Poem is like a is so addicted..

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  • lanzhan 18h

    It's an unheard story
    of muffled pain
    Like a peasant
    that in chained
    Fast clouds
    never let the
    sun rose up
    We're in the long lane
    of line of life
    Waiting to the right
    one but still living
    in the past
    Where love no longer
    But why still in deep


  • lanzhan 19h

    Sky was smirked when
    rays of sun kissed the
    azure waves
    Vanity horizon
    shading the barren
    eyes of ravens
    Bitterness of lemon
    dipped with sugar
    And her lips still
    pale with cents of dollar


  • lanzhan 1d

    We're wanderers
    in the galaxy
    We have bruises
    and scars just
    to survive in
    the milky way
    We're almost
    drowned while
    skies flashing
    with thunders
    But remember
    I'll always by your
    as long as the sunset
    stay the same
    after a long day..


  • lanzhan 1d

    Light stole her from
    deep grave to give
    her a new life
    Darkness clamored
    with gnashing of teeth
    But she chose not to
    wake up as she
    didn't want to have tears
    in this foolish world


  • lanzhan 2d

    Twirling sun rays
    in my subtle eyes
    Wind hit me a little
    in my stomach
    Flowers mundane
    in my spiral dream
    Grayish clouds forming
    in my thoughts
    I blow kisses in the air
    as I'm a wanderer in my
    own time


  • lanzhan 4d

    Sonnet sonnet the art of poetry
    That daunted my creation
    when I was a teen
    Words unfathomable like
    Elizabeth Browning and
    Shakespeare shade of love
    But verses of poetry never
    left me when I already gave up
    Telling me to try and try
    until I'm no longer a silhouette
    to a riddle of line


  • lanzhan 5d

    Rhythm of love
    finally came to an end
    Sleepless nights that
    silently in deep emptiness
    already unchained
    Freeing from unrequited
    That even in the midst
    of thunderstorm can
    stay without tears
    Lucid is the sky
    Final chapter of book
    has now a smile..


  • lanzhan 1w

    Complicated morning
    dripping his rays into
    the water that helplessly
    drowning in the ocean
    plateau of miry clay
    and tugging by the wind
    to the chaos of fire
    that engulfing the
    breezy horizon of tilted life


  • lanzhan 1w

    Water dripping on her face
    Illuminating her whole being
    While night craving to have her
    But always failed to tame her
    Her spirit passionately a wild
    flower that scars no longer
    She has the most deceitful
    laughter under moonlight
    As no one dare to look into
    her eyes to see the emptiness
    As void as fleeting smoke
    As dull as dead sea
    As disaster as hurricane


  • lanzhan 1w

    His memory inscribed
    in my deepest thought
    Bewitching me in my
    loneliness to smile
    Camouflage the world
    that disturbing my
    introvert world
    Then, there he was to
    my illusion mind
    Squeezing my hand gently
    to tell me it's alright
    I engraved his smile
    to continue to live
    I'm fine with his memory
    by my side