre
    Golden and white fields

  • larasttar 52w

    December 2020

    You thought you took some
    Grabbed an unsignificant amount of it
    Slipped from your fingers
    And the glass jar broke
    Spilled all the motivational pieces
    They were put toghether
    And torn apart yet one more time
    Finding a meaning to all the series of events
    A sense is missing in this mess
    As I see the misty view these clouds
    The more blurry my vision gets
    All the little colors pulsing
    It seems Bright yet the light isn't even here


  • larasttar 52w


    C'era il sole in riva,
    Splendente più che mai,
    Mi ritrovo per caso in riva dei Gesuati
    Un vento che mi spinge verso l'aperto
    Delle piante a foglie rosse cadendo lentamente
    Smosse violentemente da un fiato soffiato
    Sempre guardando l'orizzonte
    Mi assale quel senso di dover scrutare l'immensità

  • larasttar 55w


    Saw you in September
    Met actually in mid October
    Days went by emptiness raised
    The gods and angels I praised

    Yellow, orange, at the end red
    Of lies and misfortunes we've been fed
    It looks overly controlled this true scene
    It is not just a music or artistic theme

  • larasttar 62w


    I try to grasp the idea of ​​your image
    between the mud and concrete
    between the sky and the earth
    the darkness and the light
    sometimes I struggle to remove the mask
    and yet the passing time
    has weakened the courage and faded modesty
    having to admit perhaps it is the greater abyss
    a coin fallen into the water
    the distant sound of a harmonica
    you see you are not there
    but I think of you in the immense emptiness
    that surrounds us
    perhaps the wings take flight
    3 between two contrasting faces
    I have chosen to show myself to you
    even though I have grabbed a flower withered
    and my hands trembled timidly
    I wrote you frivolously
    or my dear a note of vanity maybe I caught
    ©All Rights reserved

  • larasttar 64w

    Just If..

    A howl in a mid summer night
    A group in circle laughing
    A distant metal railway noise
    Gleamy brightness of a shy star
    Trapped yellow balloons in branches
    Let's say white and red combine each other
    A missed introduction
    A late show intro time
    How we got this far in this reality
    Unexplained anger
    Or maybe love thirst
    A shy touch
    A gentle hand picked a flower from my hair
    A gentle jump from the table.. He took me In arm
    A leg pinch and a smile
    An eye blink
    In a breath of September
    It captured a whole summer memory
    And turned into ash
    It returned to where it belonged

  • larasttar 70w

    At me

    Is what remains in the air
    You walk by
    And I glance at you
    Sometimes when you're on stage
    Your eyes move distractly in my direction
    Did you look at me on purpose?
    Behind a camera
    I look at you with my perspective
    And my inner self thinks highly
    You admire me for so long
    And I started to after a while..
    It could be just a good combination
    Of a series of events.