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  • language_of_thee_soul 6w

    Romance Series 3 - A Day in the Life

    Me: Picture this...

    Him: Yes, go on....(?)

    Me: One fine cold winter morning, I toss and turn on my bed. The alarm rings and I crankily switch that off. I slowly open my eyes and look to my side. There's you, hair on your face, sleeping peacefully. I gently stroke your hair and you smile in your sleep. I get out of the sheets, but before I stand on my feet, you hold my waist and pull me close. I fall back on the bed, on your arms. You hug me tight, and whisper "Just five more minutes please". We cuddle, and the sheets become warm. Ten minutes later, we look into each other's eyes and share a small kiss. That's how our day begins!

    Him: Extraordinarily sweet! Would you want to hear how it ends as well?

    Me: Sure, go on...(?)

    Him: Tired as always, I enter our house. I hear some singing in the kitchen and I follow the sweet voice. It's you, in my black hoodie, cooking something for us to relish that night. Without a noise, I go to the bedroom, change to the white tee reminiscent of our first meet, and set the bed properly. I come back to the kitchen and hug you from behind, followed by a neck kiss. I take the ladle from you, and finish the dinner. All of a sudden, brimming with energy, I turn on some good music and spin you around. Then we tuck into the bed and share a moment. That's how our day ends!



    Us (together): MARRY ME❤

  • language_of_thee_soul 11w

    How cute is it when people are transparent about their emotions!? No hindrance to expression, no dilution, just pure emotions!!

    Also am I posting too many series posts?

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    Romance Series 2 - Messiness

    Me: *randomly scrolling Instagram*

    Him: Your new frames are cute...

    Me: Thanks! *scrolling Instagram again*

    Him: Your messy bun is so very cute... it suits you so well, especially with your new frames, you're gorgeous!

    Me: I've always been like that, ever since you know me I've always had a messy bun... like a truly messy one...

    Him: For 2 years I've been noticing... For 2 years I've been fantasizing about those eyes and hair and everything about you being mine, only mine... For 2 years I've been doubtful about myself to own it up to you, you know, how much you mean to me and everything!!!


    Him: God, you're so cute! I wish had this confidence 2 years back, but I'm sure this gorgeous lady would have slapped me back then!

    Me: You're so cute when you panic... 200% irresistible and I'm more than lucky to call you mine! And you know the most important thing? You make the writer in me go inarticulate and the singer in me voiceless...

  • language_of_thee_soul 12w

    How many chances do we get in life?
    With decisions?
    With relationships?
    With friendships?
    How many chances do we actually get in life?
    Just one?
    Or there's two?
    Or there's more?

  • language_of_thee_soul 15w

    Romance Series 1 - Silences

    Me: Actually I read this somewhere, I'm not quite sure where I read it.

    Him: Mmhmm...

    Me: "When you are with the person who doesn't feel the need to fill silences, and when the silences aren't awkward anymore, always remember to promise them a lifetime and marry them."

    Him: I realized I don't feel the need to fill in silences when I am with you.

  • language_of_thee_soul 15w

    I don't want to be a flower
    That withers within weeks.
    I don't want to be a moon
    That wanes in days.
    I don't want to be a scent
    That diffuses within minutes.
    I just want to be your thoughts
    That are pure as a baby's eyes.

  • language_of_thee_soul 17w

    Analogy 4 - Expressive Equality

    Him: (over a text) I'm sorry I missed your call. I'm outside your door, can you open it please?

    Me: (opening the door) Yeah, come in.

    Him: What's wrong?

    Me: Nothing, I just wanted some Spaghetti for dinner. You look dull, what's wrong?

    Him: I don't know. I am mentally stuck. I don't seem to comprehend anything these days, it's like I am this little boy of two who gets lost in a busy supermarket. No yelling or crying helps, and I don't want to be alone. I want to get back to my parents and cry my heart out to them for letting me out of their sight, but I can't find them at all.... I'm sorry, I went overboard.

    Me: I'm not just here for you to listen to my rants. I'm here to listen to you too. If I cannot see you cry, not wipe your puffy eyes, and not lend a shoulder when you need it, then I don't deserve to see you laugh, and share a moment.




    Me: Just let all out. Sigmund Freud believes in Free Association, right? So do we. We are here for each other. Come on, pour it out.

    Him: Nothing sweetie, it's just me stuck in the maze with the boggart taking the shape of a dementor, and another actual dementor devouring a part of my soul that has your memories. I'm confused whether I should say "Expectro Patronum" or say "Riddikulus". It feels like it's too late.

    Me: It's okay, you're almost there. Ginerva Weasley is right besides you, my Harry Potter. Have some water, and take a break. You'll be fine, it's all gonna be fine.

    Him: I love your analogies, but now they've taken over me.

    Me: Maybe that's what is the result of excessive love...

  • language_of_thee_soul 18w

    Analogy 3 - Influence

    Me: Do you love me?

    Him: When I am with you, I feel like a toddler that sees his mom after a whole day in the day care. I'm filled with so much joy and love blossoms all over again when our eyes meet. The comfort that I get, the soothing voice, the timely advices, the hugs, the kisses..... everything seems fresh even though I see you every single day...



    Me: I'm being a bad influence on you with my analogies....

  • language_of_thee_soul 19w

    From my Twitter

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    I said this earlier, I'm saying this again...

    If every religion preaches just one thing, then what makes one greater than the other!!??

    What's the gain/loss by proving that one is better/greater than another?

    No, please I badly need answers!

  • language_of_thee_soul 19w

    Analogy 2 - Ocean of Thoughts

    At times, you feel tired to be the only one carrying everything... right from relationships to mental weight, everything sinks you down the ocean of thoughts... you won't even be able to come out for some air, but after a huge huge struggle in the abyss if you do come out for some air, you're termed as selfish and mean and egoistic.... that takes you deeper into the abyss and one day, it kills you in the more gruesome way ever possible in the history of humanity...

  • language_of_thee_soul 21w

    Analogy 1 - Inner Demons

    Him: Are you okay sweetheart?

    Me: No.

    Him: Do you want to talk about it? Do you want some help regarding it?

    Me: Also no.

    Him: Sure, are you?

    Me: Yes! It's not because I don't want to tell you, it's because i don't know what is going on in my head! A little version of me seems trapped in a little dark box with no air, water, sunlight, food and companionship. It never has the urge to eat or excrete. It just exists in that little dark box screaming at me to help it. That box is just as lost in my head as the little me in that box. I don't know, I just don't know what this is!!




    Me: Did you understand anything?

    Him: Your random anxiety attacks?!

    Me: I DON'T KNOW! I just feel lost. I feel like I'm in a big, huge, enormous maze with no entry and no exit. I just know that something is weird in that maze, and I need to find it and destroy it before it destroys me. The catch is that it has the map to me and I don't have any map at all.


    Me: What?

    Him: I love your analogies.